If I Wanted
Through the Fall
by Rockwell Church
tabbed by: eric hidle (ehidle@ie-ap.org)
capo: 3rd fret
tuning: DADGAD
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D: : 000200 
D/F# : 000204 
D/F#*: x04200 (oft augmented to G: x05200) 
G : 550000 
Gsus2: x20000 
G6 : x20220 
E?/G#: 656x00 
A/C# : 042002 
A: x02202
C : 032000 
Bb : x1311x 

(D) sometimes (A/C#) consequences (C) get the best of (Gsus2) both of us 
(G) doesn't mean it (E?/G#) wasn't worth the (D/F#) fuss (A)
(D) you like (A/C#) strategies and (C) slipping through the (Gsus2) cracks 
(G) just to leave a (E?/G#) lover in his (D/F#) tracks (A)
(Bb) still you'd stop at (G6) nothing to be endless-(D)-ly (G) attacked 
what if i (G6)want(D)ed(G) (and so on) 
if i wanted 
if i wanted you 
now you're all indigent and painting me in red 
maybe it's the vessels in my head 
cause we're so worried that these words will never rest 
just because they're frozen in your breath 
still you'd stop at nothing to defend them to the death 
you see faces of me everywhere you turn 
still you say there's nothing left to burn 
but nothing burns when 
aspirations are all bound to be in vein 
the differences always stay the same 
the more we reinvent ourselves the less we seem to change 
what if i wanted 
if i wanted 
if i wanted you 
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