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Rockwell Church!
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new shows info / 'unreleased' compilation
Tue, September 13 2005 - 8:00 PM
by AD
- a philly show is being scheduled for the 21st, the day before the VA/DC show, but the only other details are that it will theoretically be held somewhere in wayne, pa -- and it is being set up by point entertainment, former owners of 'the point' in bryn mawr. that was a really long run-on sentence, it's a good thing i am not a slave to punctuation or grammar on this website.

- i recently made an 'rc - unreleased' compilation cd from the 30+ live shows i have. it has 16 unreleased songs on it:

01 hemophilia 02 that dress 03 english channel 04 heavy october 05 indecision 06 my aphrodisiac 07 goodbye chattanooga 08 minor difficulties 09 leave this town 10 madly 11 talk about the wedding 12 stepping stone 13 year of curses broken 14 small poisonous frogs 15 while the night is young 16 cowboy song

i think it turned out very well, considering the quality & such varies from the recordings.

if anyone attending the october show at jammin java would like a free copy, please e-mail me and i will bring a copy to the show.
new hosting provider, oh hell yeah...
Thu, August 04 2005 - 8:00 PM
by AD
- this site was down for about 4 days while i switched web-hosting companies... oops. originally it was only going to be down for an hour but then my computer got fried in a war of the worlds type freak thunder storm and there was little i could do. anyway, it's back. it *should* load faster.

- i got a new e-mail address: removed

- a little birdie told me there will be a jammin java show towards the end of october. !*gasp*!

- i can't remember what else i was going to write here.
delusions of grandeur.
Thu, June 02 2005 - 8:00 PM
by AD
- after almost 7 years, the point in bryn mawr is going to close its current location. the point has been instrumental (get it?) in supporting RC and helping them build a fanbase. i'm sad to see the old location go but i also hope their new location will be even better. e-mail me an RC-point experience and i will post it here. you can also view the e-mail sent out by the point.

- about 10 years ago the fan community of the band guster got together and ordered a patch of the guster mascot, the big friend. i am looking into doing the same thing for RC fans and having some megalodon patches made. they would look very much like the megalodon sticker only possibly w/o the writing or just saying RC. they would not be sold for profit (only to get my money back) and extras would go to the band to sell or give away at shows. i would have to have about 20+ interested in obtaining 2 patches for ~$5-6 (postage included) or 10+ people who would want 5 patches for ~$10, in order to cover the costs. if you have any interest in this, please shoot me an e-mail or post on the messageboard, otherwise it probably won't happen. i already e-mailed nathan about using the megaladon logo, and he said it was fine.

- a few months ago i made a poster using my digital pictures of RC. if you want to order a print of this poster (on high-quality photo paper) i can tell you how to do so from adorama.com. you just have to register an account to order digital prints and then e-mail me so i can share my album containing the full sized file. the poster is 9x12 and costs $3.50 each plus shipping (i think shipping is $3.50 regardless of how many you order). it can be printed on glossy or matt photo paper. again you would be ordering from adorama so i would not get any of the $, just wanted it to be available because i had fun making it and there aren't really any RC posters around.
um... hi.
Wed, March 16 2005 - 8:00 PM
by AD
- Nathan posted to the official site's guestbook a few days ago. hopefully we will see some RC activity in the next few months. till then, download some live shows here (one song at a time peoples, & none of that dl accelerator stuff).

- i archived this page again so the site should load faster...
couple tab fixes... show rumors.
Mon, January 31 2005 - 8:00 PM
by AD
- fixed tab for chemical

- fixed tab for lullaby

- according to a post by Joti on the official site's guestbook, RC is planning some spring shows, so check back here or there in coming months for the info.
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