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Posted by Nathan on July 22 2003

Club Passim - Cambridge, MA - 07.19.2003

Mmmmm...Border Cafe. It sits across the street from Club Passim, and much as we swear everytime we play Passim that we will eat somewhere else, we always eat there. And I mean we EAT there. And then we get up on stage and it's all rice-and-beany when we sing the high notes. Whatever, send us suggestions for someplace better and we'll check it out.

The shows themselves were way fun - this was our first shot at two shows in the summertime, when all ye college aged youngstahs are on vacation. Worked out well, thanks for coming out, come see us again in the fall with all the Hahvahd and BC and Tufts and Wusstah students.

I have been listening to this Gavin DeGraw record (you'll hear about him, trust me, for better or worse). He is kind of a badass, and in an attempt at emulation I had a bit of vocal courage this night, again, for better or worse. Joti dropped bombs on the first show by playing a wicked version of Sly's "Family Affair", all of the rest of you will hear it soon because it was nasty good and I will force him to play it many times over.

Don't think these shows were recorded, and that's a shame...what was also a shame was the butt wasted Red Sox fan wearing NOTHING BUT A SPEEDO walking through the rest stop on the Mass Pike introducing himself to people at the urinals. This is apparently what happens when your team goes a century without a title. As Orioles/Redskins/Bullets/Capitals fans, Joti and I may be coming to a roadside McDonald's near you in faux-pas swimwear soon.

Lastly, many of you know about our strange relationship with Rod Stewart (no, not like Raquel Welch). We cannot drive anywhere for more than an hour, flipping through the radio, without hearing Rod Stewart on the radio (hence the first line from the hidden track on Through the Fall). But lately I have been driving by myself through New England, and Phil Collins has been dominating. Still, I haven't ever kept official track. So Joti and I had a "Rod-off" on the drive from Boston to NYC at 3 in the morning, pitting Rod against Phil in a battle for the ages, most heard cheesy singer takes all. Phil went up 2-0, but Rod battled back to tie it. Phil went up 3-2 on "She's an Easy Lover", and we thought perhaps the champion has fallen. But then as we neared NYC one of those things in life that the laws of statistics dictate had to be a one-in-a-million occurence but you KNOW was influenced by human will happened - Rod came on three different stations, with three different songs, all within ten seconds of each other (Flip - "whoa!" 3-3. Flip - "WHOA!" 4-3. Flip - "HOLY F&%$ING S%^$!" 5-3.). So let that be a lesson to all you player haters out there: DON'T BET AGAINST ROD STEWART. He doesn't lose, okay? Phil made a comeback to make it interesting, but Rod prevailed 6-5, fittingly, on the radio singing 'bout Maggie.

Cheers, Boston.

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