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Rockwell Church!
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Posted by Nathan on August 22 2003

Bitter End - NYC - 08.21.2003

Hmmm...so last time at the Bitter End when we apologized profusely for the late start, I was pretty sure that since we had an earlier start time THIS time around we would go on closer to the PUBLICIZED start time. If you are confused by this last sentence, it is not even close to the confusion we feel concerning why we started AN HOUR AND A HALF late again last night. It was the Australians fault. The band before us was basically the Nelson of Australia (if you do not know who Nelson is, do a yahoo search for Nelson, and when you see two guys who look like cheap blond prostitutes on testosterone pills, you've found them). They had sleeveless tees and played dueling bagpipes and didgeridoos with a "rock rhythm section". Never mind that the bagpipes are from SCOTLAND, OKAY? Anyway, they took forty five minutes to set up and half an hour to load out, which tells you why we started so freaking late. If you need any more explanation, please see the photo below.

We gotta start wearing leather skirts. During the show, one of the brothers said he'd like to take the crowd back to Australia and have his way with us. If this photo is any indication, I think I'll take a pass. Who do you think would win in a fight between this band and Russell Crowe? That was a trick question. Russell Crowe would mash them into bloomin' onions. Bonzer! (p.s. it is hard to read the Outback Steakhouse menu without bursting into uncontrollable laughter. Joti and I are fairly certain the people who made it have never been to Australia. It reads like they live in a cave in Montana. Stop thinking to yourself, "why do they go to Outback Steakhouse?" Stop it right now.)

Anyhoo, once we did get started playing it was rather enjoyable, I must say. Thank you crowd for dictating the set list. Thank you to the young woman who gave us the F&*# YOU shirts for not kicking my ass because I wasn't wearing it when you bumped into me in Subway (stop thinking to yourself, "why does he go to Subway?" Stop it right now). Thanks for coming out and supporting us there all summer. We need a new venue. There is a new club opening up near the Bitter End that is larger, has a better sound system, and is a better room (i.e. rectangular instead of amoeba shaped). It's run by the same people, but hopefully it will be run a little more "on time" if you know what I'm saying. I think we'll be there next time we come through town, it opens in late fall.


For those of you in the sweet South, we return to your neck of the woods finally (though I know all of you not in North Carolina will be pissed) on the Tuesday after Labor Day. It's at Wake Forest, but it is open to the public. We'll happily stand there and play every song you want to hear as penance for not visiting you more often, even if it takes all night. Looking forward to it, get your requests together, okay?

College Students

If you are not currently in college, you can skip this paragraph. A bunch of you college goers frequently come tell us you want us to come to your town. Here's how you can make it happen - every school has a fund to bring in bands, and the fund is governed by a concert committee of students. Find out who is on the committee, and call or e-mail them and tell them you want Rockwell Church to come to your school. Send them to our website, and they can e-mail us at booking@rockwellchurch.com. This tact seems to have worked quite well as of late, so to quote David Gray "if you want it, come and get it."

Much love and appreciation for your support -


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