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This section contains the info files for recordings of Rockwell Church's live shows. Many of them were at some point available for download through the old RC fansite (.org). New recordings may still be available in the future.

Each show is graded on recording quality and some have notes on the performance. If you'd like a copy of one of these shows, check out the trading section.
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grade: A
- one of the best aud recording from the point

performance notes:
- n/a

info file:
Rockwell Church
07.24.04 (late show)
The Point 
Bryn Mawr, PA 

Taper:		Samantha Zline 
Source:	 	Sony Mic > Sony Minidisc
Conversion: 	Sony MDS-JE510 > MAudio Delta Dio >
		Soundforge 6 > cdwav > mkwact

[Disc One]
01 Hobo Dog				04:59
02 Back In Line				03:41
03 I See Alice				06:13
04 Lullaby $				04.17
05 Holding Out				05:46
06 Never Ending Battle			06:42
07 Stay the Same			11:38
08 State I'm In				05:24
				Total:  48:46

[Disc Two]
01 Better Days				09:34
02 Madly				05:03
03 Intimate War				06:31
04 She Hung the Moon			06:25
05 Chemical				05:19
06 Kool-Aid Man				06:17
07 Toxic #				05:47
08 Cowboy Song				03:13
				Total:  48:15	


# Britney Spears Cover
$ Nathan Solo
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- convert shn's to wav's for burning to disc
- download

- play shn files with winamp
- download
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