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Rockwell Church!
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Welcome to our guestbook!

If you'd like to leave a comment for Nathan and Joti, this is the place. They've been known to occasionally stop by and post some comments too. Thanks for visiting the site, we hope you come back soon!

Sign Our Guestbook
if you two don't play at the point before january 11th i will cry. please don't make me cry. thank you :O)

  posted by Suzandsay on December 17 2004 - philly, pa

My friend Stephen Myers introduced me to your music, and I first saw you live at the Red Devil Lounge in SF. I have to say, you're the kind of band I miss when I'm listening to another cd.

I've been out of the loop lately, but I hope you'll make your way back to the Bay Area soon. I look forward to seeing you live again...


  posted by Jennifer on November 17 2004 - Oakland, CA

It's been a heavy october...
It's been a hard fall...

  posted by Diller Emmanuel Spirit on November 3 2004 - Boulder, CO

Once again I witness the talent of RC, Oct 30th was no exception. I come back to The Point, this now 4 years, with tickets to both shows, of course. And I wonder if it'll be the same songs, the same show, if I'll ever feel like it's what I've heard before. As I watch, I smile in amazement; why would I have ever thought it would be anything less than better than before. It's what they always are. It's sheer enjoyment to watch, music and songwriting at its finest, playful interludes, unbelievable solos, great presence, and always a little humor. Here's to your first gig 10 year anniversary; here's to 10 years more. I'll be there!

  posted by Megan on November 1 2004 - PA

Good to go bravo,best wishes on all your endeavors.Handsome site i like your content .
"Measure wealth not by the things you have, but by the things you have for which you would not take money".Cheers,Danny Haszard Bangor Maine USA

  posted by Danny Haszard on October 28 2004 - Bangor, Maine

Hey guys. I've been a big fan for a while and I know you guys could put on a great show here at Cornell University. I have been trying to get in touch with your tour manager to set up the event, but have been unsuccessful. Please tell me who to contact. You'd love the audience here and itd be excellent exposure.

  posted by Manoj Lamba on October 21 2004 - Ithaca, NY

Man; you guys rock. Come to Harrisonburg and wake this sleeping city up.

  posted by Heremiah Prophett on October 13 2004 - Harrisonburg, Va.

I definitely think you should come to Boston soon. I want to see you guys live so badly!!!! Hurry up and get here!!!

  posted by Ali on October 1 2004 - Boston, MA

come back to cambridge/boston soon RC!!!!! we need a nice dose of your music in these parts. have a good one

  posted by susan on September 20 2004 - boston, ma

My friend Jean had Joti at band camp and told me about you guys. Warm Up the Gong is awesome. Good luck with the music.

  posted by Erica Czech on September 17 2004 - Anchorage, AK

hi guys - just bought 'through the fall' again because my old roommate 'borrowed' it and i haven't seen it since.. you guys ever think of putting your music on I-tunes? I notices you weren't listed... hope you're all doing well!

  posted by carolyn on September 17 2004 - brooklyn, ny

It was back in 1996 that I first learned of RC from a friend of mine who attended Haverford College at the time. She gave me a copy of "Inches from the Ground", and I listened to it constantly throughout my entire sophomore year of college. Listening to it now still brings me back. Now it's 8 years later, and you guys still don't fail to impress. Your music is an inspiration, as is your friendship. Keep it coming, guys.

  posted by Tracy on September 11 2004 - Pittsburgh, PA

joti, you are the greatest guy i know, i am one of your students. everyone who reads this, joti rockwell is a great person

  posted by ivan on September 1 2004 - chicago, IL

Joti, you may have noticed a void at The Point that used to be filled with some guy yelling "FALL GUY THEME!". Well I moved to Florida...and I know you guys don't play down here, but why not? The Tampa Bay would accept you guys without a doubt. So just like everyone else who wonders why you don't go to their towns, at least I've tasted all that The Point can be when you two pack in the crowd for a double-shot of Utah alien jokes & firetrucks. So perhaps we'll meet again if you get back into the rhythm of Christmas shows in Bryn Mawr (I wanna win me some antlers). Thanks for the music and the many years of entertainment!

  posted by Brad Miller on August 30 2004 - St. Petersburg, FL

Hey Joti,
I noticed that Warm up the gong is not available to buy on-line. I would really like all 5 of your CD's. If you could e-mail me (Andello87, it's a hotmail address) to let me know how to go about getting it. Plus I would also like to know how to get some Rockwell Church stickers.

It's all about the Hobo Dog!

  posted by Andrew A. \"Ambassador\" on August 7 2004 - Tucson, AZ

Just wanted to say thanks for giving me a reason to still think it's cool to center my music around the acoustic guitar. I've been in a drought lately trying to write songs, but your style gave me inspiration to keep on working at it. "Isn't She Everything" is one of the best acoustic songs I've heard in a long time. Thanks again.

  posted by Ryan M. on August 5 2004 - Ashtabula, OH

I've liked you guys for years...since I lived in DC and love to play your music when I'm with friends here and listen to them say..."Cool Jess....Who the hell is that...?"

Please add me to a mailing list for shows and such...would love to take my wife to see you!!


  posted by Jess Shows on August 4 2004 - Crystal River, FL

Hi! I just wanted to say thanks for the best birthday ever! I saw RC at the Point on the 24th - it was great! Thanks guys!

  posted by Kate Smith on July 26 2004 - Philadelphia, PA

John from NYC: I saw RC (twice)last night at the Point in Bryn Mawr. In terms of atmosphere I love it there. It's a chill coffee shop that boasts a very intimate performace space. They have been playing here for 5 years and I would TOTALLY suggest seeing them away from the noisy NY venue.

  posted by Judy on July 25 2004 - Philadelphia, Pa

Joti! Where is 'Warm up the Gong' :P
I want that CD, why can't I order it ;)

You were an awsome theory teacher, I actually learned stuff from that class, you should definatley come back to RRMC next year.

  posted by Andrew S. on July 23 2004 - Boulder, Co

guys if you havent done so yet, you must go to rockwellchurch.org and download "madly". and i have a question for micah. are you originally from ithaca? come to cambridge again fellas. peace

  posted by tuck on July 22 2004 - nantucket, ma


Has anyone seen a Rockwell Church concert at the Point in Bryn Mawr,PA?
If so, what's the atmosphere like?
I'm sick and tired of seeing them play at the incredibly noisy Bitter End in NYC and was thinking about making a little roadtrip down to Bryn Mawr,PA for the Point show. I was just wondering if the Point was more a listener friendly. If somebody could get back to me, that'd be great. superkeen69@hotmailDOTcom

  posted by John Murphy on July 22 2004 - New York, NY

JOTI!! I'm so excited - i finally get to buy your CD! I hope you come back to teach theory next year; you were the coolest teacher there. I also hope that you go far with this band, because you guys are awesome! Have a good year if I don't talk to you again!

  posted by Margo Archey on July 22 2004 - Anchorage, AK

Joti- My brother Pete knew you from Haverford College. He was in the same band as you but like 2 years after you left. He said you came back and jammed with him though.

  posted by Eli Howe on July 15 2004 - Henniker, NH

5 years and no San Diego show....where's the love for ol' BCC? =)

Glad to see you guys are still going strong!


  posted by adam pascu on July 11 2004 - San Diego, ca

when are you guys coming back to boston? saw your show in march... awesome. looking forward to the next show

  posted by jeni on July 1 2004 - boston, ma

When you coming back to the Bitter End? First round is on me!

  posted by Chris on June 29 2004 - New York, NY

Just surfed into your site and it is good to see God's blessings on your Church. I have some outlines at this URL: Golden State Outlines Feel free to visit sometime.

  posted by Pastor L. V. Wood on June 19 2004 - CA

I need you to come to the Seattle area! I love the music and i've been showing it to all my friends.

  posted by Micah on June 19 2004 - Seattle, WA, 98203

If this message goes to the guys in the band, I just wanted to let you know how much I admire your music. I'm a fellow acoustic guitar player. I've been bouncing around trying to find my style for about 5 years now. After I heard a copy of "Isn't She Everything" on a friends CD, I thought to myself, "I could see my songs sounding like that." When I started listening to some of your other songs I realized that you really can express those kind of feelings through an acoustic and really good melodies. Thanks for doing what you do, it matters to me.
Ryan Merlene
age: 21

  posted by Ryan Merlene on June 18 2004 - Ashtabula, OH

I got away...
I miss the music
I miss it all
You have so much talent Shakesphere

  posted by Shakesphere on May 27 2004 - Orange County, NY

How bout some updates on this site?!?!

I hate finding out about shows that aren't even posted here!!! (referencing the Point's email that went out with a July show in support of an upcoming cd)

  posted by Scott on May 25 2004 - New York, NY

I just want to say, that you are just awesome!! :D
I love your songs!! I hope that some day you come to Portugal!!! ;)
Keep doing good music!
From a huge portuguese fan!

  posted by Pedro Alexandrino on May 24 2004 - Évora, Portugal

RT, check out the links at the bottom of the 'interact' section for tabs.

  posted by ad on May 16 2004 - annapolis, md

Has anybody managed to figure out chords/tabs to any of the songs from "Antidote" and if so would you share? I'd be really interested..thanks

  posted by RT on May 14 2004 - Washington, DC

3 words: You guys rock! I'm looking forward to seeing a "VH1-Behind the Music" in a year or two.

  posted by Shauna on April 26 2004 - White Plains, NY

Hey guys! Thanks for continuing to make such beautiful music! Ive been a fan of Rockwell Church for 3 years now and your music has made such and impact on my life. Do you guys think you'll make it south anytime soon? Say...MiAmi?!?!

  posted by Caren on April 23 2004 - Boca Raton, FL

Say does your church believe in a Pre Trib Rapture?

  posted by Left Behind Fanatic on April 3 2004

OMG!!!!! The first time I'd heard of you guys was 2 years ago when a friend let me borrow Through the Fall and I was totally hooked!!! Your show @ The Bitter End totally rocked. I got three of your other CDs (indcluding Antidote) and I haven't stoppped listening to them since. I even got one of you guys to sign one (it was Nathan). Nathan and Joti, your pictures are definitely going on my altar so I can light candles for your continued success.

  posted by Carmen on March 30 2004 - White Plains, NY

does anyone know if these are the guys opening for the walkmen at irving plaza on april 1st?

  posted by gary on March 30 2004 - nyc, ny

My friends and I had a great time at the two shows at The Point. Both shows were "smart," and I feel enlightened. The early show F-bombs were a new twist. But seriously, you guys are one of the hidden gems of the music industry, and it's a shame more people aren't able to appreciate your talents.

  posted by Speed Bump on March 29 2004 - Eastern Podunk, PA

I think it is a crime that you guys aren't the biggest thing since the acoustic guitar was invented. Your music is the most melodious and flowing I have heard. And the lyrics easily rival Mark Twain. I've been listening for years and will continue to. Keep it up.

  posted by Dustin on March 29 2004 - Los Angeles, CA

great show last night at Club Passim. Still wondering about Nathan's pants story though...

  posted by Ellen on March 25 2004 - Boston, MA

dvd such a good idea, wonder how much it would cost

  posted by tuck on March 20 2004 - boston, ma

The calendar has rolled around another year and it is once again time for my obligatory "come to Texas" post, knowing it will be welcomed but also knowing it will find you amidst a busy schedule and will thusly fall on deaf ears. As I was reading other "come to..." posts in the guestbook it occured to me that since you guys can't get to everyone's home town to play in person that you all should at least make a DVD as a quick fix for everyone while they are saving their pennies to make it to the Northeast to see you all live....
Whatdaya think about that, eh? Seems as if your fan base is strong enough to support such a thing... think about it....

  posted by Jonathan Liverman on March 16 2004 - Austin/College Station, TX

I left a post in December 18, 2002(?). Living in New York, originally from Chicago, finishing my senior year of school and haven't missed one performace at BITTER END! It wasn't hard convincing others to take up your tune, as it simply needs no convincing. We will be there March 27, 2004. After seeing a show in Chicago, I'm not sure anywhere else is ever as fun. Take care and Travel safely.

  posted by Andrew on March 2 2004 - New York, NY

My girlfriend and I have been to a number of your shows. We've loved everyone, but we have never heard one of our favorite RC songs. Goodbye Chattanooga. Could you put it on the play list for your upcoming Bryn Mawr appearance? We'll be at both shows!

  posted by Chris on February 20 2004 - Sellersville, PA

thanks tuck

  posted by mike on February 16 2004 - morris plains, nj

this message is for my main man Mike, go to rockwellchurch.org, everything is there, anyways joti and nathan, have two tables for the boston show, wow cant wait, peace out

  posted by Tuck on February 16 2004 - Ipswich, MA

Hey guys, now that Ive relocated away from california and am living in Michigan, I am surprised to say that I heard you on the radio here a couple months ago. There is this independent radio station here called WYCE (wyce.org) and they played one of your old tunes one morning on my way to work. It was really cool. That being said, they promote all sorts of cool folkies to come play shows in the area. So drop them some promo and you could maybe play here in a run of dates with Chicago and madison (as someone else has suggested here in the guestbook). Or you could keep doing what you are doing...whatever. I miss seeing you guys all the time. The harmonious rocking is good.

  posted by Lynz on February 15 2004 - grand rapids, mi

Three words: musical/lyrical genius! I discovered you guys last year and life has been better ever since. Now I see you're finally headed this way (somewhat), so I'll definitely be at The Bitter End to see you for the first time! Guys, you need to experience Connecticut and CT needs to experience RC, so book yourselves in the Nutmeg State in 2004! Thanks for all the awesome tuneage and much continued success to you...and Megalodon, too!

  posted by Big Bar on February 14 2004 - Hamden, CT

hey first of all u guys are absolutely amazing. but i was wondering if anyone had the lyrics to any of the songs or if i could make a request for the band to post them on the website. i dk ive been lookin for them for a while so if anyone can help me out it would be very appreciated. u can email me at laxinmike46 and thats at yahoo - thanks o yea and i figured i'd be like everyone else and say to come to nj and play!!!

  posted by mike on February 10 2004 - morris plains, nj

Please please come back to Chicago this year... or better yet to Madison, where fresh music is always welcomed! (Plus all the cheese, beer, and bratwurst you can eat - what more is there to life?) I saw you a couple of years ago at Charter and was so bummed that I was out of town when you came out here last year. So come! I just know Madison will love you!

  posted by Lisa on February 9 2004 - Madison, WI

Hey guys, Andrew here... (you signed my girlfriend's chest back in July) Anyway, just wanted to say that we'll be at both shows next month at the Point and can't wait. If you guys do requests, do you think you could squeeze in either "State I'm In" or "Baying With The Wolves"? It would really mean a lot and besides, it's the least you guys can do to make up for groping my girlfriend over the summer, just kidding! You guys rule ~ Andrew

  posted by Andrew on February 7 2004 - Fairless Hills, PA

So i have just recently discovered you guys and i am in love. i have yet to see a show and i was very dissapointed when i saw that you were coming to The Point the week in march that i will be on vacation. I am moving to CA this summer and would love to see one of your shows before I leave so you guys better be coming to the Point lots before I go! I also wanted to express my feelings about how amazingly talented i think you guys are as musical artists. you are true poets in my book. your music helps when i want to escape reality...so thank you.

  posted by Alison on February 7 2004 - Blue Bell, pa

You guys are phenominal. Your lyrics are smart, your harmonies tight, and your music addictive. There hasn't been a day in the past month that I haven't listened to at least 4 of your songs, and I can't wait to see you guys at The Point in March. Bring lots of CDs because I want (at least) one of each. Peace.

  posted by Ryan on February 6 2004 - Villanova, PA

I live in Music City USA where new bands and new sounds emerge everyday, but i have found NOTHING that tickles my fancy more than you guys! I ran across your music accidently through an act of terrible piracy, but now i am an avid fan and insist on owning every cd. I'll be making an 11 hour drive to VA to see you guys in March. You'll know me, because i'll be the one who follows you home. Like i always say... "In a time of war and turbulence, everybody can use a good stalker." Love you guys!

  posted by Carr!e on February 5 2004 - Nashville, TN

Guestbook is back up! Sorry for the delay! Nathan & Joti will be reading entries, so start posting! You can view guestbook entries from the past by clicking on the years above.

  posted by Derek on February 4 2004

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