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Rockwell Church!
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Welcome to our guestbook!

If you'd like to leave a comment for Nathan and Joti, this is the place. They've been known to occasionally stop by and post some comments too. Thanks for visiting the site, we hope you come back soon!

Sign Our Guestbook
I am becoming a huge RC fan. I am blown away every time I listen to your CD`s. I will attempt to bring you guys here to Oklahoma sometime. I want others to experience RC! Keep puttin out the tunes!!

  posted by Neal on August 29 2003 - Edmond, OK

As always, you guys rocked out at The Bitter End tonight. What a lovely rendition of ""Oops, I Did It Again""... Joti, you have a beautiful voice, you should use it more often. I`m definitely gonna look into getting you guys out to Pittsburgh. I`ll be in touch. Thanks for a fun night, Whitney

  posted by Whitney on August 22 2003 - New York, NY

Come Back to Cali!! You guys are awesome!

  posted by Rian on August 21 2003 - San Fran, CA

I saw a performance over five years ago at St. Norbert College in De Pere, WI. You are both VERY talented. I bought a CD that night... ""Hobo Dog, She Hung the Moon..."" It happy to see that you are both so successful. Any chance of getting to the Milwaukee area?

  posted by Kristen on August 18 2003 - Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

Can`t wait to see you guys Thursday at Schubas!

  posted by Cabana on August 14 2003 - Chicago, IL

I MISS NY; however, I am in CA (?) so come and play soon...don`t let the East Coast take up all your time-

  posted by NY-Woman on August 7 2003

I have been a fan of your music since discovering it through a LAN site at James Madison University that my friend Steve had posted. Although I have never been able to catch you guys live, nor do I own any of your albums (no online buying capability) every time I have a chance I try to turn someone on to you guys. As a struggling musician and artist, it always gives me hope to listen to you guys. I hope to catch you guys soon, and pick up your albums if I can find them. You should play at JMU, here in Harrisonburg, there are a lot of fans down here! Check out The Jeremiah Prophett Band!! http://jeremiahprophett.com

  posted by The Reverend Bill on August 5 2003 - Harrisonburg, Virginia

come to Atlanta please!

  posted by Deborah on August 4 2003 - Atlanta, GA

After the 9 hour drive down to see the show at the point on the 12th of July - I have nothing to say but it couldn`t have been more worth it. The show was amazing, Joti was nothing short of on fire and Nathan couldn`t have put on a better show. And of course, signatures and having Joti tell me never to stop driving made the evening. You guys are amazing and I hope that one day I will see you up in the great white north...

  posted by Chris on July 24 2003 - Haliburton, Ontario Canada

you are very talented BABY-, LUVU

  posted by BABY on July 22 2003

sooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooooooooooooood, why am i hearing john mayer and not you guys on the radio?!!? i`m down with kicking his ass nate dogg, keep it real, you guys were sick at Passim(as usual), drop more F bombs next time, peace

  posted by guy with yellow hat on July 22 2003 - boston, ma

I absolutely love your music. My cousin Nicole took me to your show at Schubas in March and I have been listening to you guys non stop ever since!

  posted by Nellie Tarzon on July 21 2003 - St. Louis, MO

Great Music! Inspiring lyrics and memorable melodies. Keep up the good work. And always remember it`s about following your dreams! Good music will never die, so long as there`s an ear to hear it. Jay Mathes, jaymathes.com.

  posted by Jay Mathes on July 18 2003 - Chicago, IL

I have a big fan of Rockwell Church since 2001. I was at your last show in New York...July 9th...Jodi was late to the show however it was great...Will be there on the 22nd...Antidote is their best since Through the Fall!!

  posted by Jeremy Doran on July 15 2003 - Centereach, New York

I enjoyed myself so much at your 7/12 show at the point. Thanks for making my 18th birthday so memorable. The evening couldn`t have improved any more after being a roadie, and having a verse from the ""cowboy song"" sung about me. Please come down to New Orleans, I`m going to be at school down on the bayou, and I`ll need a Rockwell Church fix.

  posted by Amy on July 14 2003 - Media, PA

Hey guys! I absolutely loved the show tonight, both sets. Definitely the best evening out I`ve had in a long time. Thanks for signing my ""box set"" of your CDs. I`ll be at The Point again in October for the next Rockwell Church sighting. See you soon!

  posted by Sarah on July 13 2003 - Bryn Mawr, PA

I love you guys! I wish you`d come down to South Carolina; although, I wouldn`t want to come down here either...lol. http://www.sharkgrrl.com

  posted by Cassie on July 11 2003 - Columbia, South Carolina

Looking forward to seeing you guys at the Point this weekend! Can it please be a no-repeat night for the two shows? Please? =)

  posted by Sarah on July 9 2003 - Bryn Mawr, PA

You might not want to divluge the information, but I would love to know what kind of day jobs you guys hold down.

  posted by Chris on July 8 2003 - Sellersville, PA

Happy to see upcoming NYC shows on the list!!! You guys are fabulous! I can`t wait to see you again! We`ll have to search for the Carol`s of NYC...

  posted by Sarah on June 29 2003 - Hoboken, NJ

Thought it was interesting that i would be the first canadian signing the guestbook, there are fans up in the cold north. I guess thats where mp3`s and file sharing comes in handy. Hope to see you guys up here sometime in the future.

  posted by Ari Sanders on June 9 2003 - Vancouver, BC Canada

Hey duders...I`m living in New Orleans now, but I`m origionally from Bethesda where it all started. Please come to one of these places soon, becase its been a long time since I`ve seen y`all live. Ill be sure to make it up to the show in PA next month. Keep on rockin, the site looks great, and I just bought the new CD online today. Peace Jeff

  posted by Jeff Schiffman on May 29 2003 - New Orleans, LA

I can`t believe I missed the March show at the Bitter End. That`s terrible. What isn`t terrible is that you have a new CD, and it`s to the online store post-haste after this for purchasing. Please oh please pretty please come back to NYC this summer? Or maybe even fall. GF is starting med school at NYU so she`s right nearby. If need be, I will viciously assail all elitist Manhattanite chatters with a $10 longneck if they can`t shut up. I dont need to tell you that you rock b/c you already know. PLEASE come back to the Bitter End! Thanks Thom (Besides, I tell all my students to buy your albums. I`m building you a high-school fan base!)

  posted by Thom on May 21 2003 - Freeport, NY

Hey guys...I am bummed I wont be able to check you out in SF in June. Graduation coming up, family in town, etc. Actually it would be all good except my fiance`s younger brother isnt 21 otherwise we could all go. Oh well. I will catch you guys again soon. One question for the fans. Any fans out there in Michigan. I am moving out there in July to Grand Rapids and want to get RC to do some shows in Mich. NOt to mention just looking to find some people with good taste in music out there. At least I can always make the trek to Chicago for the show. 3 hours is nothing...ok its something, but I love Chicago so its all good. Peace everyone. -Lynz

  posted by Lynz on May 16 2003 - Santa Cruz, CA

Hey, just checkin out the new site. Looks good. It doesn`t matter what I say in this message cause I know you guys never check this but thats alright.

  posted by Mark H.(Little Bro) on May 7 2003 - denver, colorado

Need you back here, boys! I`ve got troops that are beggin` for you. Hurry back soon.

  posted by toddmartin on May 2 2003 - Boston, MA

You guys are awesome and I was really wanting to encourage you to come visit us in the ""Live Music Capitol of the World"" Austin, Texas. Austin really needs Rockwell Church jammin on 6th street.

  posted by Lance Lawson on April 30 2003 - Round Rock, Texas

Hey I saw you guys at the Jammin` Java in Vienna 4/22. It rocked! I told some of my friends how good Rockwell Church is and I just wanted to know if you plan to play any gigs in Chicago. If so I know it will be packed cause you guys are wonderful and a lot of people that I know would love to catch a Rockwell Church concert. Good luck with everything you do.

  posted by Louis on April 24 2003 - Chicago are,

Nice website you have here.

  posted by Barry Bogart on April 23 2003 - Port Crane,

Yeah Hot Truck! 4/19 was the third time I`ve seen you all in concert and my first time seeing two shows in one night (I will never again just go for the 1st show)! Thanks for the amazing music (and the new stickers-- my nalgene bottle is 1000 times happier now)! See you next time you`re at The Point.

  posted by Kaitlin Mallouk on April 21 2003 - Ithaca, NY

went to the late show at the point (4/19/03) great show. diden`t know you guys where so funny! anyway was wondering if i could get the set list for that show. thanks!

  posted by mike on April 21 2003 - Philadelphia, PA

I saw you guys at the point at the afternoon show (4-19), and be it through sheer musical/lyrical virtouosity--or the blessings of froggie buddha--I was blown away. Thanks for restoring my faith in the modern music scene.

  posted by Ross Cohen on April 20 2003 - Malvern, PA

Thank you for the best birthday night!! I couldn`t have asked for anything better than to see you guys doing what you love. Thanks for being amazing at what you do. I really enjoyed the two sets you played at The Point (4-19). Hope to see you guys again sometime soon.

  posted by Meghan Mallouk on April 20 2003 - Doylestown, PA

I think you guys are amazing. Super-good. Medio-badass even. I think you should come and play my hometown. I`m not going to tell you where that is so therefore you will have to play all of the hometowns there are in a vain effort to find me, becoming superstars in the meantime.

  posted by El Mariachi on April 15 2003

I`ll toss in the token ""come to Texas"" line here followed by 7 exclamation points!!!!!!! Seriously, Jackopierce is having some reunion shows in Texas, you all HAVE to come and play here soon, with them or solo. I will accept nothing less than a summer stop in Texas. Things are lookin up from here.

  posted by Hollywood Heavey on April 9 2003 - Austin, Tejas

y`all are soo tite. Tightest I`ve seen thus far. Thanks, Sanchy

  posted by sanchy on April 2 2003 - Wrigley, University

Hey Rockwell and Church, I saw you at the Schuba`s show tonight, and you definitely have a new fan here! Your beautiful songs and funny banter brought me a lot of needed peace tonight. I picked up a copy of Antidote. Thanks for coming out, and I cannot wait to see you at Schuba`s again! Oh, and I LOVED the Christina cover--it cracked me up to hear you sing those lyrics, but it actually REALLY did rock!

  posted by Jennifer on March 30 2003 - Chicago, IL

hey, I was just hoping you could fulfill my dying wish of you coming to perform in South Florida. I dont know why you guys love the northeast so much...the south is where its at..especially florida. u guys would love south beach.

  posted by Big Nups aka snoop on March 29 2003 - Weston, FL

Saw the guys for the first time on Friday night in Boston. Great atmosphere, even better music and a little Avril Lavigne thrown in for good measure! Thanks for the great show and we`ll be out to see you again soon!

  posted by Matt on March 29 2003 - Troy, NY

Tonight`s show was incredible. I`ve listened to you guys recorded for a while now, but I didn`t realized just how good (and funny) you fellas are live. Come play Boston (Cambridge) anytime. I`ll definatly be back for more!

  posted by Cary on March 29 2003 - Boston, MA

i be guyman so leave here ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  posted by mugu obinna on March 27 2003 - lagos, Lagos NIGERIA

Anyway you could make it down south?

  posted by Stich on March 23 2003 - Baton Rouge, LA

I`ve been listening to you guys since my sister brought back a demo tape from Princeton about 6 years ago... The music`s great but the merch could use some attention! I`ve had a shirt back ordered for over three months now. What`s the deal?

  posted by Ryan Hannan on March 18 2003 - Hampden, ME

I saw some great press about you guys in performing songwriter magazine (march/april john mayer issue). I would like to get some shows with you all in the dc area. we could combine forces and make a lot of noise. let me know what you all think... keep on doing your thing. roll slow, bc brad@thelowlife.net aim- LowLifeBrad www.thelowlife.net

  posted by Brad C on March 18 2003 - Washington, DC

I cannot believe how much I enjoy RC music. I think the San Francisco area has some of the best music around. PLEASE come to COLORADO. I will promote for you guys. I will get a packed house if that is what you want. Talk Matt Nathanson and see if you can get a tour with him to Colorado. I know he doesn`t have any dates there yet and the both these artists on one tour would be dynamite. Think about it.

  posted by Elliot on March 14 2003 - Denver, CO

Hey there, can anybody send me the lyrics and the guitar tabs and/or chords to me for the song, ""Those Eyes?"" It`s my favorite song by you guys, and I`d like to play it for my girlfriend sometime, thanks a lot.

  posted by Kirk on March 13 2003 - Bloomington, IN

come down and visit in ATL. been a fan since my days at the `ford and enjoying the new CD.

  posted by cheryl on March 8 2003 - Atlanta, GA

RC is the most poetic lyrical group I have ever heard. I can go from smiling to tears with similar emotions just from listening to songs such as ""I Know You Forget Me Every Day"" ""Geneva"" or even ""Chandelier"" Thanks for pouring your hearts out so that we can experience it with you, Joti & Nathan. ""It`s all my fault for dabbling alone in chemistry..."" ...My new favorite RC song. :-) PLEASE come to Sioux Falls area if you ever get the chance! Would love to see you guys live!

  posted by Chemically balanced on March 5 2003 - Sioux Falls, SD

love you you music so much!!! You need to have your lyrics on the website because the lyrics are so great! Please come to Maryland/Washington DC soon!!!!!!!!

  posted by Lauren on March 5 2003 - MD

You guys rock... I`m looking to make the show at The Point in Bryn Mawr, PA but there is no link to buy those tickets anywhere, like ticketweb.com, and it`s not on the schedule for The Point (http://www.atthepoint.com/events.htm). Are they going to go on sale soon?? Thanks and keep up the sweet sounds...

  posted by Nate Smith on March 4 2003 - Newark, DE

I can`t seem to view the webcast of the Jan. 4 Schuba`s show on the DCN network at www.dcn.com Does anyone have this or does anyone know how to watch it? Thanks in advance, fan in Chicagoland

  posted by John on March 3 2003 - Chicago, IL

I just got Antidote in the mail this week and i have not been able to stop listening to it! My favorites are ""ohio in a bucket"" and ""how the west was won."" Thanks for making such sweet music...wish you could make it out here sometime.

  posted by Gus Severenson on March 2 2003 - Omaha, NE

Um, how much more attainable could they be than right inside the CD jacket?

  posted by Viv Savage on February 27 2003 - Anytown,

yall need attainable lyrics

  posted by richard on February 26 2003 - baton rouge, la

Thanks so much for playing for Swine Week. I have to apologize for the asses that cut you off and for the potheads that overstayed their welcome. It was our first time to try a concert and it was entirely organized by a high school senior, so with that in mind it was a great success. Swine Week has been going strong all week, and the little guy that needs the liver transplant has been all over our school. It`s really inspiring. Again, thanks so much for helping out, you really did make a difference and I loved the intimacy of the show.

  posted by Layton Hill on February 25 2003 - Edmond, OK

I would just like to let you guys know that the concert on Feb 21st was awesome. You guys sound so really good live. Too bad Joti`s guitar broke, I hope you get that fixed. And to Richard Brown, the organization of the concert was no different than any other one. I would like to see you as an 18 year old put a show together like that one. The guy who put it together was not oonly 18 but also did it for a benefit, so lets not dog the organization.

  posted by Danny on February 24 2003 - Norman, OK

Easier on Me.... please tell me the line ""are we gonna move or what, sunshine sand and the dying band"" is not indicative of anything more than just a tite ass line. Please soothe my fears and tell me that there are many years to come. For crying out loud I`ve been across the continent just to hear you guys sing to me.... you all inspire me, spur me on to greater things. In the words of ThaReverend ""lets stay together""....

  posted by BigJo on February 24 2003 - home is hard to define, Tejas

The concert on Friday was amazing!!! It sounded really really good, and the lights were awesome. I think it is awesome that you guys came to Oklahoma, especially for a benefit. I really hope that I get to hear you guys again back in Oklahoma. You guys were amazing! I am the fifth person to write about the Oklahoma show, so you definately know that you are loved in Oklahoma.

  posted by Christine on February 24 2003 - Norman, OK

First of all I love RC. I was at your concert at the Oklahoma Fair Grounds Friday the 21st. I just wanted to let you guys know that I was very dissappointed with the organization of the concert. I know it`s not your fault, so I wanted to say i was sorry. I wanted to hear you play a lot more, but they cut you guys off. I just wanted to make sure you guys didn`t make fun of Oklahoma too badly in your concert in Washington. And I hope you guys don`t hate Oklahoma so much that you do not come back.

  posted by Richard Brown on February 24 2003 - Norman, OK

Favorite new RC album is Antidote, although Better Days (a.k.a. Through the Fall) is runner up. Through the Fall has taken slight backseat to Antidote. I am also looking for an Antidote-does it exist-please tell me yes

  posted by SF FAN on February 23 2003

I would just like to second that thank you from your fans at OU. You guys were great and I`m so glad I got to see you play. Unfortunately for us, some other bands to remain nameless played entirely too long. A thirty five minute long song? I mean come on. Anyways thank you so much, youre amazing! Come back soon, or in the next five years, whatever comes first.

  posted by Derek Dodd on February 23 2003 - Norman, OK

I would like to thank you guys for coming all the way down here to Oklahoma to play for a crowd of, umm maybe 30. You guys couldnt have been cooler about the whole thing, and even when they cut you guys short you still wanted to play for longer. I love the new cd (signed and all) and the Men of Melrose thank you for the signed posters! I hope you got your guitar fixed, but i really liked the slow pace on a few of the songs. Keep up the good work, and please come back to us, we will promise more followers im sure.

  posted by Jeff Davis on February 23 2003 - Stillwater, OK

You guys Rock! I saw you at Jammin Java last night and I was pleasantly surprised with how great you sound! I loved the cover of ""Oops I Did It Again""! I actually liked it when ""you"" did it......... Well.........we started out with only one of your CD`s but went back for more before the show was over. You guys are great! Jammin Java is a great place (first time I`ve been). You should look into playing at the Birchmere in Alexandria, VA, too.

  posted by Wendy on February 23 2003 - Fairfax, VA

Just wanted to say that the show here in oklahoma city was great, the fellas were really nice and played some good stuff. Too bad the crowd sucked and the opening bands blew and umm the security cut them off early because of the second act playing forever, but other than that the show rocked very intimate crowd to say the least. Hope another visit to Oklahoma is in the cards here pretty soon.

  posted by Chris Hallman on February 22 2003 - Norman, Oklahoma

Hello-I`ve been a Rockwell Church fan for a long time now, love your songwriting and overall sound. Your music has inspired much of my own style and songwriting...Next time you play in DC/VA (besides tomorrow night`s show at Jammin Java) and are in search of an opening act, let me know! Check out www.4brendan.com for mp3s. Best of luck w/ everything & keep up the great work! thanks, Brendan

  posted by Brendan on February 21 2003 - Falls Church, VA

antidote, seriously the title is literal, i can`t stop listening to it, its been on repeat for 5 days now, amazing, awesome job fellas, hope school is goin well for ya, peace

  posted by tuck on February 20 2003 - ipswich, ma

So I got Antidote 2 days ago, and I`ve been listening to it NONSTOP ever since. It`s SO GREAT! What a full sound--you guys really rocked it with Kool-Aid Man...I only wish my name was Carrie... :-P Anyway, I`m from New Jersey, and I`ve seen you at the Bitter End in NYC. But I go to school in Pittsburgh, PA--so when are you guys gonna get out here! You`re in Bryn Mawr all the time, but the western half of PA feels so slighted! WE WANT YOU IN THE `BURGH!

  posted by Joanna on February 20 2003 - Pittsburgh, PA

Antidote arrived at my house 30 minutes ago- I am listening to it for the first time right now! AMAZING!! Thanks for making music that is worth putting out and worth buying! Looking forward to my road trip to Oklahoma City friday for the show!!! Get HYPED!

  posted by fens on February 19 2003 - Aggies, TX

A friend asked me to attend an RC concert with him at The Point. Until a week before the concert, I`d never heard of Rockwell Church. I wasn`t expecting more than a good time and a coffee shop band. But from the opening song to the encore I was lost in the music, smiles, energy and atmosphere created by Joti, Nathan and Doug. I am amazed by your talent and feeling and I wish I could thank you in person. For now this short note will have to do but I will see you next time you perform at The Point. Again, thank you.

  posted by Kyle (female) on February 18 2003 - Wooster, OH

RC! we love you guys. You need to come to Charlotte! Several of your fans live here. Can`t wait to purchase Antidote! You`ve inspired us to write a song called ""Would you still be my friend if i had a mullet?"" so far... well let`s just say it in the works. We listened to the online concert at club Passim back in November. Goodtimes. alright, well hope to see you in Charlotte. or we might take a road trip up to NY or VA just to see you guys. yay Rockwell Church. you rock, never change. <3 Kate and Lindsay (twins, not lovers)

  posted by Lindsay and Kate on February 16 2003 - Waxhaw, NC

I was just wondering if you guys ever make it out to the midwest! Please come soon! I love your music!

  posted by Katie on February 15 2003 - Manhattan, Ks

Hey Nathan. Its ur cousin Helen. I just gettin ready to see u tonight in Palo Alto and im really excited. I miss you and hope to talk to you soon! kick ass tonight! love ya!

  posted by Helen on February 13 2003 - Menlo Park, CA

Fens, I got mine today..............PSYCH!!! Lil` sucka. RC, come to Cplorado!! Lof, Noey

  posted by Noey on February 13 2003 - Boulder, CO

what`s tha deal with tha new cd??? i ""preordered"" it on Aware, but there seems to be some confusion as to the actual release date.....aka the date they will ship it!!! have heard some live acoustic versions of many of the new songs- INCREDIBLE!!!! I need Antidote!!!

  posted by Fens on February 13 2003 - Aggies, TX

I was out of town for your last show at Schuba`s and I`d hate to miss the next one. Wait til April to come! Can`t wait to hear the new album!

  posted by Beth Fab on February 12 2003 - Chicago, IL

I`m SOOO excited about the new CD, I can`t wait! I`m so looking forward to seeing you guys at Passim! Soon you need to play bigger venues... but not too big, we love being ""intimate"" with ya!

  posted by Julie-Ann on February 12 2003 - Boston, MA

saw you at the point this weekend, shows were amazing as always! i LOVE the new cd and the new website kicks &%&*! i will see you at the jamin` java show on the 22nd, enjoy your cd-release tour!

  posted by adrian on February 11 2003 - medford, nj

I`ve seen you in NY twice; you rocked it out both times. Once during the ""Through the Fall"" release and once during the ""Superego"" release. I was unable to make the Feb. show. You guys are an amazing band. My buddy and I cover a lot of your stuff. Keep Jammin` and Good Luck!

  posted by Lucas Patsch on February 10 2003 - Ft. Montgomery, NY

When does the new inventory come in. This is driving me crazy. I need that CD pronto.

  posted by Ryan Armstrong on February 10 2003 - Fort Montgomery, NY

Love the new site. I`m looking forward to the new album....when`s it gonna show up in the online store?

  posted by Tim Jones on February 10 2003 - Newport News, VA

I think I may have been sucked into the cultish Main Line, PA Rockwell Church crowd...the 7pm show on Friday (first one I`ve ever been to) was completely fantastic! Must buy CD...

  posted by Moira on February 10 2003 - Philadelphia, PA

This is a great new website! Looking forward to hearing the new CD!!!

  posted by Kris Rosenberg on February 10 2003 - Ashland, OR

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