The Megalodon, a giant pre-historic shark, is the official Rockwell Church mascot.

Historians all agree on two key points regarding Megalodon: 1) Megaolodon was real big. 2) Megalodon had a fierce distaste for music pirates.

All the specialists we contacted** agree that the RC logo, hand drawn by Joti, is the most accurate depiction drawn to date:

Though it is often misconstrued, those things on his head are his always searching, terrible eyes, my friend. Megalodon is no friendly mickey-mouse-eared wannabe shark, oh no.

Megalodon is the fierce protector of Rockwell Church and all independent artists. Throughout the course of history, he has maoed many, many, unathorized duplicators. Don't be his next victim.

Avoid the Megalodon - support your favorite artists.

Click Here for actual info on Megalodon, if that's your thing.

** none.
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