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Rockwell Church!
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This section contains the info files for recordings of Rockwell Church's live shows. Many of them were at some point available for download through the old RC fansite (.org). New recordings may still be available in the future.

Each show is graded on recording quality and some have notes on the performance. If you'd like a copy of one of these shows, check out the trading section.
      date  venue (show)   city, state   source rec.   per. # discs
2005-10-22jammin javavienna, va     sb A+ &     2
2004-10-29jammin javavienna, va     sb A &     2
2004-07-24the point (late)bryn mawr, pa     aud A &     2
2004-07-24the point (early)bryn mawr, pa     aud B+ $ &     2
2004-03-26the point (late)bryn mawr, pa     aud A- $ * &     2
2004-03-26the point (early)bryn mawr, pa     aud B+ # $ * &     1
2003-11-19stanford universitypalo alto, ca     sb B+      2
2003-10-03the point (late)byrn mawr, pa     aud A- $ &     2
2003-07-23jammin javavienna, va     aud B+ # !     1
2003-06-07last day saloonsan francisco, ca     aud B *     2
2003-04-19the point (late)bryn mawr, pa     aud A $ &     2
2003-04-19the point (early)bryn mawr, pa     aud A- $ &     2
2003-04-18jammin javavienna, va     aud B+ !     2
2003-02-22jammin javavienna, va     sb A- &     2
2003-02-13stanford univeristypalo alto, ca     sb A      2
2003-02-08the point (late)bryn mawr, pa     aud A- * &     2
2003-01-25last day saloonsan francisco, ca     aud B+ #     2
2003-01-04schuba's tavernchicago, il     sb A+      2
2002-11-23jammin javavienna, va     aud B+ # &     2
2002-11-02the point (late)byrn mawr, pa     aud A- &     1
2002-11-02the point (early)bryn mawr, pa     aud A- $ &     1
2002-07-10the pointbryn mawr, pa     aud C &     0
2002-04-13the point (late)byrn mawr, pa     aud C * &     0
2002-04-13the point (early)bryn mawr, pa     aud C &     0
2002-03-14club passimcambridge, ma     sb B+ $     2
2002-02-01the point (late)bryn mawr, pa     aud C &     0
2002-02-01the point (early)bryn mawr, pa     aud C &     0
2001-04-28last day saloonsanta cruz, ca     sb A- $     2
2001-04-07the point (late)bryn mawr, pa     sb A- $ *     2
2001-04-07the point (early)bryn mawr, pa     sb A- $ *     2
2000-12-01the point (late)bryn mawr, pa     sb A-      2
2000-12-01the point (early)bryn mawr, pa     sb A- $     2
2000-11-05club passimcambridge, ma     sb A      1
2000-10-06the point (late)bryn mawr, pa     sb A-      1
2000-10-06the point (early)bryn mawr, pa     sb A- $     2
2000-09-14n/a (joti solo)bethesda, md     sb A      2
2000-07-08the pointbryn mawr, pa     sb A- $     2
1999-12-03the point (late)bryn mawr, pa     mix C $     2
1999-11-20the campus centerbryn mawr, pa     sb A+ $     2
1998-01-21villanova universityvillanova, pa     sb A $     2
# = incomplete recording of show
$ = setlist contains rare unreleased songs
* = other musicians play w/ them
! = show distributed as lossy mp3s rather than shn
& = recorded by me

A+ = exceptional, taper is a god, reserved for the best recordings
A = great, low crowd noise, good levels
A - = good, a little crowd noise, weird levels or a little too much high end
B+ = alright, usually noticeable crowd noise
B = fair, high/distracting crowd or tape noise
C = pretty crappy, usually high hiss/noise or feedback

aud = recorded from the audience w/ a microphone
sb = recorded directly from the soundboard
mix = a mix of the two
- run .md5 files to check that the shn files downloaded correctly
- convert shn's to wav's for burning to disc
- download

- play shn files with winamp
- download
Upcoming Shows

you're still the last at
the party, it's time
to go home
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