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Below is a collection of guitar tablature for RC songs that fans have submitted. Some are more complete or accurate than others, but should get you started if you want to learn some RC tunes.

For official tabs, check out Better Days, Up From Here, and Intimate War, all tabbed by Joti.
01: Chandelier
02: Lonely
03: You're So Cool
04: Steady Ready Strong
05: I See Alice
06: The Never Ending Battle...
07: Talk So Heavy
08: I Know You Forget Me Everyday
09: Child In Me
10: Baying with the Wolves
Cowboy Song
English Channel
Goodbye Chattanooga
Heavy October
Leave This Town
Minor Difficulties
My Aphrodisiac
Small Poisonous Frogs
Stepping Stone
Strawberry Blond
Talk About the Wedding
That Dress
The Elephant in the Room
What Not to Do
While the Night is Young
Year of Curses Broken
Genie in a Bottle
I'm on Fire
Karma Chameleon
One Mo'gin
Oops I did it Again
Spice Up Your Life
Unknown Stuntman
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