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Hobo Dog
Warm Up the Gong
by Rockwell Church
hobo dog was walking down the tracks
looking for some junk
to take back to the junkyard
on the other side of town where
pretty little alley cats play
well when way up on the tracks ahead
a screamed cried out
a little cat was all tied up
and she was trying to shout for help
she said help me hobo dog
the train is coming 'round the way
well he said hoo ooh that train
is coming around the bend
we all thought for sure that
this would be the forsaken end
i'm sorry ma'am i'd like to help
but i'm just a hobo dog

well the cat said hobo dog
i know you ain't no fool
so just muster up some hobo strength
and keep your hobo cool
if i get out of this alive
you're gonna get to marry me
well hobo dog thought gee
i'd like to have her hand
so i, i guess it's time for me
to take a hobo stand
so he sat right down
and he set that kitty free
he said hoo ooh that train
went whizzing right on by
the cat she sat down
and she began to cry
and she said honey
you're my hero
and he said shucks
i'm just a hobo dog

well the cat and hobo dog
hopped aboard that train
and they road off together
in love in the rain
but hobo started getting bored
making up ways to get himself free
well he said honey
don't get me wrong
you're a real sweet cat
but i've got songs to sing
and tunes to write
and things like that
and lately i've been thinking
the very life i fear just ain't for me
well, he said hoo ooh that train
went rolling off into the sun
the cat she knew her wedding bells
were just about done
he jumped off that train grabbed his guitar
said shucks i'm just a hobo dog

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