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Unknown Stuntman
by 'The Fall Guy' Theme
well i'm not the kind to kiss and tell
but i've been seen with farah
i've never been with anything less than a nine, so fine
i've been up there with sally fields
gone fast with a girl named bo
but none of them last long enough as mine

it's a death defying life i lead
i take my chances
i die for a living in the movies and tv
but the hardest thing i'll ever do
is watch my leadin' ladies
kiss some other guy with a bandage on my knee

i might jump from a tall building
or tarzan from a vine
cause i'm the unknown stuntman
that makes eastwood look so fine

i've never spent much time in school
but i've taught ladies plenty
it's true i hire my body out for pay, hey hey
i've been up there with sally fields
gone fast with a girl name weltch

but when I end up in the hay it's only hay
hay, hay

i might jump from an open drawbridge
or roll a brand-new car
cause i'm the unknown stuntman
that made redford such a star

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