Worth Your Weight
Through the Fall
by Rockwell Church
guess i should thank you for the words at my door
well you should have used the wall
all your syllables and sabotages missed the mark
cause i found them lodged beneath me
did you hear yes well i was there
and i sear it was like that
round and round and round it goes
where it stops i think i know

all i want to do is leave it all behind
but i can't leave it when you don't try
to keep it to yourself
do you treasure what you're told
are you worth your weight in gold

here i stand witness well i'm not so bad
so what if i am hang me by my halo
tell me i should lay low for a while
you want to string me up
you want to thread me through
ou want to tie me down
it's in the walk, in the talk, in the dark
i don't feel a think
i feel nothing for you
what will it be
you or me

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you've got to stop
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