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last nights show...
Thu, July 11 2002 - 8:00 PM
by Sam
Rockwell Church: your mom likes us - yes that's the new slogan you can use to move those RC rep cds you've got stashed under your bed as coined by Nathan on saturday night. fantastic show at the point, i recorded it so hopefully we'll have a couple of the new songs up on the site for you to sample soon. setlists, photos, and links have been updated. we need your setlists from the nyc and d.c. shows!! please send! you'll get a little thank you on the site!
new tourdates... new pics...
Thu, June 20 2002 - 8:00 PM
by AD
new tourdates... RC should have most of their songs for the new album written by now... looking forward to hearing some new tunes at the upcomming point show... two other shows have been added as well... pictures area of site has been overhauled and we're working on a new sound area where you can hear hard-to-find RC songs and covers...
Mon, April 15 2002 - 8:00 PM
by AD
britney watched over us last night as we enjoyed over 2 hours (and 2 sets!!) of good tunes and good times. nathan and joti brought along some polished versions of the new songs from last show and debuted 4 new songs! (check out the setlist section for details and song names). taped the show, hopefully i will have it transferred to cd and put it on the server soon. nathan said they would be back in the fall (october?). advertised the site a bit after the show, so if you are new here please sign the guestbook and visit the message boards. only way we can spread the music is if we can find you!
links/tour archive updates...
Sat, March 09 2002 - 8:00 PM
by Sam
sheesh, it's been a long time since anyone touched this site. updated the links, tour dates and tour archive. we still need setlists people! photos and other spiffy things always welcome!
ooo, we've been linked...
Wed, January 02 2002 - 8:00 PM
by AD
added a bunch of new lyrics to unreleased/covered songs. new guestbook, sign it if you read this! got an e-mail from nathan and joti after they saw this site... they're going to put up a link from niiiice
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