This section contains the info files for recordings of Rockwell Church's live shows. Many of them were at some point available for download through the old RC fansite (.org). New recordings may still be available in the future.

Each show is graded on recording quality and some have notes on the performance. If you'd like a copy of one of these shows, check out the trading section.
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grade: A
- great recording, levels/eq/etc all very good
- little bit of boomy/clipping at times

performance notes:
- n/a

info file:
Rockwell Church
Club Passim
Cambridge, MA

Taper:  	Chris Mathews
Source:  	SBD > Sony MD-JE530
Conversion: 	Sony MD-JE530 > 2448 > Sound Forge 4.5 >

[Disc One]
01 Intro   			 	01:58
02 Bad Vacation    			05:31
03 Chandelier    			05:19
04 Tend to Your Head   			05:44
05 She Hung the Moon   			06:42
06 "Stump Joti"Intro   			02:18
07 You're So Cool #		 	08:00
08 Hobo Dog    				05:49
09 I See Alice   			04:48
			        Total:  46:08


# With "Stump Joti"
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