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happy new year! (and 'hemophilia' tab...)
Sun, January 09 2005 - 8:00 PM
by AD
- new tab for hemophilia
(*edit* - i had the chord formation for the A & Ab chords f**ked up, i fixed them... hit refresh if they are wrong...)

- 8D <-- megalodon!

- happy new year. rok.
e-mail from joti / 'you're so cool' tab fixed
Tue, December 14 2004 - 8:00 PM
by AD
- for those who missed joti's e-mail about the christmas show this friday, you can read it here:

"Hi all-

I'll be playing a holiday show this upcoming Friday with a bunch of Washington-area friends of mine. No Nathan and no Rockwell Church repertoire, unfortunately--in fact strictly cheesy Christmas/holiday tunes only--but it should still be a good time. Where else, after all, can you go to see a full band play "O Tannenbaum" with the original German lyrics, or revive lost holiday classics like "Last Christmas" by Wham? All the proceeds will benefit DC Central Kitchen (

Best wishes and happy holidays!


- new/fixed tab for you're so cool
joti and friends annual christmas show!
Thu, December 09 2004 - 8:00 PM
by AD
Friday, December 17th (12.17.04)

Washington DC
Cafe Sofia
1817 Columbia Rd. N.W.
(202) 387-5656

Showtime: 10 PM

all proceeds are going to the DC Central Kitchen!

- i dragged Sam to the show last year even though she had a fever... and so we had to leave early... but it was seriously rockin' while we were there, so hopefully we'll rock the whole thing this year, and you should too.
bittorrent stuff (it actually worked)...
Wed, December 08 2004 - 8:00 PM
by AD
- i switched ISPs so the torrent file below no longer works. i created an new file with the updated ISP info in it, so it should work again. i also made a torrent for the shn version of the show, which is better quality but will take longer to download...

- my tracker says that 49 people downloaded the show already, hopefully that means it worked for all of them! if you care to verify that it's working for you, please post a quick note here:, i would appreciate it.

bittorrent file: RC - 10.29.04 @ J'Java - MP3 Source (180 MB)

bittorrent file: RC - 10.29.04 @ J'Java - SHN Source (480 MB)

(to download, first download and install bittornado, then download the above file and double click it)
bittorrent? will it work?
Fri, November 05 2004 - 8:00 PM
by AD
- here goes nothing:

bittorrent file: RC - 10.29.04 @ J'Java - MP3 Source

(to download, first download and install bittornado, then download the above file and double click it)

- i'm not sure if this will work. that is all.
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