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Rockwell Church!
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Posted by Nathan on July 28 2003

The Bitter End - NYC - 07.22.2003

Profuse thanks to the nice young woman who handed us two t-shirts at the beginning of this show. One said "New York F&%^ing City" and the other said "F%@# You You F$%*ing F&^*". I took the "F%@# You You F$%*ing F&^*" under the assumption that it was more versatile than the "New York F&%^ing City". Of course, it's not like I can wear a shirt that says "F%@# You You F$%*ing F&^*" in too many places outside New York F&%^ing City, so maybe I should have just stuck with New York F&%^ing City over F%@# You You F$%*ing F&^* and shown some hometown spirit. Not that I'm from New York F&%^ing City, I am just kind of crashing there this summer, and if you have a problem with that, well, F%@# You You F$%*ing F&^*.

This was a full band show, this time with Doug Derryberry of the Bruce Hornsby Band (and producer extraordinaire) on guitars and mandolin, Dan Conway (played in River at one point) on bass and Mike Corn of the HeyDevils on drums. Good time, crappy sound on stage for some reason, started an hour late. Deep apologies for that one, we did not expect the late start and will do better at prepping you guys on that in the future. Thanks for being good listeners after my last whiny journal entry...anyway, for reasons mentioned above I personally didn't feel great about this show, in all honesty, though you seemed to have fun and we are grateful for that. Much acoustic guitar feedback in the early going, but I guess it went away. We'll come back to New York F&%^ing City on Thursday August 21st and play a killer wuss acoustic set, okay? Enough of my yapping. F%@# You You F$%*ing F&^*.

Here's a cool story: some old fan friends of ours (after you've seen us so much we recognize you, you become friends not fans anymore) showed up for the first time a while - they'd had a baby nine months ago. Her name is Lauryn and she is a cute little thing (I saw a photo), and we were informed she was born to "Isn't She Everything" playing in the delivery room. Which is way flattering. Thanks for making my night on that one. It's much better to be told that a baby was born to your music than to be told a baby was (attempted to be) conceived. Which has happened way too many times before. Eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Joti cannot listen to David Gray's White Ladder because he once crashed in the living room of a friend but couldn't sleep because her roommate was knocking boots through THREE COMPLETE ROTATIONS of White Ladder - that's like two hours and fifteen minutes. Who does that? "If you want it, come and get it." And lordy lordy how they did. F%@# You You F$%*ing F&^*.

Jammin' Java - Vienna, VA - 07.23.2003

I like this club. I like the owners, I like the chili, I like the green room with a bathroom for after the chili, I like the sound system, I like the vibe. I like the fact that it is in a strip mall, just like the Bluebird in Nashville. Really, like most things in life, the fašade belies its inner beauty. The DC area finally has a club for the rest of us, God bless it. We had a BLAST at this show, even though I brainfarted the lyrics to Never Ending Battle, but you asked for it...crowd gets two homey thumbs up, thanks for coming out, see you shortly I hope. Many of you traveled a long ways from other parts of Virginia, which makes me think we should play other parts of Virginia too. Collegiate types, talk to your concert committees (in your Student Government) and see if they'll have us. We'd happily come to your neck of the woods. Richmondians/Richmondites/Richmen, can we decide definitively which club we should hit down there? New RC song comes out on a compilation called the Wondermore compilation this month, and there are some bands on it from Richmond, hopefully we can do a couple of dates down there with those guys. We'll let you know more when it happens. Anyways, DC people keep spreading the word, you feel like home finally.

Now we take a bit of a break, I am back in California and will bounce between here, Seattle, and New Hampshire over the next few weeks before we hit Chicago in the mouth. Will be working out some new stuff in solitary confinement, hopefully there will be some material for you guys at the late summer shows to inspect. I feel a few tunes coming on...in the meantime, for those of you not on our normal touring cycle but desperate to show your support for RC, the new Megalodon t-shirts are now on the site! Hooray! Also, we are going to send out an e-mail and resurrect the Small Poisonous Frogs street team - this time with actual promotional materials mailed to your door and downloaded from the web, real guidance and instruction from us on how to help us out - in an effort to keep this momentum going. If you are interested in helping spread the word, sign up and we'll give you free stuff in exchange for your help, and you will be eternally in our good graces. Except for this one cat we used to call Trampoline Boy, who still owes us money for CDs he was supposed to sell five years ago. We called him that because when he was in high school he came to one of our shows at Princeton University and we made him bounce on a trampoline for the whole set. It was pretty cool at the time. Trampoline Boy, I know you're out there. You cannot bounce forever.

See some of you in Chicago, the rest of you keep checking the site for more shows/SPF street team/etc. If you are interested in hearing taped shows or seeing show photos, www.rockwellchurch.org is a great site run by really nice people. Hope you all are enjoying reading the crap we put up here... e-mail me and let me know what you think.


No photos this week. If you have any good ones, send them to Derek, our web guy.


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