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rockwell church
bethesda, md

freedom of the road (martin sexton cover)
may this be love (waterfall) (jimi hendrix cover)
blue ridge (seldom scene cover)
family affair (sly and the family stone cover)
don't you worry 'bout a thing (stevie wonder cover)
in my dreams (??)
in the pines (davis, mcmichen, bryant cover)
50 ways to leave your lover (paul simon cover)
lucky one (agents of good roots cover)
sir duke (stevie wonder cover)
i'm on fire (bruce springsteen cover)
she hung the moon
bears (lyle lovett cover)
one mo' gin (d'angelo cover)
diamonds on the souls of her shoes (paul simon cover)
teach me about love (lyle lovett cover)
dukes of hazzard (waylon jennings cover)
aki komo aya (???)
dukes of hazzard (waylon jennings cover)
bad vacation
willing (lowell george cover)

show notes:

** joti solo show

recorded by:

hunter cook

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so let's say you will
always be more like her
and less like me
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