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rockwell church
the point
bryn mawr, pa

bad vacation
better days
state i'm in
stay the same *
chandelier **
heavy october
minor difficulties
ten paces
small poisonous frogs
lindsay song
soap and rain
how the west was won
holding out
best time of the year
second door
unknown stuntman #
she hung the moon &
tend to your head
easier on me
my aphrodisiac
kool-aid man
i know you forget me every day **
cowboy song ~~

show notes:

* 'day in the life' and 'dear prudence' tease: the beatles
~ 'my stupid mouth' tease: john mayer
& 'why should i cry for you' tease: sting
** 'every little thing she does is magic' tease: the police
~~ 'not a girl, not yet a woman' tease: britney spe

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i've no need for all
your poetry, 'cause i'll write
my own someday
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