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'lonley' tab...
Wed, January 22 2003 - 8:00 PM
by AD
- tabbed out 'lonely' off of superego... though i was too lazy to do the bridge. check it out in the tabs section.
sounds section overhaul...
Tue, January 21 2003 - 8:00 PM
by AD
- added 3 new mp3s to the mp3 section of the server... they sound better than the old mp3s of the same song...
- 'my aphrodisiac' - 3.9mb - 3m25s (11-02-02 early show)
- 'complicated' - 5.6mb - 4m54s (11-02-02 early show)
- 'chemical' - 4.9mb - 4m17s (11-02-02 early show)
new shows added to the server
Mon, January 20 2003 - 8:00 PM
by AD
- added 11-02-02 early & late shows to the server...
- view the early show show info
- view the late show show info
- replaced the two mp3s from the last update with smaller versions, so they are now under 5mb, instead of 11mb, and contain only the song (no talking)... this will hopefully make them easier to download... the updated links below will now lead you to the smaller files.
ooo, new song live mp3s...
Tue, January 14 2003 - 8:00 PM
by AD
- added an mp3 of 'ohio in a bucket' and 'long lost someone elegy' to the server's mp3 section...
- whole show in shn next week
- 'long lost someone elegy' - 4.8mb - 4m11s (11-02-02 late show)
- 'ohio in a bucket' - 3.9mb - 3m24s (11-02-02 late show)
'state i'm in' tab...
Fri, January 10 2003 - 8:00 PM
by AD
- updated picture section
- server seems to be working
- added tab of 'state i'm in' to the tabs section
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