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This section contains the info files for recordings of Rockwell Church's live shows. Many of them were at some point available for download through the old RC fansite (.org). New recordings may still be available in the future.

Each show is graded on recording quality and some have notes on the performance. If you'd like a copy of one of these shows, check out the trading section.
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grade: A-
- little boomy but very good

performance notes:
- they play 'goodbye chattanooga' & 'indecision'

info file:
Rockwell Church
Last Day Saloon
Santa Cruz, CA 

Taper: 		Unknown
Source: 	Soundboard
Conversion: 	Unknown

[Disc One]
01 Intro					01:34
02 Holding Out					04:33
03 Goodbye Chattanooga				04:42	
04 Baying with the Wolves			04:45
05 Charade 					08:23
06 --						03:37
07 Indecision					05:48
08 I Know You Forget Me Everyday		07:43
09 --						06:10
10 How the West Was Won				05:10
			        	Total:  52:25

[Disc Two]
01 I'm On Fire @ 				06:14
02 Child in Me					04:55
03 Oops I Did It Again #			04:50
04 Worth Your Weight				05:06
05 Click Your Heels				04:55
06 Intimate War					06:25
07 Geneva					04:47
08 Jack and Jill				05:35
			        	Total:  42:47


-- RC Talking 
# Britney Spears Cover
@ Bruce Springsteen Cover
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- download

- play shn files with winamp
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