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My Aphrodisiac
by Rockwell Church
my aphrodisiac
she calls me on the phone
she says you don't know
how it feels to be alone

barley's amber and the chesapeake meanders
and the evergreen has lost another cone
he won't commit even though the river seems to fit him
better than me and my sweaters ever will

the timings terrible i'm sure you've had your fill
but i just thought you'd find some comfort
in this hymn
in this hymn

my aphrodisiac
she writes me through the mail
she says you don't know
how it feels for me to fail

i've taught them everything
these books will let me find
and still i cannot get
your accent off my mind

i'm so flexible and easy to manipulate
the truth is i am somewhere in between
the timings terrible these days have been unbearable
you should find some comfort
here in me
here in me

my aphrodisiac
she's difficult to bend
the hardest part is knowing where to end
cause this could be so easy
so that's why you gotta leave me
and go back to the way we were again

cause he'll commit
if you push him just a little bit
they always do come closer when they fear
timings always terrible but isn't that the parable
she found some comfort
somewhere here
somewhere here

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