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Rockwell Church!
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Welcome to our guestbook!

If you'd like to leave a comment for Nathan and Joti, this is the place. They've been known to occasionally stop by and post some comments too. Thanks for visiting the site, we hope you come back soon!

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You`re coming to Chicago!! I will be there...

  posted by Katy on December 30 2002

love your stuff. please come to Ziggy`s in North Carolina!!

  posted by Lee on December 24 2002

Pls keep off

  posted by guymen on December 20 2002

Just became a huge Fan!! Great stuff, looking forward to seeing you in Chicago at Schubas! Incredible sound, you guys collaborate really well together, and the lyrics just flow with the music. Good luck!

  posted by Andrew on December 18 2002

Will you be posting any of your guitar chords? I really appreciate your music and would like to learn some songs.


  posted by Bridget on December 17 2002

I just found out about these guys about a week ago and I already have about 25 songs downloaded. They are sweet! I play guitar myself, and I was amazed with their harmony and how well the guitars fit the songs. I have to say ""Holding Out"" is my favorite song. I listen to it like four times a day. The lyrics are awesome and I love the simple guitar melody. Come to Cincinnati some time! In the mean time, rock on RC.

  posted by Erik on December 11 2002

I`m absolutely loving your music. ""She Hung the Moon"" has been hanging around in my head for the past few hours, and I had to come back and tell ya so! All my best wishes,

Serena Matthews Nashville, TN

  posted by Serena on December 7 2002

To those of you attending the Schubas show: if you get there early enough to see the opening act, it is this young girl named Kaytee Bodle. Please be nice to her, she`s my cousin.

  posted by Scott on December 6 2002

I don`t imagine you`ll remember me, but Stephen Myers introduced us all at the Red Devil lounge on a couple of occasions earlier in the year. I live in Sacramento and would very much like to be apprised of any upcoming SF shows. I also look forward to procuring the next album with great anticipation. One more thing---I`m on vacation in Vienna, and have just realized I missed you guys at Jammin` Java by five days! Sigh... Please keep up the good work. You guys are part of my everyday. Thanks---Jen

  posted by Jennifer---please read, Nathan and Joti!" on December 4 2002


  posted by MUGUMAN on December 1 2002

I know I am jumping the gun..but as soon as I heard about the upcoming schuba`s show on the 4th of Jan, I purchased a ticket. I am anticipating the show. I`ll be there with baked goods :)

  posted by Gina on November 27 2002

Saw your show Thursday in Cambridge....two words: Kick Ass!! I drove 3.5 hours from Waterville, ME, and it was worth every mile...you guys are amazing, and had an awesome concert. Hopefully you can come closer up this way next time, eh? Thanks for being awesome!!!

  posted by Brian on November 24 2002

I went to my first RC concert tonight at Jammin Java, and you guys put on an amazing show! Thanks for signing my coffee cup (yeah, I was one of those girls...haha). All I`ve got to say is, ""Party in the back"" and ""I`ve got to do it!""

  posted by Christine on November 24 2002

Great show at Passim Thursday night! You guys sounds fabulous every time! Joti.. LOVE the new `do! Lookin` good! :) Hope to see you guys again soon, and I can`t wait for the new CD!!

  posted by Julie-Ann on November 24 2002

Hello??? Chicago???? Please come and see us. We want to see you here so bad. Just wanted to thank you for your amazing lyrics and even more amazing music. You have truly made the work commute bearable. Thanks again. Oh yeah, did I mention Chicago?

  posted by Jillian on November 24 2002

this is really a great site - keep it up ! greetings from austria/europe ! please feel free to visit www.race.at our austrian music-site...

  posted by georg on November 22 2002

A total die-hard fan who needs to work up her courage to post on a guestbook/messageboard...I`ve loved RC for two years now. You`ve got the same kind of appeal as the Indigo Girls or Vertical Horizon. I would give anything to see you live, but I`m in NC and most of your shows are for lucky people in the Northeast.

Keeping my eager eyes open for that new record and the VH1 Behind the Music. Thanks for your music.

  posted by Elise on November 22 2002

I am a new fan of RC. You guys are increadible musicians. I am sorry to say that I missed the show at The Point. Please come back soon. Is there anyone out there who has figured out how to play any RC tunes? If so, could you please e-mail me chords/tab. I would love to learn to play a song or two. Thanks

  posted by James on November 22 2002

You guys put on a great show or shows should I say. BLING BLINGIN all the way. Good luck in the studio and hope to see you again soon. ANIMALS

  posted by Tuck on November 22 2002

we`ve got some wisconsin pride up in here. im a new fan but i cant stop listening. keep up the good work.

  posted by bel on November 21 2002

Heeeey! im a freshman at AU and i was wondering if anyone else from AU loves these guys as much as i do...and is going to the concert @ jammin java on saturday??..cause as of now i havent found anyone to go with! Post a lil` something if you are! :)

  posted by au frosh! on November 20 2002

Just wanted you to know that I love your music and I hope sometime that you can make it to Kansas!? Keep me posted!

  posted by Katie on November 15 2002

A friend and I tried to see you guys last Saturday at The Point but because you are so popular the bouncer wouldn`t let us in even for standing room! I stood outside in the cold for 30 minutes and kept knocking, but the guy still wouldn`t budge. Needless to say, I was very disappointed for myself, but happy for your continued success. -Phil Perilstein HC`97

  posted by Phil Perilstein on November 14 2002

Awesome show at The Point guys! Can`t wait to see you at Jammin` Java in a few weeks!

www.rockwellchurch.org has tons of lyrics of new and unreleased tunes

we are experimenting with message board right now so hop over and see if you prefer the ezboard set up or the livejournal set up we have going.

  posted by Sam on November 10 2002

Hey, I really like Rockwell Church`s music, but I can`t find any of their cds in stores. I also can`t find lyrics anywhere! Hopefully I`ll be hitting some shows sometime soon, but until then, does anyone know where I could find some cds and/or lyrics? Thanks for your help, Megan

  posted by Megan on November 9 2002

Guys----thanks for taking me to my happy place on sat. night at the point! Holding Out still makes me cry, nineteen billion listens later. I will end on Haverford`s former cheer when their mascot was the Fighting Quakers: ""Fight, fight, inner light! Kill, Quakers, kill!"" xoxoxxooxoxo, kt

  posted by K-T on November 5 2002

Took three friends to see you guys at the Point on Saturday night.. You guys were absolutely incredible! Looking to build up my RC album collection and the new stuff sounds great. Thanks for coming to see us here on the Main Line, we love you!

  posted by Amy on November 4 2002

Hey guys, I haven`t had the pleasure of seeing you for a couple of years now. Joti, I hope you remember me (even with my new fancy hyphenated name)! ;) Anyway, I wanted to drop by and say hi and see when you`ll be in my neck of the woods again (pretty much around `Ford). It`s great to see that you`ve been in the studio - I can`t wait to get my hands on your latest masterpiece! See you soon!

  posted by Michele Munoz-Miller on November 4 2002

CRAP! I just missed you apparently!!! Well...I`ll be there at the next one!!! I gotta find out about these sooner. :(

  posted by Michele Munoz-Miller on November 4 2002

Great show at the point... really excited for the new album and especially enjoyed the tune about your mom. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  posted by Jenner on November 3 2002

i`ve been a huge fan since my friends saw you over the summer.. thank you so much for coming back to the point! it was a great show, you guys are so talented and SO funny between songs. love the new songs and love you guys!!!

  posted by Jordan on November 3 2002

My wife and I were at your show at The Point on Saturday, and we wanted to let you know how much we love being at your performances. We only have one of your albums now, though, because my mother in-law keeps stealing our Rockwell Church CD`s (she says it`s accidental- she just ""borrows"" them and forgets to give `em back). So we are eagerly awaiting the release of this next album. I also wanted to tell you that your encore number, when you wore the ties, was so much better than the original version of that song. Will you ever release a cover album, I wonder...? I would love to hear your rendition of ""Livin` La Vida Loca"" again. Very nice... Thanks for a great show! (And Joti, your new haircut is a step in the right direction, even if it IS a mullet.)

  posted by Brice on November 3 2002

My roommates and I were at the Point on Saturday night, and we got to experience a truly great show. It`s so rare to see excellent musicians in an intimate setting. As an aspiring songwriter, it`s encouraging to see creative and intelligent music so well received by the audience. Of my friends, I was the only avid fan going into the performance. Needless to say, Rockwell Church found four new fans last night.

  posted by Chris on November 3 2002

I wanted to second the guy who said LA would be a great stop for you! I just moved out here from Vienna and I`m sad to see that I`m going to miss you there! I know we could get a great audience out here if you came!

  posted by Shannon on October 30 2002

what up big knobbs.

  posted by TD on October 30 2002

Adding my voice to the fans in Atlanta. And suggesting The Cowboy Song for the new CD...

  posted by Another in ATL on October 30 2002

Hey, if you are going to the Rockwell Church show at Jammin` Java on the 23rd of November, make sure that you get there sort of early to check out their opening act. Eric Hutchinson is going to be opening, and if you haven`t checked him out yet, you owe it to yourself to do so, immediately. Go to www.eric-hutchinson.com, then go to the show and enjoy both these fine musical acts. Yeah. Sweet.

  posted by Leah on October 29 2002

HeY! I just wanted to say, how much i love you guys! My friend was staying with me for the weekend last year, and he left your CD at my house, and I found it one day and listened to it... that`s all i do non-stop (tee hee, yeah, i stole his CD.. he bought me your newest one the other day) ! Haha, I went to Florida this past year with my family, and i had your album on repeat the entire airplane ride, i just cant get enough of you guys! Haha, i hope you are headed in Massachusett`s direction soon! B/c i really really wanna see you!!!!!! thanks so much for bringing such a great album(s) into my life, Love you!

  posted by BecKy on October 29 2002

I was just lookin around for some new music that i liked and stumbled across you guys. Ya`ll are very talented and have the potential to turn out well just as John Mayer and Howie Day (is heading up there) did. Let me just say this...ATLANTA! Great spot to spread out in the south!!!

  posted by Christina on October 25 2002

You guys are animals! Haha..anyways just livin` the college life right now. I am goin to see you guys in November in Boston on the 21st. I am very excited. It will be my first Rockwell Church show, don`t get nervous because of my presence though. Can you guys give a shout out to Conn College perhaps at the show....that would be SWEET...later fellas

  posted by Tuck on October 24 2002

Hey, is it me, or was one of your songs playing at the end of this week`s Mind of The Married Man? At least it really sounded like you guys. When are you in CA again - LA would be a great stop for you.

  posted by Matthew on October 20 2002

I just wanted to say that I am so excited about the new album! After being introduced to your music by a guy who is no longer in the picture (great music always lasts longer! :)), I have attended most of the shows you`ve played at the Bitter End and know each and every poetic lyric. I am looking forward to some new equally fabulous tunes! When will the new album be out? I will continue to spread the gospel of Rockwell Church ;), Kimberly

  posted by Kimberly McKeon on October 19 2002

i`ve got one word.. connecticut. you`re never here. and you should be. cuz i`m not cool enough to get any of my friends to haul me to other states for concerts. (i try, though)

  posted by teresa (call me talula) on October 18 2002

hey guys just wanted to say I love hearing your music and checking out your shows, you guys are just so chill and an awesome group to listen to. I am from Newark, Delaware and I am really hoping that you guys are able to play down here at U of D. I know you would blow everyone away with your music if you came down and played...ok well again...keep up the good work guys.

  posted by Pete on October 15 2002

I gotta throw my two cents in too...The SF Bay Area misses you! Come back to us soon...

  posted by Melina on October 12 2002

Next Boston date? C`mon, Cambridge is calling....

  posted by Lauren on October 7 2002

I am Brazilian and i love your song. When are you guys coming to Brazil??

  posted by Silmara on October 6 2002

When are you guys coming back to CA??? We miss you!!! You are AMAZING!

  posted by Brianne on October 6 2002

If you guys make it back to VA this fall, you`ll have to play Those Eyes. I bothered you about it 4 or 5 years ago when you were at the Jewish Mother in Charlottesville (R.I.P.) and I still haven`t heard it live. . . I must say though, all the new stuff is unbelievable. Bring on the new album . . .

  posted by Tim on October 4 2002

Isn`t it getting close to that time of year.....Fall RC show at the point??? :) We Miss You!

  posted by Kim on September 30 2002

there is a RC show at the point... nov. 2, TWO SHOWS, one at 7 and one at 10... ill be at both!! check atthepoint.com

  posted by Paul Dryden on September 30 2002

Dear Rockwell Church, I am a student here at Lehigh University and I am a member of my schools club to book bands here. I have seen you guys three times and i was wondering if you could send me the phone number of your booking agent or manager or anyone that i could talk to about possibly setting up a date here. let me know what you guys think. -mike lacerda

  posted by Mike LaCerda on September 29 2002

Can`t wait until the new album! Congrats- Hopefully see you guys on tour sometime in the near future. Until then keep up the absolutely brilliant music!!

  posted by SF Fan on September 26 2002

Hey! I just love y`alls music- it`s a really refreshing break from the slightly super-produced, mostly uncreative sounds that seem to be over the place lately! The thing is, I`m a student at UF (that`s Gainesville, for all you non- Gators out there) and I was wondering when you`re gonna come down here and pay us a little visit! If there`s one place that loves live music, it`s UF... Come and hang out!! :)

  posted by Peyton on September 25 2002

I`m a marine down here in North Carolina and I love your music. I`ve always been into the whole grunge and rock thing but you guys are the best. I`d love to see you guys in person. Keep on coming with the great music.

  posted by Shaun Patrick on September 22 2002

I am a very recent fan....but am slowly becoming obsessed!! Come back to chicago so I can see you....!!!

  posted by Katey on September 21 2002

I came to see you at Staccato in DC back in December. I now live in Boston, when will you be heading this way again? i have friends that need to come and see how incredible you truly are! Thanks for the creative and quality music!

  posted by Kim on September 21 2002

I came across the site by accident and downloaded some tracks. Without exception, they are brilliant. Superb lyrics and melodies. A welcome change from the packaged, sterile stuff that seems so prevalent today. I`m trying to get hold of your albums here in the UK but have so far only found one site that I can order from and they only have one of your albums available. I am visiting Vegas in October and hopefully will be able to get hold of them. If not, I have work colleagues in the U.S who could perhaps ship them across to me. Keep up the good work.

  posted by Alan (U.K) on September 18 2002

Hey, you guys are an amazing duo and I just wanted to thank you for the music you make. You two should seriously think about coming to Indiana University to play a show in Bloomington or anywhere on campus. If you`re interested, look into it and email me. You rock!

  posted by Kirk on September 16 2002

Guys - Good luck on the new album. I hope you`ll come back to Princeton this year. Cheers


  posted by Joel Wuthnow on September 13 2002

As I settled into my coach seat on a flight from Philly to LA, I was suddenly overcome by a terrible odor coming from under the seat. I realized the passenger behind me had removed his footwear and was stinking the living shit out of the plane. I was thinking about jumping back and beating the piss out of him with my brothers discman. Then I realized that your CD was inside. Your music took me away from the stink that seemed to be eating my soul. Your music was even able to settle me down enough that I enjoyed my dinner of pot roast while listening to you guys and smelling toe cheese. The power of music is amazing!! Thank God for RC!! Your music saved myself and many others that terrible night. Get back to The Point in PA!!

  posted by Sarkman on September 5 2002

hey when yall gonna post your new tour stuff, cause you had said taht sometime early sept late august yall were coming to chicago.. just curious and excited lol thanks, john

  posted by john on September 3 2002

Answers to a couple of questions floating in cyberspace: 1) yes, it is THAT Matt Johnson on the drums (yes, we begged until he played the intro to Last Goodbye from Jeff Buckley`s ""Grace"" in the studio and it kicked thunder ass, I almost passed out)...2)fall shows though not yet posted (we are trying to use as much time as possible to finish this damn thing) DEFINITELY will happen, I think we are looking at a Point show for November 2nd, and others will be announced as soon as we can find a date with the clubs. In the meantime I am trying to get over Justin Timberlake`s solo bomb at the VMA`s and write more songs for you. Thank you RockwellChurch.org for having a better site than the actual band itself. I am told we are trying to remedy this situation with a revamped site but you will probably just one-up us again. Everyone please keep telling your friends about Rockwell Church, we need you!

  posted by Nathan on September 3 2002

RC, you 2 are awesome! A friend of mine in upstate NY gave me his unconditional money back guarantee that I would like your music (thanks Stymie!). After listening to “back on the bus” I was hooked! I live in MD now and my wife and I would really like to catch one of your shows! So get your rear ends out here as soon as you get out of the studio. BTW would you be willing to post TAB for “back on the bus”?

Keep up the good work! -Mick

  posted by Mick on September 3 2002

More of my yapping. We just emerged from a week in the studio filled with all nighters, lots o` music, and enough ups and downs to make a freaking Behind the Music episode - we think we have made something really wonderful, but I guess that is ultimately for you to decide...we have some recording left to do, mostly just vocals, but the bulk of the recording is behind us. Whenever we can pry John Alagia away from his DMB/John Mayer/OAR duties (who needs those guys, anyway?) we will finish up later this fall. From the last song list I posted only Talk About the Wedding did not make it to tape - mainly because we were so excited about some of the newer songs. The biggest news is of course that in the wake of this past week, Joti set a personal sleep record last night by crashing at 4pm and waking up today at noon, a WHOPPING 20 HOURS - to quote Brian Fellows, ""That`s crazy.""

  posted by Nathan (again) on August 27 2002

Quick update from the studio - we are two days into recording at John Alagia`s place in Easton, MD, and all is well. Matt Johnson is a ridiculous drummer, Tom Freund is grooving the bass, so we are happy little Rockwell Church campers at the moment. The tracks sound great. Here are the songs we have recorded so far: Kiss You Carrie (Kool-Aid Man), Easier on Me, Chemical, Ohio in a Bucket, How the West Was Won, Star Over South Africa, Romeo, Second Door, Soap and Rain. Next to record: Lindsay Song, Long Lost Someone Elegy, Talk About the Wedding, Lullabye. We may keep all, we may cut a few - right now it would be hard to cut anything but we`ll see. Stay tuned...

  posted by Nathan on August 21 2002

i love you justin pope

  posted by Chrissy on August 18 2002

What`sup guys? Ok, I`ve been bugging you guys to come down here to the Atlanta area for a while now...you`ve gotta get down here! I`m even willing to find the place and try and book it if you`ll just come and play! I`ve recruited numerous new fans for you guys around the world now and they all want to see you! So let`s do it! I know you`re in the studio, and that`s totally cool, so, when you get out and start promoting the new album, make sure ATL is on the list! Keep up the good work - later - Joel

  posted by Joel on August 15 2002

It`s amazing how there`s not one negative thing written in this guestbook. Everyone says you guys are the best and I deffinitely agree. It doesn`t get any better than RC. Why isn`t there anything negative written? I can answer that...because there`s nothing negative to say. On a different note, does anyone know where I can get some RC tabs?

  posted by Stu Friedel on August 13 2002

hey just wanted to drop a line and say glad to hear some new stuff will be coming out! I`m pumped... however i was wondering if there is any way that you could talk to the owners of the pubs and whatnot that you play at and see if they could make exceptions for your fans who arent 21 and their parents wont come to watch, because me and my g-friend were gonna go to hoghead mcdunna`s or whatever in chicago cause we live around there... and i talked to the owner on the phone and he said we couldnt get in without a parent. So thats kinda a bummer and on top of that we got robbed that day at my work and i wasnt able to go anyways, so sorry i couldnt show up to show support and everything but i really hope both of you are coming back to chicago soon! thanks, john

  posted by john on August 10 2002

Hi Everyone -

Don`t know if any of you read this, but...current plan is that Joti and I are heading back into the studio on August 19th with John Alagia and Doug Derryberry producing the new album. We are finalizing drummer and bass player now and will let you know soon...songs in the running - about 4 new ones you have not heard, Chemical, How the West Was Won, Kool Aid Man (Kiss You Carrie or whatever the hell we decide to call it), Easy on Me, Second Door, Talk About the Wedding, Romeo, Soap and Rain, Aphrodesiac, Lindsay Song, maybe English Channel...if you have a vote send it to putthisshitontherecord@rockwellchurch.com (seriously) and let us know...we`ll write some kind of journal from the studio if you want to check back over the next couple days and read all about it. See you soon.

  posted by Nathan on August 7 2002

Higher Ground in Vermont.... PLEASE, u need to play in vermont to satisfy our hippie needs...

  posted by Alex on August 1 2002

I stumbled upon you guys on amazon.com, it`s my place to find new music and such. Anyway, I downloaded a few of your songs, and hell, I can`t stop listening to them now. You need to come to Boston. Like, now.

  posted by Erin on August 1 2002

When you`re in demand life is..-

  posted by SF FAN on July 26 2002

I love your music. My boyfriend got me hooked and now I can`t drive anywhere without listening to you! When are you coming to D.C. or VA?

  posted by Christine on July 24 2002

Just introduced to your music (after years of my best friend telling me all about you, I finally caved to my girlfriend) and had a great time at the concert at the point! Just wanted to let you know that I kept the poster . . . my Dad ain`t gettin` his paws on my Britney!

  posted by Jen on July 16 2002

Another fantastic show at the point! I taped it and hopefully it will be up on our server soon!! Everyone check out rockwellchurch.org for more info! there are some mp3s of some of the newer songs up on the site and a full band IOTA show from last year on the server right now! Can`t wait for the new album!!! So many good songs from just one band....how is this possible!

  posted by Sam on July 15 2002

thanks guys, for producing such wonderful music. i saw you up in boston last october and thought you guys put on a great show. it`s a shame you don`t do more shows, but i`m sure you have your reasons. i`d love to see you guys come to VA Beach sometime. one of my friends introduced your music to me and while i can`t say that i listen to it very often, it is the music i listen to when i`m feeling a little down. there are so many great memories associated with the show in boston and with that friend, that when i listen to it i can`t help but feel better. if it wasn`t for the words that you sing, those memories wouldn`t mean so much. some things just mean more with the right music. thanks.

  posted by Brian on July 13 2002

Marathon Show last night at the Point! I`m getting too old to stay up that late. The new songs sound great as always. ""How the West was Won"" has been my favorite now for the past 3 shows at the point. Can`t wait for the new album. By the way, what ever happened to the new song with the chorus that went ""Standin on a Minute""? Peace.

  posted by Dan Sarkissian on July 12 2002

Where can I find the lyrics to the new song ""Chemical."" Heard it tonight at the Point and it was my favorite song of the evening.

  posted by Eric on July 11 2002

Why did you guys say John Mayer is making your new record come out later at the point last night?

  posted by Danny Garbo on July 11 2002

Saw you guys at The Point last nite. INCREDIBLE. I agree, I loved Chemical--favorite song of the nite--is there a place I could get the lyrics? I also had a question about the front of your Through the Fall album: computer wizardry, or do you guys really have those mad Michael Jackson leaning skills? Perhaps in keeping with the whole ""Dream Within A Dream Tour"" idea, you could play a little dedication to Britney and sing ""Dream""....Anyway, you guys were incredible last nite. Hope to see you in the DC area some time. Us hometown fans miss you down here.

  posted by Brady on July 11 2002

Me again, here`s a partial set list to last nite at The Point. I`m unsure about the ones with (?)s on them, though. Anyone wanna help me out? 1. Bad Vacation 2. Better Days 3. State I’m In 4. “Who’s the soul in the picture frame” (?) 5. Chandelier-->My Stupid Mouth (John Mayer) 6. Chemical 7. Heavy October 8. Cradle of Wood (?) 9. Something I Said (?) DINNER BREAK 10. Small Poisonous Frog (?) -->You Shook Me All Night Long (ACDC) 11. “Close the door,…only say so much” (?) 12. Soap and Rain 13. How The West Was Won 14. Holding Out 15. Best Time Of The Year -->Uncle Fucker (South Park) 16. Second Door (?) -->The Fall Guy 17. She Hung The Moon 18. Tend To Your Head 19. Josephine 20. My Aphrodisiac (?) ENCORE 21. Forget Me Everyday-->Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (Police) 22. (?) 23. Cowboy Song

  posted by Brady on July 11 2002

Marathon Show last night at the Point! I`m getting too old to stay up that late. The new songs sound great as always. ""How the West was Won"" has been my favorite now for the past 3 shows at the point. Can`t wait for the new album. By the way, what ever happened to the new song with the chorus that went ""Standin on a Minute""? Peace.

  posted by Dan Sarkissian on July 11 2002

You guys were awesome last night at the Point! I`m with everyone else, ""Chemical"" is an awesome song. Can`t wait to hear the new album soon!

  posted by Joey Web on July 11 2002

Outstanding show, as always. The new songs are great...I have to agree, Chemical was a favorite of mine as well. Any chance of some webcuts for the new album? Also, work on that AC/DC...it could be hot. Take it easy.

  posted by Creighton on July 11 2002

Jeez...RC Drinker seems kinda high strung.....maybe he`s over over-caffeinated?

  posted by Is that Royal Crown or Rock Creek? on July 10 2002

A friend here in Houston turned me on to you. Now I can`t get enough - your music is inspiring. We`d love to see you play down here in Texas. Thanks, and hope to see you guys live someday.

  posted by Pete on July 8 2002

Well done. I just got home from seeing you @ Club Passim this evening, and i had a very good time. Personally, i heard all i wanted to hear..and for the record i really liked Soap and Rain, good new tune, and it hardly sounded like you had shat (is that a real word?) it out..so keep up the good work, and come back to Boston sooner than later.

  posted by Lauren W. on July 7 2002

i am in love with you guys... i have indoctrinated all of my friends too... i was at passim in march and cannot wait for this saturday to come quickly enough!! i am so fortunate to get to see you twice. if you read this before the show, please please pleeease do a little how the west was won/ i know you forget me everyday/ intimate war/ talk about the wedding/ you`re so cool. please! that is, if you feel like it. you are the closest things to god i;ve ever known, so i think whatever set list you decide on will do just fine. see you soon! hanna :)

  posted by hanna on July 5 2002

here`s an idea: how about you guys play some shows? i assume you`d like to be professional musicians. personally, i love your music, but i don`t see you guys going anywhere if you play four shows a year.

  posted by some guy on July 2 2002

I sure hope ""some guy"" is kidding. What a weak message to leave. Hey...your music is kinda good, (and I can already buy for just $15 several albums which took RC years to make) but why don`t you get off your ass and play for me and my spoiled friends? I don`t see you guys going anywhere playing four shows a year either...oh wait...yeah I do, its called MBA & PhD. what a toolbox this guy is. Down with losers.

  posted by RC drinker on July 2 2002

I agree...tour in MD during the summer!! Lots of us here love you guys! Your music is incredible!!!

  posted by Amanda on June 23 2002

I caught you guys a few months back at the Bitter End. Loved the show, bought Superego and love it, too. It`s become my afternoon disk. When I hit the 3pm doldrums, I pop it on and start to really crank at work. Drives my productivity up a notch. I`m not normally much of a consultant, but as long as I can plug into your music and do my thing, the job is dealable. Can`t wait to see your next show in NYC.

  posted by David B on June 18 2002

I recently heard some of your songs after being referred by a friend. All I can say is incredible. ""She Hung the Moon"" is one of the best songs I`ve ever heard. I was so excited when I found out you are playing at the Point in July. I can`t wait!!

  posted by Craig on June 17 2002

You guys really rock! Tour in MD please!!! Hehe.

  posted by Ellie Peeps on June 16 2002

I was wondering if anyone could hook up some tab for Bad Vacation. Thanks

  posted by Willie on June 11 2002

hey guys! we were recently introduced to you guys by our friend and we loved the song we heard so being bored we decided to check and see if you had a web site. We know Heather from CLS and shes a really cool person who we look up to a lot! Your music is awesome and inspiring :) We are actually looking into taking guitar lessons in hopes of one day becoming as talented as you guys! Good Luck!

  posted by Kate and Lindsay on June 10 2002

You guys are really talented. I think you should really check out Birmingham, AL. There`s an annual music/art festival by the name of City Stages that draws quite a crowd from all over the southeast. It`s a multiday, multistage event similar to the New Orleans Jazz Fest, but held across several closed-in street blocks of downtown Birmingham. In the past it`s been a great place for local bands to make a name for themselves, as well as share the same stage with the likes of bigger name people. This past year headliners were Cake, Sugar Ray, and Outkast! (all of whom you blow out of the water), but artists like John Mayer, Howie Day, and other up-and-coming acoustic singer/songwriter like yourselves are always out in force. Please look into it, and keep up the great music.

  posted by Manny on June 4 2002

Man you guys are great! I`m waiting for your CD to arrive through Amazon.com. I really came across you all by accident but ever since, which has been about 5 days. I have been listening to your MP3`s constantly. Must have been fate, since I probably would have never come across your music here in Hawaii. Keep it up, you all are great musicians!

  posted by Kanani on June 2 2002

For 5/30, are you guys playing at the Charter Club in Princeton? And if so, at what time?

  posted by Jim on May 30 2002

I am going to be a dork and beg you guys to come down to my hometown of Atlanta, or you could even drive on through and play here at my school, Florida State U, I`m sure you`d get a hella following here! Love your stuff!

  posted by Caitlin on May 22 2002

I met you guys while you were recording Inches at Rutabegga(I lived upstairs) and I have been a fan ever since. I just wanted to congratulate you on your newest effort. It is an absolutely wonderful record. Thank you for making this world a little better with your beautiful music!!

  posted by Jeremy Wallman on May 17 2002

When are you guys coming to OHIO?!?!?! I need some RC live!

  posted by Seth on May 13 2002

I just happened upon Rockwell Church when I was downloading some other music and fell in love with the songs. ""Jack and Jill"" and ""She Hung the Moon"" are two of my favorites and I just ordered two CDs. I`d love to see you two in Southern VA. Thanks for the great songs.

  posted by Kat on May 10 2002

please come to play in Sri Lanka. The tamils go wild for anything off of ""warm up the gong."" You guys are getting ripped off here though. I see Sri Lankan street vendors selling hundreds of bottlegged copies of your records everyday.

  posted by bengan bhati on May 9 2002

Is SF on the agenda this summer or fall?

  posted by SF Fan on May 9 2002

nathan, i could just send you an email but i`m gonna be a dork and write in the guestbook... I know you have all these fans telling you ""go here, go there, we want to see RC play in MY town!,"" but i really think that your first priority should be to come to Wash. U. next year because I haven`t seen you yahoos in way too long... no really, i`ll drum up mad support in the st. louis crowd, then you guys can come play and all will be well. Good,it`s settled then. By the by, i`m learning a sexton tune on the guitar, which i only started playing so i could be cool like joti (i mean nathan, you`re ok, but you are kind of a dork...) :) lots of love and unlocked doors..... HEATher

  posted by fayther on May 6 2002

whats going with you guys this summer? i keep checking the upcoming shows page for updates but i come up empty handed. let us know!

  posted by Lindsay on May 6 2002

Hey I just stumbled upon your music today surfing the campus network...wonderful stuff thanks...I was wondering if it was possible to get the lyrics for ""Isn`t She Everything""?? Hopefully waiting your reply... Thanks again...

  posted by Kyle on May 2 2002

The sooner you all can make it back up to the Northwest the better (Portland, Seattle, Bellingham (again!), Vancouver) anywhere.... I know even more people who would love to see you guys live (from the UW and all over) Keep it up

  posted by Kevin on May 1 2002

Come to south Florida!!!

  posted by Stu Friedel on May 1 2002

I got turned on to you guys through a friend and am hooked! Book a trip to the Detroit-Chicago area soon.....

  posted by Katy on April 23 2002

You guys got some fans at Southern Polytechnic State University in Marietta, GA. We`d love to hear you guys come play in Atlanta.

  posted by Angelo Lakra on April 22 2002

When are you coming to Austin, TX? You`ve got to bring that great soutd to the city that likes to call itself ""The Music Capitol of the World!""

  posted by Ryan Therrell on April 20 2002

Gentlemen, I am deeply apologetic that our doors were closed to you this Saturday past. Next time the frosty beverages are on the house. love, Roaches

  posted by Roache and O`Brien`s on April 17 2002

Great show in SHorty`s at Wake...it was great to see you guys back in the area. We all really enjoyed the show and were so glad that you could stop by and see us. Hope you come back to North Carolina real soon.

  posted by Sean on April 17 2002

still waiting for ya`ll to come to florida...

  posted by Chris on April 15 2002

You guys are killing me with the 21 and up shows. I really want to see you live but I have 5 years and no fake. Come play the NorVa or the Backstage Cafe in Norfolk, VA.

  posted by SMPillow on April 14 2002

The Mutt Lang rumors are true! RC is in Toronto right now laying the final touches on a set of exciting new tracks! The album will be a breakthrough, we assure you: America`s favorite two-man acoustic folk duo performing their own stunning renditions of compositions from some of Canada`s finest singer-songwriters (Rush, Loverboy, Anne Murray, etc.). Mark your calendars for a September 2002 release!

  posted by RC Fan Relations on April 12 2002

Does anyone have any info on any new recordings for RC? My friend went to school with Nathan and told me that they have been recording tracks for a cover album with Mutt Lang (Shania Twain`s producer) up in Canada. That would be awesome.

  posted by Tobin Marchbanks on April 9 2002

Have spoken with their producer John Alagia (DMB, Ben Folds, John Mayer) and he said they are making a new record with all new songs this summer.

  posted by Chris on April 9 2002

You can buy tickets at the door at the Bitter End. Try to show up a little early if possible. The last few RC shows have been extremely crowded. Lots of high school girls with fake ID`s. Joti Rockwell rules.

  posted by Iceman on April 9 2002

Does anyone know how to get tickets for the show this Friday at The Bitter End in New York City? Do we just call the club, or do we need to purchase at the club? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  posted by Ryan on April 8 2002

Bellingham show was great! I`m glad they were able to make over to Washington for a gig.

  posted by Luke on April 6 2002

oh bellingham. i only wish i was there. i`ll be at the dc show this coming thursday, though. haven`t seen the guys since last april`s shows at the point. who else is planning to hit up this staccato joint? and any of you who were at the last show there, is there a chance of it selling out (i`ve never been to the place, have no idea what it`s like!)? thanks =)

  posted by heather on April 6 2002

Has anyone seen Army street?

  posted by on April 3 2002

Are there any other Rockwell Church websites, i know there used to be some fan sites, but they are no longer up. Anyone know of any place for info besides this main site. Also, any info on a new record?

  posted by Carter on April 1 2002

My girlfriend got me listening to you guys and I think you guys are awsome. Please keep making good music cause every song you have is great. thanks, John

  posted by John on March 31 2002

Lost track of y`all after I graduated at P-ton in 1998. Glad I thought to check on you online. Very glad to see you`re still doing the music thing. I`ll be starting a PhD at Notre Dame in the fall...Any chance you`ll be in Chicago? Could yoube convinced to come to South Bend? Hope so. Best wishes.

  posted by Krista on March 28 2002

Well hello there. Rockwell Church, let me just say that you rock my world - completely. You are fabulous. And I feel the urge to inform you that my favorite song of all time is no less than, your very own, ""She Hung the Moon."" It`s very prety - but I feel I`m missing the whole of the song, since I am unsure of what, exactly, you mean by ""she hung the moon."" How exactly do you hang the moon? one of my friends asked me. So I told them, I`m not sure, but I think it`s a term used kind of like ""wow, she`s fabulous."" Of course, I couldn`t be sure. Anyway. Just hoping you, or someone, could give me a little insight to all that. :) Rock on, my friends - you truly are fabulous (thus, in my eyes, you hung the moon! :D)

  posted by Steph on March 26 2002

Hey guys!

It`s been a while since we last saw you in NC (Can`t remember the name of the club in Greensboro), but we`ll be there for the Wake Forest show! Been spinnin` the ego and some warm up the gong lately to get the fix. take it easy and we`ll see you on the 16th.


  posted by Erich Grant on March 24 2002

Awesome show at Passim!! Totally made my spring break excursion to Boston worthwhile. Texas loves RC!!!!

  posted by Reid on March 21 2002

Even though Nathan stole the elf from Passim, the show(3/14) rocked. I`ve got the recording from that night. Reed, if you`re out there, email me. Anyone else that is prepared to be nice to me and be patient can email me and we can maybe work out a trade or a B&P. It was really an awesome show. Come back soon guys, Passim loves you. :-)

  posted by Cher on March 18 2002

Lastnight at Club Passim was Amazing! Rockwell Church put on an awesome show. The girls of UCONN love you guys. Thanks for making day one of spring break a memorable one!PLease come back soon!

  posted by Martha on March 15 2002

Hey everyone! Just got into this group through someone else. You guys are from DC, so why not have a show around there...in McLean, Virginia, maybe? It`s only 10 minutes outside of the city. Or hey, come to Ithaca! We love you up here! And, hey, Bethesda would work as well! So many options! Thanks for your music, seriously, cause it makes me :)

  posted by Rachel Shaw on March 11 2002

You guys rock! I can`t stop listening to your CD`s. You need to come to Texas sometime. I have introduced your music to a lot of people. Everyone at my school like to chill to RC now. Take it easy. For links to other bands and what not go to my website @ www.hydroboy.sphosting.com

  posted by Tyler Brooks on March 8 2002

hey fellas just wanted to say i just purchased yalls cds from the aware store. i cant stop listening to them. yall rule. oh and yall need to come to oklahoma sometime soon.


  posted by Chris on March 3 2002

What`s shaken` in DC. You two should plan on making a trip north to Maine. Your style of music would definetely fly up here. Portland has plenty of cool bars to play at. The State Theater is a awesome place to see a band. I have seen Medeski Martin & Wood and Bob Dylan there. I you ever plan on heading to Boston, check out coming farther north. And it isn`t that cold up here. Later

  posted by John on February 28 2002

You finally came to Northern California, but keep playing at places for 21+. Us 19 and 20 year-olds are missing out on the spectacular Rockwell Chuch action! Any hope that you might play at an 18 and up place?

  posted by Jennifer Fox on February 25 2002

last year at merlefest i met a person named isaac. i got his number but i lost it. i dont know where he is now, and i was wondering if any one here knew him or how i could contact him. he mentioned something about his dad being a writer if that helps any. thanks for your help. my e-mail is on here if you need to contact me. nikki

  posted by nicole digilio on February 14 2002

while you`re in nashville...how about vermont? there`s good ice cream, skiing, and hippy spirit. so come...shout out to amanda at wellesley. I am currently in a class at the moment...that I had to hitch hike to! Fun shit like Rockwell humor.

  posted by sophia on February 12 2002

hey i wanted to tell you guys how great your music is and wanted to know when you were going to make down to nashville?

  posted by jensen on February 11 2002

I`d love to see Rockwell Church in Ohio. Any plans of coming out this way?

  posted by Jeremy on February 10 2002

Nate- I love the sweet Hall and Oates 80s rock star picture when the site opens. I`ve been camped out sellin Rockwell Church t-shirts outside of Eddies Attic in Decatur, GA waiting for you guys to come back and am making a pretty good living for myself. My boy the Rooster remembers the show from a couple years ago and he never stops talking about it. He said that if he could do it all over again, he would have been a Westmoreland Bay-Bay and would have played hoops for Bob Wood for as many freshman years as he could have legally repeated. It`s good to see you guys are still at it. Come back to Atlanta soon - it`s been a long 724 days.

  posted by Leather Taco on February 9 2002

I first heard about RC from ecircles in 1999. I downloaded better days and since then i was hooked. Your music is really the greatest. Although RC is unknown in my country i bought all 4 CDs online. All my friends are already listening to your music, they are very impressed. If you guys gonna start a worldwide tour please begin from Singapore. Your kind of music will go a long way!

  posted by jezreel mok on February 7 2002

I saw the show in Bryn Mawr at the Point last week, and I must say it was amazing. I was wondering where I could find a slower version of ""i know you forget me everyday"" like was played at the concert -- all the one`s i`ve found are faster and heavier. I LOVED the way y`all played it at The Point!!!

  posted by Lauren on February 7 2002

I just saw RC this past weekend in NYC and they were ON FIRE. The girls go crazy.. they know all the words. It`s the bomb. It`s so great that I asked my two celebrity friends what they thought. As you can see they were VERY impressed.

<img src=""http://www.prinnt.com/godspeed/best_picture_ever.jpg"">


  posted by Flailey on February 5 2002

Well, alas I have seen Rockwell Church. After having listened to your music for almost 4 years now and never been able to leave Alabama to see a show, Friday night at the Point was to me the Christmas morning of a five year old who has been asking for a Nintendo since he was able to talk. The Point is a great venue and both shows were awesome! Although flying into Philly for only 15 hours may seem ridiculous, it was worth more than I`d bargained for, and I thank ya`ll for that. Many funny stories came from just trying to find my way in, what is to me, a big city. I hope to see ya`ll sometime soon if you come down here. Peace out from your boys down south!

  posted by Hunter on February 2 2002

My apologies for missing the Chicago show boys. Ohio is the evil do-er state. I hope that you received your packages okay. I promise I will be at the next show! I heard that Joti needs to bone up on the Golden Girls theme song. ""Thank you for being a friend...""

All my best- Gina

  posted by Gina on February 1 2002

I am a recent (but very loyal) fan. I`ve caught two shows so far (Schuba`s), and am eagerly awaiting another. Come back to Chicago, SOON, please!!! P.S. You guys are beautiful!!! P.S.S. It`s my birthday today, oh what I`d give to have you sing happy birthday to ME :-) Well, a girl can dream, right???

  posted by MandaRae on February 1 2002

I second the motion from alabama ryan. Good to see you posting on this board. We are flying all the way from bama on friday to see your shows in philly. I can hardly wait.

  posted by Cooper Gouge on January 29 2002

I caught the show at Schuba`s this weekend, and it was marvelous. I already dug the music, and hearing it live made it much better. Also, Joti looks remarkably like the boy who loves me. That doesn`t really have anything to do with anything, but I thought it was kind of cool.

  posted by Sara on January 29 2002

hey guys, just wanted to let you know how awesome i think your music is. i live in alabama where mentioning the name ""ROCKWELL CHURCH"" normally is answered with, ""...is that a choir?"" just wanted to let you know me and my buddies are doing the best we can to spread your music to everyone we meet. hopefully, we can make a trip to see a show sometime soon. keep on playing guys, its hard to find a solid band nowadays. thanks!

  posted by Ryan on January 28 2002

Just wanted to say I went to the show last night at Schuba`s in Chicago. I am a very recent fan, but I was completely blown away by the performance. I think big things will happen for this band with a little more exposure. Keep up the hard work guys, and I`ll continue the support. If anyone has any live bootlegs they want to trade, give me an e-mail.

  posted by Thomas J. on January 27 2002

I saw the show at Schuba`s last night and it was great. I`ve loved ""through the fall"" for years but had never been to a show. What was that song with the lyrics ""can i kiss you?""

  posted by Beth on January 27 2002

I saw the show at Schuba`s last night and it was great. I`ve loved ""through the fall"" for years but had never been to a show. What was that song with the lyrics ""can i kiss you?""

  posted by Beth on January 27 2002

Through the Fall and Superego are both amazing, wonderful records. Those should be the first RC discs you buy.

  posted by Patrick on January 23 2002

whats up its me again.. i was gonna go buy a rockwell church cd and im just getting into them recently so i was wondering what you guys think their best cd...alrite cool let me know..peace

  posted by Jane on January 20 2002

as for lyrics, try www.rockwellchurch.org (great site, although i don`t believe it`s been updated recently). which cd should you buy? all four, of course. but if you`re forced to choose just one right now, i`d get inches from the ground.

  posted by heather on January 20 2002

To my new favorite band....Come to Colorado!!!

  posted by ChristieB. on January 19 2002

if anyone knows where u can find lyrics for any of their songs please email thats be very cool..thanks peace and love

  posted by jane on January 19 2002

hey, just wanted to let you know that i love your music and that you guys have been spreading around here..hope you can come to ohio sometime soon..especially in the cincinnati area..you guys would draw a ton.

  posted by Doug on January 18 2002

Hey, is there any place one can find some of the bands lyrics?

  posted by Andy B on January 17 2002

hi amanda! shall we make this our personal chat space? It`s cool being amongst the kick ass prescence of the band. see you friday, man. And to Rockwell Church...if you ever read this shit: you`re good and people stop in their tracks when they hear your music playing in my dorm room. They get chill-er. Your music is chill. word...to you.

  posted by sophia on January 9 2002

yahhhhhhh! bethesda rocks! i second that!

  posted by Paul Dryden on January 8 2002

come to middlebury college...middlebury vermont. People will come see you over skiing...you guys are good and people here know that...I certainly do. if vermont is too random ass perform soon in boston again...please! keep up the good work and happy new year.

  posted by sophia on January 8 2002

sophia, you british razzer!!! nice you see you on this board.

  posted by Amanda on January 8 2002


  posted by Joey McD on January 3 2002

Happy New Year! I was wondering if you have any idea of your schedule for 2002? When are you coming to Chicago? I saw you last in Boston and now I`m in the midwest and in need of a little live Rockwell Church. Have a good year!

  posted by Jenn on January 2 2002

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