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Rockwell Church!
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Welcome to our guestbook!

If you'd like to leave a comment for Nathan and Joti, this is the place. They've been known to occasionally stop by and post some comments too. Thanks for visiting the site, we hope you come back soon!

Sign Our Guestbook
So I was listening to Inches the other day, and it suddenly occurred to me how great you guys sound... not just some tunes to remind me of Haverford days, but true talent that I'm sure extends beyond the lone album I currently possess. :) The newer ones will go on my Christmas list.. and in the meantime, I'd love to know when you guys will be in the DC area next!

  posted by Julie Z on November 26 2006 - Arlington, VA

please come to the main line... we miss you tons!

  posted by Claudia on November 21 2006 - Bryn Mawr, PA

hey guys, i am the girl from the charlottesville show who requested easier on me. i just want you to know that i drove three hours for that show, so believe me, it wasn't only friends and family there even if there weren't many others. i loved the show, but you still owe me easier on me, and i am now up north and am frankly begging you to come play at passim again. you guys mean a lot to me. thanks, hanna

  posted by Hanna on November 12 2006 - Providence, RI

Please play a show somewhere soon in Philly, NYC, or VA...:) or at least let us know if you guys are even planning on playing anywhere in the near future...i love you guys...true true musical talent

  posted by Alison on October 31 2006 - Phialdelphia, pa

My best friend shared your music with me, and it took only one listen and I was hooked! Now that I'm on assignment in DC for a while, I hope to catch y'all live around here sometime soon!

  posted by Joe Williams on October 27 2006 - Friendswood, TX

I just found your sight after being on the John Alagia page. I thought you guys were done, so this is a pleasant suprise. I started listening to you on Aware a long time ago, and you guys and your music have in a sense grown with me in a real sense -- I lived in Virginia when you guys were in DC and I was at Stanford when Nathan was there. Keep it together, and I'll look forward to seeing what you guys have in store for the future!

  posted by Matty on October 24 2006 - Salt Lake, UT

LOVE your music-and have for years. So excited to get your most recent CD. You both have unbelievable musical talent and an amazing ear for what real fantastic music sounds like. Love to listen to you guys after a long day at work-does it get any better. Would love the opportunity to hear you live. Keep me posted.

  posted by Tracy on October 17 2006 - NYC, NY

We need Boston LOVE. Come to PASSIM!!!

  posted by Jemm on October 17 2006 - Boston, MA

Good to finally get to your site! There's a radio DJ in Baler, Aurora (Philippines) who plays "Holding Out" as his goodbye song and it has become a really big hit in that part of the world since maybe 2001. You guys would not believe it but kids sing your song and I'm a big fan, although I only know a few of your songs. Can't wait to listen and download freebes here. Your cds are not available here in my country and ordering internationally is really pricy for me, so thanks for the site. Best wishes.

  posted by Anton on October 15 2006 - Manila, Philippines

Joti, where are you? -Jon P.S. ROCKWELL CHURCH ROCKS

  posted by Jon on October 12 2006 - Chicago

your music gave me chills today when i was listening to "if i wanted". please please please come to vancouver. you would love it here, trust me.

  posted by liana on October 12 2006 - vancouver, bc

Sorry for your time.... Why i can't see images on this resource?
My Browser is: Opera.
Thank you.

  posted by Green_Monkey23 on October 11 2006 - Boston

Hey guys,

My wife and I are grizzled veterans of many shows at The Point (God rest it's soul) during our days at Villanova, but now find ourselves living in the Great Northwest. Is there anything we can do to help you guys find a gig up here? Say the word and we'll do it. We're thirsty for Nathan and Joti.

  posted by Brian on October 1 2006 - Seattle, WA

Fourteen years since Leysin! Great to see you doing what you love. Congrats on fatherhood - Grimace would be proud. We'd love to have you play at my school. Let me know when you are in Boston.

take care,

  posted by Raj on August 9 2006 - Andover, MA

I'll be there too if you come to NYC.

  posted by Adam Rose on July 30 2006 - Millburn, NJ

Oh please oh please OH PLEASE come back to NYC--we miss you big time!

  posted by Joanna on July 24 2006 - New York, NY

Guitar Tabs online? Sweet! After years of singing your songs off-key I can now butcher them on the guitar too! Looking forward to your next PA show-

  posted by Flanders on July 14 2006 - Philly, Pa

Hi guys! Nice to see your new site. Congrats on fatherhood, Nathan! Best of luck, and looking forward to seeing you in Philly sometime soon.

An original fan,
Dawn '96

  posted by Dawn Deal on July 14 2006 - Downingtown, PA

Found you Nate!!! Somehow we lost contact... Bill will be psyched to check out your site. Life is good here in Switzerland...

How do we go about ordering your last 2 CDs? Congrats on fatherhood!!!

Carmen and Bill Hovey

  posted by Carmen Crenshaw-Hovey on July 12 2006 - Langnau am Albis, Switzerland, Zurich


You should check out



  posted by Jack on July 10 2006 - Kihei, HAWAII

For the love of God, are you ever coming out with a new album?

  posted by Mike on July 8 2006 - New Orleans, LA

Nathan: If your looking for good music out there check out Ryan Montbleau...another indie guy trying to make it in the music biz...his new album is fantastic in a not so mainstream sort of way. Good Luck!!

  posted by Matt on July 7 2006 - Albany, NY

Thanks a million for the excellent new site1
congrats on healthy arrival of TCH.
I was glad to discover your missive of 6/3/06
Can you recommend some albums that I won't hate? I'm so up for liking something!
when are we playing tennis?
DD1 aka Doug Derryberry

  posted by The DD1 on July 6 2006 - Brooklyn, NY

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww RC.

  posted by tuck on July 2 2006 - nantucket, ma

Adrian- the new site is fantastic. Thank you so much, from a fan's perspective. N+J- keep it up. We can't wait for you to make it into the city.

  posted by Chase on June 28 2006 - New York, NY

hey nathan....so you're a dad and about to have another. congrats my man. if anyone can fix the music industry, it's you.

  posted by neg norton on June 22 2006 - dallas, texas

No worries Nathan. If you don't come to us, we'll just come to you. See u in DC in July. Can't fucking wait.

  posted by Jeremy on June 11 2006 - Boston, MA

Hey guys! I haven't acctually seen you guys yet - but I plan to try to come out asap. I got hooked my Freshmen year in college when I heard "Isn't She Everything" - and now I'm all graduated and astill love you guys! Stay awesome!

  posted by Melissa on June 7 2006 - Philadelphia, pa

Holy crap! A show! Too bad it's 2000 miles away from me. Still ...

  posted by Luke on June 2 2006 - Tucson, AZ

I've seen you perform twice & just love your music! Hope you guys are playing somewhere in NJ or Philadelphia, Pa soon. I love your CD Antidote!! Your music makes me smile!
especially "Ohio in a Bucket".
"Chemical" is my favorite!!!

  posted by Maggie on April 28 2006 - Cherry Hill, NJ

hey guys. i`m currently travellin australia. i`ve been here for 10 months now. i`m from the uk. and i have had u on my mp3 player since i left. u`ve bin a great influence to my song writtin, and just and just winded my abillities of playin by an enourmas amount. just wanna thank u guys, ya doin a great job!
cheers guys!

  posted by Eon Morris on April 23 2006 - Herefordshire, Eng

do me yo yo master do me. i want live music, ASAP.

  posted by tuck on April 23 2006 - nantucket, ma

Let's get a couple things straight here. THis sight might have been cool/great/worth bookmarking like 20 years ago when the internet first was invented, but it's pretty much not at all. Additionally, this is a musical act's website, a really, really, really good musical duo's website. So all you shady characters who post random messages stating, "great site," ease up on that, k?? Most importantly, Nathan and Joti - please fill us in on tour/new release info - anything??? Last time I heard anything from you was as the DC show in October which we drove up to see FROM BOSTON!!!!!!!!

  posted by Jeremy on April 21 2006 - Boston, MA

Does anyone know if they plan on releasing a new album soon?

  posted by Mike on April 20 2006 - Shreveport, LA

Need RC fix. Send guitars and snappy vocals ASAP.

End transmission.

  posted by Erich on April 18 2006 - Winston-Salem, NC


  posted by This is RIDICULOUS on April 14 2006 - Boston, MA

I think I check the site every day to see if a concert has been posted - I haven't seen ya'll since.. '02 or '03. I'm dying to go to a show. I just love your music so much. Please go back on tour!

  posted by Julie on April 4 2006 - Columbia, MD

Yo, Joti and Nathan - are you both still alive? IF so, when are you coming to play for us in Boston?? This summer??? PPPPPPLLLLLEEEEASSSEEE?????????????

  posted by Again, I\'m with TUCK on April 3 2006 - Boston, MA

My friends and I have been listening to your music since college. Love your music! Wish you could come to the Philipines. Good luck!

  posted by Grace on April 1 2006 - Quezon City, Philippines

oh why hello. i find your site very nice content occassionally. bless the lord nice site. morons.

joti and nathan, how are you guys doing? it would be so sweet if you guys posted like a blog, even if it is only once a year. would love to know what the hell is going on. hope all you rockwell fans are doin well. paz.

  posted by Tuck on March 29 2006 - nantucket, ma

Why not sell your music digitally, online? I find only one of your albums on iTunes and none elsewhere (Napster, Yahoo, etc.). Love your music, but man, I hate waiting for cds to come through the mail.

  posted by JP on March 28 2006 - San Antonio, TX

What's going on with the band these days? Are they touring? Any chance of making up to the Northwest? I miss them.

  posted by Brian on March 1 2006 - Seattle, WA

Hey Nate and Joti - How about some love in Cambridge, MA at Passim?? PPPPPPLEEEASEEE!!!!

  posted by Josephine on February 20 2006 - Boston, MA

Any chance of a spring show in beantown??? Hoping that you guys can make it up soon.

  posted by James M on February 14 2006 - Boston, MA

BOSTON, BOSTON!!!!!!!!!!!! COME!!!!!!!!!

  posted by We Need RC on February 12 2006 - Boston, MA

Saw you at the Birchmere when you opened up for Dar Williams longggggg time ago. Still a fan.

Would love to see you again live - please schedule some gigs around DC!

  posted by Devon P on February 12 2006 - Columbia, MD

Hey RC,
I recently bought an iPod and transferred my music collection onto it. I was in shuffle mode when I ran into your song Bad Vacation. What a great song! I remember downloading it from MP3.COM way back in 1998. 8 years ago! Man, I'm getting old. Thought I'd see if you were still around and you are. Keep up the good music and good luck in the future.

  posted by Jose H on February 8 2006 - Sacramento, CA

Yeah, I'm with Tuck. Who are these Ass-Clowns who comes to this and leave these shady messages?? BUt more importantly, how about some show dates in Boston and NYC?? PLLEEEASSEEEE Joti and Nathan?????????

  posted by Jeremy on February 1 2006 - Boston, MA

for example the donkey that wrote right below me, what is that?

  posted by tuck on January 30 2006 - nyc, ny

ok i am a rockwell church fan. hooray for their music. but what the hell is with all of these spammers? i mean why do they say,"nice site good work", what is the point of saying that? can anyone help me out here? anyways, come to nyc or anywhere. im in the mood for some good FBOMBING music!

  posted by tuck on January 28 2006 - nyc, ny

I love the music. I've been listening for years. I've never been able to see a show, but I would love to. My parents actually saw you guys at the Ferst Center at Georgia Tech years ago. They picked up a cd, and I promptly took it from them. I go to Tech now, and would love it if you would come to Atlanta some time soon. I hope there is more to come. Thanks for the music - it's great and most appreciated.

  posted by Blake on January 28 2006 - Atlanta, GA

Still holding out hope that you guys can make it up to Boston soon!

  posted by Bryan on January 25 2006 - Boston, MA

Still hoping you guys are going to make the trip to Beantown soon. An appearance at Passim to coincide with Spring training wouldn't be too bad??? Whaccha say Nathan and Joti????//?

  posted by Jeremy on January 22 2006 - Boston, MA

Happy New Year Boys!'

Lookin' forward to seeing you on the east coast soon.

  posted by Jonas on January 12 2006 - Providence, RI

I am drowning in my first year of med school up here and am in some serious need of some live rockwell church. Please come back and play Club Passim!

  posted by Dan on January 10 2006 - Cambridge, MA

rockwell church rules, guys do us all a favor and play in boston, sweeeeeeeeeeet

  posted by tuck on January 3 2006 - nyc, ny

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