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March 27 2003
by Joel Miller
American University Eagle

Joti Rockwell and Nathan Church Hubbard are graduate students at the University of Chicago and Stanford University, respectively. While intellectually separated by educational institutions, they join forces musically in Rockwell Church with its new album, Antidote."

Rockwell Church plays rock and roll that echoes the sound of mainstream pop. The tunes, however, have a brooding depth that separates them from the generic top-40 fare. While sometimes a bit sappy, "Antidote" features some very enjoyable music. "Long Lost Someone Elegy" is a melodramatic track that is actually very pleasant; all heavy beats soothingly smoothed over by acoustic guitars. The album's best song is "Lindsay Song" that, along with much of the album, carries a cool, yet dark, akin to Steely Dan's "Two Against Nature."

Church and Rockwell perform most of the instrumentation and vocals on "Antidote." Even more amazing is the fact that they find the time to play a lot of concerts despite their busy paths to achieving a masters and a doctorate.

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