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If you'd like to leave a comment for Nathan and Joti, this is the place. They've been known to occasionally stop by and post some comments too. Thanks for visiting the site, we hope you come back soon!

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I just rediscovered Superego (and every other RC album) on my iTunes. Perfect soundtrack for this cold and snowy night...and as stunningly beautiful as the first time I heard it. Please reunite!!!

  posted by Irene on December 20 2009 - MA

My three kids and I (25,22,20) miss your live music performances like no other. Come back, if just for a little while.

  posted by Chris S. on November 30 2009 - PA

Miss you all (except the porn spammers). Thanks AD.

  posted by Nathan on November 17 2009 - CA

It seems to be working. Please post some RC love... 2009 is almost over!

  posted by Adrian on October 5 2009 - MD

Testing the new spam filter.

  posted by Adrian on September 19 2009 - MD

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