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new shows on server...
Sun, August 08 2004 - 8:00 PM
by AD
- july point shows are up on the server, server info in trading section (now the 'shn archive').
two new tour dates / new tabs added / other stuff too...
Sat, August 07 2004 - 8:00 PM
by AD
- added two fall tour dates at jammin java & the point!

- updated a few tabs in the tabs section, though they have been on the messageboard for a while: httww, madly, kool-aid man, holding out

- shn info files for the july point shows: early show late show

- both shows will be available in shn soon, though the late show sounds much, much, much better... the mic was in a better location for the late show.

- fixed 'stardust in our prime' line in she hung the moon lyrics, thanks to an e-mail tip

- ubercat & GuiltyByTheGallon join the ranks in the high score list for megalodon pacman... way to be. don't you wish you were as cool as them?

- moved most of 'news' page to the news archive section (link at very bottom of this page) to reduce loading time... yay...
last night's shows / mega-champions...
Sun, July 25 2004 - 8:00 PM
by AD
- last night's shows were ****ing sweet... joti sported a beard and britney tour shirt for the first show... nice variety of songs for both shows as the audience shouted out the setlist. nathan had 3 of his guitars now that he's back on the east coast which changed it up a bit.

- check out the setlists: early show late show

- check out the pictures: click me

- both shows will be up for download on ftp and/or http servers next week.

- megalodon pacman now has a high score list, though me and HoboDawg are the only contenders at this point.
icon / tab / mega-pacman
Fri, June 25 2004 - 8:00 PM
by AD
- lynnez made a sweet RC livejournal icon:

- tab of 'if i wanted' on messageboard: go there

- added a java megalodon (pacman) game. yes, you read correctly. it may take a minute to load, but it is worth it: play it!
new 'kool-aid man' tab / song titles updated
Fri, June 18 2004 - 8:00 PM
by AD
- if you have problems downloading from the mp3 server try going here

- revised/complete 'kool-aid man' tab available: go there

- official titles for the songs listed as 'untitled in the lyrics/mp3 section:

'Stepping Stone', 'That Dress' & 'While the Night is Young'

- will revise them shortly...
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