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Rockwell Church!
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Posted by Nathan on May 01 2003

Much thanks to Derek Keevil for cattle prodding our backsides to actually put up some content here...weíll try to get better about posting some thoughts after each show. Too much to write about all the post-Antidote shows, but Iíll try to reconstruct some of our most recent gigs:

Stanford University, CA - 02.13.2003

This was generally a great show, benefited good causes, and was the official release of Antidote. Some of you will be able to find a tape of this show on the internet, and you will hear two things: 1) The worst clapping crowd in history, and 2)Very drunk people screaming how badly they need an antidote. Now, donít get me wrong -- when I say "worst clapping crowd" I donít mean that they didnít applaud after songs -- they were very good at applauding. But at several points during the concert a gaggle of folks decided they would take over the percussion duties and start smacking their hands against each other presumably to an actual beat they were "feeling". Sadly these folks had the rhythm and manual dexterity of meatloaf. I mean, Don No Soul Simmons rhythm. Iím talking the intro to Men at Workís "Who Can It Be Now?" (go back and listen to it), or the drums on old G NíR records. I found out later that not only were the culprits twenty-something white people, but they were Canadian twenty-something white people. That right there is the rhythmic curse of death, so they are all excused. In the future, may I remind them not to drink and clap.

Oklahoma City, OK - 02.21.2003

This was our first ever arena gig. And probably our last. We played the Oklahoma State Fair Arena, which has like 10,000 seats and has been host to numerous rodeos, monster truck rallies, trade shows, and um, state fairs. On this night it was host to a benefit concert organized by this awesome guy named Cody who single handedly set the whole darned thing up. He sent us the radio ad that ran for the show (weíll post it to the site -- a MUST hear) that featured the "SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY!" announcer guy saying something about jam bands, and you are expecting to hear some Pantera death metal in the background but itís just me and Joti singing "First Time" like the wussy suburban rockers we are. Then they go on to talk about Swinefest and we started to get that Spinal Tap vibe (the sign that reads "Puppet Show and Spinal Tap")...anyway the point is that the organizers couldnít have been nicer, and they got about a thousand kids to come out on a rainy February night in OKLAHOMA WHERE WE HAVE NEVER PLAYED A SHOW, which makes me think we should hire that announcer and have him run ass-kicking commercials all over the country. Who knew thatís all it took to make it? Thanks to the Texas folks who came all that way -- we are trying to get to your state soon, really we are.

The Bitter End - NYC - 03.27.03

We love the Bitter End, and they are SOOOOO good to us there. Until weíre ready for Radio City Music Hall, thatís our home. But the shows are short, so if you come out to see us there and want to hear us play something please e-mail us some requests beforehand. Itís kind of a loud scene so it is tough to play quiet stuff ("Um, sorry for the buzz kill, but could you all please stop talking and pay attention to ME while I sing about lost love and Joti makes his guitar cry? Thanks.") but weíll do what we can. You should all come out after the show with us, our friends are getting old and go home too early. We need party companions. By the way, one time we blew all the money we made at the Bitter End after the show in the bar next door buying shots trying to convince six Irish girls that Joti was the ambassador of Uganda. I think it worked, but I donít remember. Another time I used my United Mileage Plus 1K card to convince some people that I was a bi-plane pilot who flew under the Cape Cod Bridge for a living (the card was supposed to be my pilotís license). Weíre not fibbers, we just actively seek out evidence that Charles Darwin may not in fact have been totally right. Anyway, since that time we have committed ourselves to telling the truth and spending your money more responsibly, on things like Megalodon stickers and t-shirts. But come out with us and get us back to doing dumb things in the big city.

Club Passim - Cambridge, MA - 03.28.2003

The shows here just keep getting better and better. Not much to say except that this town feels like it could be a second home fore us, and we love playing for you. I think this might have been the night of things that suck, which we talked about extensively. I donít want to name names here (John Cougar Mellencamp) but Joti has a surprisingly long list of things that suck. Perhaps he can post it here sometime. Passim is not on the list. I seem to recall staying out all night and then sleeping for a few hours in the Manchester airport on the ground before flying to Chicago. Mmmmm...

Schubaís, Chicago, IL - 03.29.2003

Good show that for some reason got cut off early -- they run a tight ship and I think we ran a bit over. Anyway, the last couple of Schubaís shows have been killer so thanks for coming out and bringing your friends. There is a bar in Chicago called Carolís. You should go there at least once a week. There is a band called Diamondback that plays from 9pm to 5am. Yes, 5am. May I recommend being there anytime after midnight until closing. May I also recommend the PBR. And may I recommend that you play the Rockwell Church-invented game where, whenever Diamondback takes a break fom their country repertoire to play a Christie McVie Fleetwood Mac song, you do a full beer chug. We now do this everywhere we go, no matter what time of day, so if you play watch out for "Say You Love Me" or "Donít Stop" or "Songbird" because they will jack your ass.

Jamminí Java - DC - 04.18.2003

Oops. Nathan scheduled shows on Easter/Passover weekend. Oops. United Airlines lost all of Rockwell Churchís CDs on the flight from California. Thank goodness for you, metro-DC/VA area. Because you still came out and made it a great night. Weíve FINALLY found a home in our home town...why do people ask us to sign coffee cups? Do you take that thing home and put it on your mantle? Itís trash! But so are we, so weíre flattered. An Aware rep showed up with awesome cookies that were gone before we reached Baltimore the next day. Thanks for those. My Mom was pissed because we didnít play "Lullaby". Whoops. I should not eat chili EVER, much less before a concert. But they have Chili Up at Jammin Java, and I can never resist it. At this point I think Jotiís olfactory sense is completely destroyed. So itís really only the first few rows who have to deal with it. Itís like that watermelon smashing comedian Gallagher -- you should bring panchos and helmets if you want to sit up front. Gross.

The Point - Bryn Mawr, PA - 04.19.2003

I cringe at 7pm shows during daylight savings time. It really feels like I am standing in Kmart in my tighty whiteys until the sun sets. Thank you all for coming out on such a holy night...two show people got to hear 36 different songs I think, it was a no-repeat weekend. We look forward to playing the Point more than any other place, and you never disappoint...this was the Philadelphia debut of the Megalodon stickers, and you just about cleaned us out. Do your research and learn more about the life of Megalodon, and just how much ass he kicked. There is nothing scarier than the Megalodon. Except a Megalodon riding on an elephantís back, just trampling and eating and pooping on everything they see. Anyway, good show, apologies to the young woman who asked for an Elvis song -- ya gots ta give us sum advance warning and we can brew that up for you. Now, if you had asked for George Michael, we could have done it on the spot. Quick Rockwell Church trivia: Joti Rockwell used to absolutely love the band Heart. Couldnít get enough of them. I like nachos.


Here are some photos from the Oklahoma Show where I passed around my camera... Also, be sure to check out the photos over at rockwellchurch.org - those guys have some great pictures of us.

Photos from this post now found here.

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