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Rockwell Church!
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Posted by Nathan on July 14 2003

Bitter End - New York - 07.11.2003

So begins a bit of a residency at the Bitter End. I was pretty sure we were in BIG trouble when Joti called me at 10:06pm from Newark to say he had just landed. Especially since we were supposed to go on at 10:30pm. But for once, it was sweet that the Bitter End shows always start late, and Joti walked in (to a nice little cheer from the crowd) as we were tuning up on stage. "We" constituted me, Dan, and Mike, our rhythm section (bass and drums, respectively) du jour. This was the first time we had all played together, and Joti had never met the guys - he literally was shaking hands with them as I started the chords to Closer to You.

These facts, plus an episode where Dan's bass amp furped out on the second song, would suggest a train wreck of "The Fugitive" proportions. Thank goodness for goodness, because everything went off pretty dang well - though I can never quite tell at the Bitter End how things are sounding. Hope you thought it didn't suck.

Good turnout, New York - almost too good, you get talky when the room gets that full. We need some shush-ers (you know, the annoying people who always go "SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" at concerts). Much as we'd like to play you the quiet stuff though, as long as you show up, you can do (and we'll play) whatever the hell you want. See you again Tuesday July 22nd, same bat-time, same bat-place.

The Point - Bryn Mawr, PA - 07.12.2003

This was the first time we have played two back-to-back shows at the Point in the summertime, and you all came out in droves, many thanks. First show was full of songs from Inches from the Ground - tunes we haven't played in years like "Wait for Me" and "Coming Around Again". For a long time those songs felt young and a bit stale to us - mainly because we were 18 years old when we first stated playing them - but after a few years on the shelf, playing those songs was fun again, even if I did need a poor soul in the front row to hold up the words for me.

Joti was en fuego this night for whatever reason, hope you guys got as much of a kick out of listening to him as I did. He played Bartok, he played Bela Fleck, he played Martin Sexton. Hell yeah.

Late show crowd was totally energizing from the start to the finish, you guys were awesome and humbling as usual. One of these days methinks we're going to blow up big like a blimp because of you. Until then keep telling your friends about us, okay?

Megalodon exacted his revenge this night, as we sold out of his new tee shirts. Never fear Boston/Cambridge, more are on their way. I really, really hope the woman who asked us to sign her chest sends us the photo like she promised. If you want us to crop your face out of it to maintain anonymity, we will. But please let us post it on the website. PLEASE.


Here are some taken at The Point this weekend by Derek, our web guy.

Photos from this post now found here.

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