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Posted by Derek on February 04 2004


First off, the guestbook is back up. Just for fun, I've restored all entries from past guestbooks, so you can read what people were saying in 1998! Nathan and Joti promise to read all the new entries, and we've got some fun filtering tools to stop the spammers from taking over again.


There are some newly added March shows for you folks on the regular East Coast circuit.

Photos and Video!

Here are some photos taken by me at The Point in October. Also, be sure to check out photos of the same show taken by the folks over at

Photos from this post now found here.

Here's the fun stuff: For those of you with high-speed connections, try this Video of the first couple verses of everyone's favorite oldies-hit, Small Poisonous Frogs. Careful, the file is almost 20 MB, and the camera work is shoddy at best!

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