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Rockwell Church!
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Welcome to our guestbook!

If you'd like to leave a comment for Nathan and Joti, this is the place. They've been known to occasionally stop by and post some comments too. Thanks for visiting the site, we hope you come back soon!

Sign Our Guestbook
Prof. Taylor,

While I think that your overall orginization in "William Cooper's Town" was misguided, you are quite on point when requesting that Rockwell Church come play at Club Passim. I echo your sentiment that they have been away from Boston for far to long.

Edmund S. Morgan

  posted by Professor Edmund S. Morgan on December 16 2005 - New Haven, CT

Susan O. thinks that you should come play a concert in Boston. Please come soon.

  posted by Baying with the Wolves in Boston on December 12 2005 - Quincy, MA

I haven't seen you guys since the colonial past. Please come play at Club Passim in Boston.


Professor Taylor

  posted by Alan Taylor on December 12 2005 - Davis, CA

Joti and Nathan,

please come play in boston...you know it will be fun

  posted by Bryan on December 10 2005 - also from abington, ma

Joti and Nathan,

Please come play in Boston. We love you. Thanks very much.

  posted by Joline on December 8 2005 - Abington, MA

Come on. Please come to Club Passim?

  posted by She Hung the Moon in Cabridge on December 8 2005 - Cambridge, MA

please come to club passim thanks.

  posted by Rebecca on December 7 2005 - Abington, MA


  posted by Anna Bell on December 6 2005 - Boston, MA


  posted by tuck on December 6 2005 - brooklyn, ny

boston! boston! boston! boston!

  posted by Anna on December 5 2005 - Boston, MA

Passim! Passim! Passim! Passim! Passim!

  posted by Susan on December 5 2005 - Cambridge, MA

We're RC deprived up here!!!!

  posted by Jay on November 28 2005 - Cambridge, MA

Boston, Boston, Boston!!!!!

  posted by Katelyn on November 28 2005 - Boston, MA

Nathan and Joti - come to Boston!!!!

  posted by Bessie on November 28 2005 - Boston, MA

Yeah, this Christian Music promotion on your posting pages is getting a little bit much, which would clearly be helped by your coming and playing in Boston. So I'm definitely with Sarah on that one. Boston is awaiting your return!!!!

  posted by Jeremy on November 15 2005 - Boston, MA

Though I'm not a Christian fundamentalist, I desperately want you to come play in Boston. You guys are great. Please, please, please come back to Passim!

  posted by Sarah on November 12 2005 - Cambridge, MA

When is your next show in NY

  posted by Diane and Shamus on November 5 2005 - Pearl River, NY

I seem to be echoing the sentiments of many fans when I say, "When are you coming back to Boston?!?" I have seen you guys live at Club Passim several times and you put on a GREAT show! :) Please come back...Boston misses you!!

  posted by Lauren on November 4 2005 - Boston, MA

Still hoping you guys will make it further south. I was ready to drive the 10 hours to VA but friend had other plans. Seeing RC live would definately make me wiggle. :-)

Keep up the excellence.


  posted by Andy on November 4 2005 - Atlanta, GA

Boston!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come!!!!!!!!!!
To.............. Boston!!!!!!!!!!!

  posted by Jeremy on November 3 2005 - Boston, MA

Terrific shows at the Saturday Club (I was the guy talking to Joti about Spinal Tap afterwards). The two shows could hardly be more different but the combination was perfect. Thanks!

  posted by Matt on October 29 2005 - Philadelphia, PA

I've been trying to see you guys for years and I finally got to in good old Wayne. It was worth the wait. You guys were absolutely amazing and now a lot of your songs I didn't really know have become my favorites. By the way, you guys were hilarious and that really added to the enjoyment. I can't wait to hear some new songs and see you guys again. Keep it up

  posted by Patrick on October 28 2005 - Yardley, PA

I have no idea why 88.5 WXPN will not play your songs. Have they ever given you a reason?

  posted by Jim on October 26 2005 - Bryn Mawr, PA

Joti and Nathan,

Looks like Jeremy beat me to the punch but I wanted to reiterate his sentiments. Thanks for the fantastic show last night. It was well worth the drive down to see you. Please come up to Passim soon!

  posted by Jonas on October 23 2005 - Providence, RI

Nathan and Joti - It was a pleasure on Saturday night to see you guys... It had been too long. We got our asses all the way up from Boston to see you and it was definitely worth it as always. Can't wait to see you guys again whenever you make it to Cambridge. Thanks for another sweet evening of great music, Jeremy, Jonas, Suv and Erika

  posted by Jeremy on October 23 2005 - Boston, MA

Definitely a great show!

And Todd Martin rocked!

By the way, is there anyone named Wayne around???

Wait, before I finish, I'd better look down and see if there are any young kids around...usually we get a note backstage that tells us hey, there are little kids here...


  posted by Steve P on October 22 2005 - Broomall, PA

"It's after midnight... Here comes santa claus, here comes santa clause"

"Did you say moron?"

"Do you think your stomach could digest your own toes"

oh man, thanks guys for a great night, great music, and great laughs. I'll go to Wayne for you guys any day!

  posted by Sarah on October 22 2005 - Havertown, PA

There's a good chance I am going to drive 12 hours to see you in DC on the weekend before a midterm, ruining my college career and life in the process. All this because you wont play in Boston. Show some compassion, please.

  posted by Jonas on October 21 2005 - Providence, RI

Boston, Boston, Boston???????????????

  posted by Jeremy on October 19 2005 - Boston, MA

Please come play in Ann Arbor, MI. I saw you guys in Chicago several years ago and I would love to see another show!

  posted by Marla on October 12 2005 - Ann Arbor, MI

yo nathan its drew, heather keare's son sayin you guys shud come to boston sometime

  posted by drew on October 11 2005 - wellesley, ma

I'm adding my vote for a Boston show - soon! Can't wait to see you guys on stage again... the CDs, while a good substitute, are just not the same. In the meantime, I hope you're both well.

  posted by Becca on October 11 2005 - Cambridge, MA

i love everything rockwell church

  posted by Tuck on October 11 2005 - brooklyn, ny

California eagerly awaits your arrival-Don't forget about the West Coast...

  posted by Fan on October 10 2005

Nathan and joti - how about a little love for the Beantown women? eh, eh?

  posted by Taylor on October 10 2005 - Boston, MA

Nathan, where is the love?? Phili and DC - forgetting about Beantown!!! come on!!!!!

  posted by Jess on October 6 2005 - Boston, MA

When did September turn into this?

  posted by ThaFonz on October 4 2005 - Houston, TX

boston dates guys, come on, come on!!!!! it's been forever since you've played in beantown!!!!!

  posted by Lindsay on October 4 2005 - Cambridge, MA

When are you guys heading back to chicago?

  posted by Molly on October 3 2005 - Chicago, IL

no love for boston nathan? come on!!!!

  posted by Ryan on September 30 2005 - Cambridge, MA

come to boston nathan!!!!

  posted by Bessie on September 30 2005 - Boston, MA

I, Tha Fonz, NEEEED you down here in H-Town. Doesn't that sound good? Do it for me and for Noey. I have a feeling it's going to be a heavy October.....

  posted by ThaFonz on September 29 2005 - Houston, TX

Boston, Boston, Boston!!!!!w

  posted by Amy on September 28 2005 - Boston, MA

Don't you think we need to see the church as the people instead of the denomination or the building. The house church movement is doing this.
I have a site at therealchurch dot com.

  posted by Andrew Zoppelt on September 24 2005 - ft lauderdale, fl

Boston, Boston, Boston? Nathan baby, when are you and joti coming out to play for us at Passim???

  posted by Sadie on September 20 2005 - Cambridge, MA

Nathan, what about Boston!!!!!??? We feel left out!!!!!

  posted by Allie on September 20 2005 - Boston, MA

They're playing PHILLY!!!! I just receieved an email minutes ago from "The Point", formerly of Bryn Mawr now about to open a new venue in Wayne, PA. Details on the October 21st show don't seem to be up on their site yet but here's an excerpt from the email:


As many of you know, while we search for a new, permanent location, we are
looking for places we can present shows in the interim. Well we believe we've got a great one!! Please join Point Entertainment for the first of our
concerts presented at the newly renovated SATURDAY CLUB in WAYNE, PA. This
intimate venue continues the tradition of THE POINT, with our friends ROCKWELL
CHURCH. All the show info is listed below in our show listings.

Just Added ~
A duo whose incredible talent for songwriting is uniquely complemented by
their musicianship and stage presence.
Tickets $12 in adv / $15 at the door

or charge by phone 866-468-7619
The Saturday Club
117 W. Wayne Ave.
Wayne PA
info contact:
Point Entertainment


  posted by Steve P on September 17 2005 - Philly, PA

Some time ago I saw a rockwell church sign out here in SF, though sadly it was for the night before I happened to be in the bar. Any chance you guys coming out again?
bill stern(hc 96)

  posted by scruffy on September 17 2005 - san francisco, ca

Hey guys,

Any chance you'll come back to Winston this fall? Our Chili's is still open. ;)

  posted by Tom on September 16 2005 - Winston-Salem, NC

Nathan...we're still waiting on Club Passim

  posted by Jeremy on September 16 2005 - Boston, MA


  posted by Jennie on September 16 2005 - Boston

Swear it's me. We are playing Jammin' Java, I promise. Just as it is posted here. We are also going to play a little place outside Philly (um, Wayne, actually, wherever the heck that is) on the 21st. We're working it out with the old Point people now. Look for an announcement in the next couple weeks. Joti is in Greece until the 25th so the website might not be updated, but I will post here when tix are available. Don't ask me what he's doing in Greece. Look forward to seeing all of you. Bring your friends.


  posted by Nathan on September 13 2005

Looks like I should apologize for my skepticism, as the next show column has been updated along with the JJ site. Well done, fellas...looking forward to it.

  posted by Guestbook Sleuth on September 5 2005

what's going on? why aren't you playing on the west coast? how about san diego?

  posted by jeni on September 1 2005 - san diego, ca

Be blessed with a life of self contentment and constructive thoughts.
In this way you will remain mentally and physically healthy.

  posted by Reverend Edwin Goldberg on August 27 2005 - New York City - Lincoln Center, NY

yeah i saw that. AD knows his info but this is weird. i feel like they arent playing. tear running down cheek.

  posted by tuck on August 21 2005 - nantucket, ma

the jammin java site says that there's a girl playing on oct 22 rather than rc. anyone know what the deal is?

  posted by Brian on August 20 2005 - DC

it is indeed unfortunate that the spring dates didn't work out. i think the closing of the point threw them off guard. It was a venue that was paramount in supporting RC for a long time and was often the cornerstone of their trips up or down the east coast.

but that's no reason to fret (get it?), the oct 22nd date is real and if it changes or doesn't work out they'll let us know.

  posted by ad on August 15 2005 - glen burnie, md

I think we oughta be a little skeptical about the latest bit of info from "Nathan"--especially since JJ makes no mention of RC on Oct 22. (And since none of those spring shows panned out either.) I'm sure if the guys have something in the works they'll make an official announcement.

  posted by Guestbook Sleuth on August 15 2005

Philly will be waiting...except perhaps for Oct. 22, when Philly may be in DC...

  posted by Matt on August 13 2005 - Philadelphia, PA

Recently purchased "Inches from the Ground' and love it! I so enjoy your music...keep up the good work and don't forget about the west coast!

  posted by A Fan in CA on August 10 2005

Nathan - you're the man. we'll see you DC on the 22nd. - and we'll be waiting for Boston. Tuck and J - it's on. Cannot wait....

  posted by Jeremy on August 9 2005 - Boston

**dance of excitement**

  posted by Kaitl on August 7 2005 - Doylestown, PA

hey- just wanted to say thanks so much for your music, i've been listening for several years now and love all of it. from a fellow battlin baron.

  posted by Catherine on August 6 2005 - chevy chase, md

thank you thank you thank you

  posted by Natalie on August 6 2005 - Herndon, VA

incredible, booking my flight now, justin and jeremy, its on

  posted by tuck on August 5 2005 - you know where, earth

Jammin Java in DC is confirmed for October 22nd at 9:30. We'll post it soon. We're working on Philadelphia, and Boston. Trying to make Chicago happen too.

  posted by Nathan on August 5 2005

Don't forget us in the midwest. How about another show at Schubas...or anywhere out here!

  posted by Clio on August 3 2005 - Chicago, IL

Anywhere on the East Coast - you play, we'll be there! Missing you guys!

  posted by Debbie on August 2 2005 - Edgemont, PA

Joti and Nathan,
Your music is clearly touching because look at the people who want to see, and hear, your talent. I understand that you're both busy, however, you have a following that can't be denied. Please come back to us; we miss your voices and musical genius! Either New York, or Boston (go sox!) or Virginia, anywhere, we just want to hear from you. Thanks!

  posted by A Fan from New York on July 29 2005 - New York, NY

It's been so long since we've seen actual dates in that "shows" link...
will we see a Boston Club Passim date soon??? this is the question...joti, nathan, any thoughts??

  posted by Sophie on July 27 2005 - Boston, MA

The Point is closed and RC haven't rocked out a gig in what feels like years. I weep.

  posted by Bruiser on July 16 2005 - The Main Line

i think hemophilia would sounds sweet w/ some very dynamic drums... slowly building and eventually going crazy at the end. i wonder what nathan and joti's 'studio vision' for the song is...

i wish you'd bring back 'that dress'. it's so damn poppy that i can't get it out of my head. nah nahnahnah nahnah nahnah...

orioles rule

  posted by ad on July 15 2005 - glen burnie, md

every message on this board has been in some way,shape or form about seeing rockwell church. keep your antics to yourself, jeremy and justin are the biggest fans out there, besides me of course. club passim in boston all the way boys.

  posted by tuck on July 15 2005 - nantucket / boston, ma

Joti/Nathan -- When Jordan came back to basketball, the Bulls won three straight championships. Come back and be champions.

Jeremy/Justin -- This is a public message board; not a place to carry out your private discussions. Clearly you have a bad hold on just what is and is not appropriate for the internet.

  posted by Jonas on July 14 2005 - Providence, RI

Tuck - you're the man. Joti - Nathan - come to Boston - we're all waiting. Justin - we'll join you at the Bitter End if they make it there too. It's a deal.

  posted by Jeremy on July 13 2005 - Boston, MA

I am sorry for what i said in my last post. I will be forever in your debt for being my friend. You are such a good person. I will come back to Boston to watch the guys play because the Bitter End is surely not as good as Passim. See you in Boston!!!!

  posted by Justin on July 13 2005 - New York, NY


I am red sox fan too. And I also wanted to remind you that I am better than you at everything we do.

Again, N/J, come to NY. Nice..


  posted by Justin on July 13 2005 - New York, NY

the bitter end can't compare to passim. the red sox my man, that is what we have goin for us. as i recall joti and nathan are red sox fans!

  posted by tuck on July 12 2005 - boston / nantucket, ma

Nathan/Joti -

Jesus, if I were you guys, Id bring FBI agents to my next boston show for protection... (tuck and jeremy are a bit crazy...). Anyways, come to the bitter end, so we can listen your music, maybe eat some chicken, drink some beers, who knows.

Any new songs by the way? Hemophilia is the last masterpiece I heard - please do it in the studio acoustic minus the pop/rock drum beats...I've worked with Matt Johnson-- doesn't need drums.


  posted by Justin on July 11 2005 - New York, NY

ya i second that tuck. nathan and joti - we're all waiting!!!...get 'er done boys...

  posted by Jeremy on July 10 2005 - Boston, MA

you guys got nothin on boston! lets go fellas, pony up and book a show!!!!!!!

  posted by tuck on July 9 2005 - boston / nantucket, ma

I guess a New Orleans show is too much to ask for...

  posted by Mike on July 7 2005 - New Orleans, LA

when are you coming to the point? it is closing in the next year - hurry hurry hurry!

  posted by claudia on July 7 2005 - bryn mawr, pa

Hey Guys,
Not to be annoying, but if you could schedule the dates soon as some of us are trying to make our summer plans around your shows that would be great :)

  posted by Lauren on July 6 2005

just wanted to throw in my 2 cents and say that I'm also eagerly awaiting a Boston show - hopefully soon. We miss you guys!

  posted by Amy on July 5 2005 - Boston, MA

Nathan and Joti - just so you know we're all checking every couple of days for a show date in Boston and New York!!!! "The way you linger when you leave the room..." We'll keep spreading the music and hoping you'll post a show soon. Be good - we'll see you soon!!!!

  posted by Bessie on July 1 2005 - Boston, MA

well its been about a week. nantucket is incredible. if i really could have it my way you guys would come out here. you could easily book a show for sure at the chicken box or the muse. anyways, i liked ali's reference to one of the greatest songs of all time, awesome quote. keep the boston posts comin, i love the fanbase! spread the good music people! peace out

  posted by tuck on June 30 2005 - nantucket / boston, ma

"Well I know you just string me along, but pardon my pretending, cause I'm holding out for something wrong." Nathan and Joti - Come to Boston/Cambridge, enough said!!!!

  posted by Ali on June 29 2005 - Cambridge, MA

You should def. look into playing in Bryn Mawr sometime this summer! I would love to hear you guys live. My friend turned me on to RC and would love to see you perform. So come to Pennsy!

  posted by Robin on June 27 2005 - Philadelphia, PA

Let me introduce you to someone you already know...Tuck. Tuck is the greatest person you'll ever meet--best taste in music, which is probably obvious seeing as how he introduced me to Rockwell Church!! I'm a FL girl, but go to school in DC. Seeing as how we already have some hopes for a Rockwell show in Boston, I won't feel so selfish adding on my wish--Going with my long lost Tuck to see Rockwell in Boston!!! COME TO BOSTON, BOYS!! oh, how sweet it would be...

  posted by Trix on June 24 2005 - Washington, DC

yes boston, keep them coming!!!!!!!

  posted by tuck on June 22 2005 - nantucket / boston, ma

well if you dont come to new hampshire, which i think you never have, boston it is. anything new in the studio guys? or if anyone knows if they have. thanks. bye all

  posted by tom on June 19 2005 - dover, nh

I may as well jump on the band wagon and try to get you guys to come to Boston. I am in dire need of your music at Passim, it has been way too long. Fellow Bostonian's, I feel as if I know you guys. Joti and Nathan, we need you! Please come around, it will mean the world to us. Bye guys!!!

  posted by Rose on June 17 2005 - Boston, MA

So psyched to see you (Nathan) are going to get on top of booking a date in Boston - (hopefully Passim in Cambridge!!!) - can't wait to see you guys!!!!

  posted by Katie on June 17 2005 - Boston, MA

We NEED you guys here this summer Nathan!!!! We want two evening shows - 1 at 8 and 1 at 10:15. And yes a lot of us will be at both, so u need enough new jokes for both shows. (: Can't wait to see you guys.

  posted by Lindsay on June 17 2005 - Boston

hey im boston, im from boston, and would love to hear RC play in boston. maybe they could cover some boston in boston. boston!

  posted by boston on June 16 2005 - boston, ma

ok guys i've been waiting ..... and STILL no dates up for PA :o( *sigh* I suppose I could wait a little longer but i'd love to hear some live RC <3 you guys!

  posted by Brittiny on June 16 2005 - PA

Totally!! The Red Devil Lounge is waiting for you guys to come back!!!

  posted by Jen on June 13 2005 - Bay Area, CA

Come back to the West Coast!! LA/San Fran... please, please, please, please, please- I am BEGGING you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  posted by Tanya on June 13 2005 - San Fran, CA

woooo hoooooo. its about (insert F bomb here ) time!!!!!!!!!!

  posted by tuck on June 13 2005 - nantucket, ma

Sounds like we'd better look at Boston too. We'll do that...

  posted by Nathan on June 13 2005

We need a show this summer from you guys!!! There's nothing like you around and we're in some serious need of some Boston love from Nathan and Joti!!!!

  posted by Sadie on June 13 2005 - Boston

jeremy, i like your style.

  posted by tuck on June 11 2005 - nantucket, ma

Nathan, we need you guys in Cambridge. Cambridge, Cambridge, Cambridge, Cambridge. Get er' done and get out here!! We're dying to hear some old and new stuff!!!! I saw no talk of a New England show!!!! We need some RC love. It's been a year since you guys were out here!!! Last summer!!!!!

  posted by jeremy on June 9 2005 - boston

If you're looking for a venue in Philly, you might check out this coffeehouse on Fairmount - Mugshots. I did their logo and sign for them, and they're doing really well, getting awards for best coffeehouse in Philly, etc. They totally renovated the space, and it sounds like a great little spot. Not sure what their deal is for gigs, but they do have music there every week - or so I hear - I'm still 3000 miles away in Oregon.

Jill and Angie run/own the place. Their website is here:
www . mugshotscoffeehouse . com

- Derek

  posted by Derek on June 7 2005 - Portland, OR

Remember Jammin Java! the folks in Vienna love you guys<3

  posted by Natalie on June 6 2005 - Herndon, VA

How about another one of those fun West Coast shows? San Fran/Pomona/L.A./San Diego...heck even Vegas ;-)

  posted by Ryan on June 6 2005 - Los Angeles, CA

boston......boston........boston, please? red sox, boston. do you get the point yet? boston! -tuck

  posted by tuck on June 6 2005 - nantucket

Yes, much to our chagrin the Point is going to move, which means it is out of commission for the summer. A couple of things on the table: 1) DC show, 2) Pfor you Philly people, possibly renting a theater at Bryn Mawr in the fall and doing a show.

  posted by Nathan on June 6 2005

You could have a whole cd with the first 3 tracks alone. Chemical is ridiculous (awesome) lyrically. I'm always impressed. My old favorites are Stay the Same and She Hung the Moon. Rock on!

  posted by Kat on May 31 2005 - Syracuse, NY

tuck: same one alright

  posted by jeni on May 26 2005 - san diego, ca

Nice one, but i think you should focus on improving a little bit and putting new content. Ohterwise i always encourage such ideas.

  posted by Richard OKeefe on May 23 2005 - New York, NY

Just got an e-mail from the Point saying that it is closing! What impact does this have on your show this summer?? I love the Point, really sucks to see it go.

  posted by Chuck on May 22 2005 - Radnor, PA

OOh, how exciting :) Come to NY too !! :)

  posted by Penny on May 18 2005 - New York, NY

Hi everyone...we are scheduling a summer Point date as I type, check back here over the next week or so for an update...see you soon.

  posted by Nathan on May 17 2005

Hey guys!
I'm trying to plan my summer-- when will you be at The Point??? or in Boston? or somewhere on the East Coast that I can get to?
Maybe even CA-- I'll be there this summer briefly.

Let us know! We're all dying to see you!

  posted by Kaitl on May 16 2005 - Doylestown, PA

chile is so cool, random cuz i am in a house with 4 people from chile right now. anyways, guys come to boston san diego is too far away. is this the jeni that i went with to the show in boston? rc is the best

  posted by tuck on May 15 2005 - nantucket, ma

I just received "Through the Fall" from Amazon and loved it! I can't wait to get your other stuff.

  posted by Justin on May 14 2005 - Peterborough, United Kingdom

hey! joti, you probably dont remember me, but i went to rocky ridge last summer. well, i happen to be in chile right now for six months, and im listening to you guys right now, so i thought id take a look at this site again since its been awhile! rc is definitely a hit in chile! everybody wants to hear more, but i only have one of your cds! anyways, chao.

-jean falconer

  posted by Jeeeeean! on May 13 2005 - Antofagasta, Chile

Don't think you guys are ever coming back.

  posted by Mark on May 12 2005 - Monson, MA

any word on coming to san diego soon?

  posted by jeni on May 7 2005 - san diego, ca

I also check this website all the time to see when you'll be back at the Point!
I just had to write because I'm sitting here listening to Rockwell Church on my ipod and hoping for a show soon...

  posted by Sarah on May 3 2005 - Philadelphia, PA

I check your website virtually everyday in hopes there will be show dates up. Please come to The Point in PA SOON. Im having Rockwell Church withdrawel, and my friend is a newly made fan who hasnt heard you guys live yet!

  posted by Sarah on April 30 2005 - Havertown, PA

this is a great site.

  posted by Lisa on April 28 2005 - http://www.yellerrc.com/, hi

this is a great site.

  posted by Lisa on April 28 2005 - www.yellerrc.com, hi

Please come back, guys. We need you out here!

  posted by Jonas on April 26 2005 - Providence, RI

where are you guys?? we need some new stuff and some show dates in ny and cambridge???!!!! we're going through withdrawal out here!!!!!

  posted by jeremy on April 25 2005 - boston

can it really be 10 years of enjoying you guys rocking out? good christ we're old! on that note, how's about coming back to the city and playing somewhere I can walk to instead of ye olde burbs, hmmm?

hope you're well,

  posted by nicole on April 19 2005 - dc

hey fellas...how did that weekend in the woods turn out? keepin' an eye out for those upcoming shows...we miss ya...

  posted by BC on April 18 2005 - Phila., PA

The Red Devil Lounge is calling you. Just trust me on this one.

  posted by Jennifer on April 16 2005 - Oakland, CA

50 cent is so hot right now, i want a remix next time you boys come to cambridge

  posted by tuck on April 15 2005 - boston, ma

Hey guys! I saw your show at Jammin Java in Vienna, VA in October. It was amazing. I can't wait until you come back. I tried to get "Better Days" on Z104.1 through their MP3J program but unfortunetly, the radio station chose another song. Anyway, hope to see you guys in VA soon!


  posted by Natalie C. on April 11 2005 - Herndon, VA

You guys need to hit up Columbus sometime soon...we love you here :)

  posted by Liz B on April 11 2005 - Columbus, OH

Hey Guys,
I saw you in Stevens Point, Wisconsin in 1998 and have followed your music ever since. Breathtaking songwriting and lyrics album after album. Hope you make it to Colorado Springs, CO, sometime, definately would love to see you out here!! Let me know if you need some assistance with booking some shows at some venues! Keep doing what your doing!

  posted by Amy Schroeder on April 2 2005 - Colorado Springs, CO

Hey Strangers! Greetings from Nashville! Sure do miss you guys. Looks like all is going well. Take care and gimme a shout.
-Your old Booking Agent...

  posted by Shalene France on March 31 2005 - Nashville, TN

Wouldn't it be f--ked up if Rockwell Church was around for 10 years. That would be nuts, that would mean we're all like old people and stuff.

  posted by Flailey on March 31 2005 - gotham, NYC

what is up people, i am making my rounds on the internet now and of course decided to check up on the guestbook here. that is awesome about the woods nathan, hope you guys had some fun. go red sox and down with Dubya. peace out from the jungle

  posted by tuck on March 25 2005 - costa rica

Hey everyone!!! how are you guys... please give me a visit. www dot shadrack dot ws
thanks so much
(recording studios)

  posted by Danny B on March 24 2005 - ATL, GA


  posted by Brianne on March 18 2005 - San Francisco, CA

Hey guys! Come to Canada! I found a great place for you to play (Hugh's Room--they have a website) and i promise to promote your show!! :-)

Thanks for all the wonderful music.

  posted by Lindsay on March 16 2005 - Toronto, Ontario

I agree and say that you should come do an east coast tour. That would be real cool. I still havent has an oppurtunity to hear you guys live.

  posted by Adam on March 14 2005 - new paltz, ny

Hi everyone - thanks so much for your e-mails and postings...I know we have been quiet for a while but I promise we'll resurface soon. Joti and I are going off into the woods this weekend with our guitars. I just have wanted to write a bunch more stuff so we can play it next time we see you all. Stay tuned here, we'll keep you posted. Please make sure we have your most current e-mail address (you can join the mailing list on the homepage).

  posted by Nathan on March 14 2005

Where are you guys??? Come back!

  posted by Ryan on March 11 2005 - Salt Lake, UT

Got to see you in Oct '04 at Jammin Java, thanks for the great show. Come on back to Northern VA soon, we'll be sure to bring a crowd or new fans for you guys.

By the way, I saw you guys in probably 2000-ish when you played Charlottesville, VA. You totally watched a hockey game the whole time you were playing (Redwings/Avalanche I think), any recordings of that one laying around?

  posted by Matt on March 10 2005 - Reston, VA

Hi there Nathan and Joti - I've been hooked since early '99 when I came across your music on Napster (Don't worry, I own nearly all of your cds now!) I bounce back and forth between DC and Philly, so I'm looking forward to seeing you in both locations. My last attempt to see you at the Point was foiled when my car ceased working on the way to the show! I guess my car just didn't understand great music!

  posted by Greg on March 8 2005 - Washington, DC and Philadelphia, PA

Hey Joti - This is Cody from Oklahoma... I'll be in New York the middle of May so you guys should play a show there around then. Hope you guys are doing great!

  posted by Cody Blake on March 6 2005 - Norman, OK

Hey ya'll...you guys really need to come back to Northern Virginia! We're missing ya over here. I loved your concert at Jammin Java last March and I'm waiting for another show. Hope you guys are coming back soon :)

  posted by Heather on March 6 2005 - Springfield, VA

im in prague, but i still checked your site to see if you had announced any shows for when i'm back in the states. you haven't. what's up dudes?! rockwell fans everywhere (and i mean everywhere) miss you like crazy. please come back to us!

  posted by suzanne on March 4 2005 - prague, cz

joti and nathan - we need you guys to come and play on the east coast!!!!! it's been almost a year!!! we're deprived of your music!
any word on a new album???

  posted by j on March 2 2005 - Boston, MA

How lovely is to surf the net and find sites such as this one!
God bless you all

father Fritz

  posted by Father Fritz on February 13 2005 - Berlin, GE

Nathan and Joti- Thank you for inspiring me with your music, your sincerity, your connection to something undefinable and magical, so human and so ethereal at once. As a fellow musician, it's easy to get bummed out at the state of the music industry, at the toughness of the business, but no matter what, the fact that people like you are making music and putting it out there for others helps to keep the rest of us going. Please keep making music forever, and please come to Texas to share it live! I found you so serendipitously that I can only say that you are exactly what I need to hear right now. When the student is ready.....thank you so much!

  posted by Jessica Z on February 11 2005 - Houston, TX

I first saw y'all at a kick ass show in Northern VA and I've been listening to you guys for over 5 years now and am still loving it! My one request is that you make your way out to San Diego... your sounds would be a welcomed reprive from the cookie-cutter bands that have overwhelmed the west coast! Can't wait to hear you again...

  posted by Malena on February 3 2005 - San Diego, CA

hey guys, i can't tell you how much your music makes my heart smile! i just love your CD and can't get enough. i have yet to see a concert from you guys, but i can't wait until i get the opprotunity to! come to cleveland!!

  posted by Erin on February 3 2005 - Avon Lake, OH


I think you guys are fantastic! Nora Edie is one of closest friends, and she's the gal who introduced me to your music two years ago when we were on tour together. come play in NYC sometime soon. Until then, in the great words of Jack Black, "rock on."

  posted by Liza Jane on January 31 2005 - New York, NY

I second that emotion! Rockwell Church=Amazing. Lyrics, acoustics..the simplicity of it all.

Hoping you guys will make it a little further south.

  posted by Andy on January 30 2005 - Atlanta, GA

i land o

  posted by mungman guyman on January 29 2005 - beverly, massachuets

There will be a big book and author fest at Kokos Coffeehouse, 113 S. Broadway, New Philadelphia, Ohio on March 26, 2005 at 11am to 6 pm./ Several Christian authors including Brenda Nixon, April Boyer, Dann Fogg, Lisa Halye, Lynn hartz and more. Pray for the event.

  posted by Joey OPeres on January 28 2005 - Dover, Ohio

A friend from FL introduced me to RC about 2 months ago, and I haven't been able to stop listening. The accoustics are beautiful, and the lyrics are strong. Love the music, definitely. I've gotten my friends hooked too. Rock on guys :)

  posted by Melissa Carstens on January 27 2005 - Cedar Falls, IA

Right on! I've got contacts here in Winston-Salem if you'd like to make a little stop in NC...

  posted by Erich Grant on January 27 2005 - Winston-Salem, NC

alright Joti! that's what we like to hear...

  posted by Bobby on January 25 2005 - Philadelphia, PA

Greetings and apologies for not having gigged in a while- Nathan and I are going through RC withdrawal too! We're really eager to get back out and play some more shows, so we're currently working up a spring schedule. We'll post it once we get our gigs confirmed. Hope to see you soon...

  posted by Joti Rockwell on January 23 2005 - Chicago, IL

A friend of mine got me hooked on ya. It's a small world that you played with Pat Mcgee Band, I might have heard you way back when.

Are you guys coming to FL anytime soon?

  posted by Tim on January 22 2005 - Miami, FL

Hey, I first heard you guys about three years agon on a Pat Mcgee band bootleg I had. You guys were the last four songs on it. I think you had played a show during a snow storm. I lost the tape anyway. I was glad to find your website. You guy should head to Boston. Lots and Lots of Colleges and Clubs to play. Take care thanks for the great music

  posted by Frank on January 21 2005 - Framingham, Ma

And away ya suck it...

  posted by Joseph on January 18 2005 - aberdash, ms

So... It's been forever and I'm going through RC withdrawal.. where are you guys?
Come back, I'll bring the cupcakes :)

  posted by Penny on January 17 2005 - New York, NY

Hello...Come play in S. Cali...

  posted by A on January 14 2005 - CA

yo showing people in central america the power of rockwell church, anyways , just wanted to be the first one of 2005 to sign the book, i rule, peace

  posted by tuck on January 3 2005 - costa rica

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