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This section is here to help fans who would like to get a copy of live Rockwell Church shows.

Below is a list of people you can e-mail to trade RC shows with. If you don't have anything to trade, you can still get some live RC shows, just read the last section.
I've decided to start the trading list over since it had become outdated. So, if you'd like to be on this list, please send AD an e-mail.

name: Adrian Smith
show list: my shows are listed in the SHN Archive
bands to trade: Rockwell Church
bands wanted: RC (any), JLC (recent), Guster (recent), J.Arthur (recent), Jem (any)
e-mail: click here
for: trade (no limit) / b&p (limit: 6 discs)
format: SHN / Standard Audio

Don't have any live shows to trade? Not a problem! Click Here to read a detailed explanation of how a b&p works.
Upcoming Shows

i fall asleep to the rythym of you breathing in my ear
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