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Rockwell Church!
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Welcome to our guestbook!

If you'd like to leave a comment for Nathan and Joti, this is the place. They've been known to occasionally stop by and post some comments too. Thanks for visiting the site, we hope you come back soon!

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okay, not to make this one really small world or anything but paul dryden - do you post on the dispatch message board?? your name sounds really familiar.... just wondering!

  posted by Amanda on December 29 2001

hey... i love ""she hung the moon"". its well-written and very very beautiful. thank you for your music.

  posted by sarah on December 22 2001

hold on -- did either of you go to whitman high school? a friend of mine sent me the link, and you sound eerily familiar. just curious.

  posted by mary on December 19 2001

mary, is this mary stevenson?? if not, whatever... one of the guys from their band just e-mailed me and said they went to bcc (class of 93)...... weird coincedences... peace, paul

  posted by Paul Dryden on December 19 2001

Hey Joti, I know that DC Central Kitchen offers a great program--they help lots of hungry people around here. Thanks for contributing your proceeds to them! Woo Hooo!I`ll be there.

  posted by Simi on December 14 2001

you guys need to go on tour again soon! we`re all hurtin` to see you again!

  posted by Amanda on December 10 2001

I saw you in Alexandria, VA a couple of years ago, and now I`ve moved west, and would LOVE to see you again! PLEASE come to Tucson!!

  posted by Abby on December 6 2001

Isabel - you can get the lyrics if you buy the cd!!! It`s one of my favorite songs, too.

  posted by Abby on December 6 2001

Good to see you at BMC. Love that new song...Nathan--I`d let you kiss me any time. :)

  posted by Carrie on December 4 2001

Hey! you guys are amazing! i love your music so much! but i have a little problem that maybe someone can help me out with...where can i get the lyrics to ""she hung the moon?"" it`s my favorite song, and i love it soo much! i would love it if someone would help me out here, but if ya can`t, it`s all good, i still love you guys!!!!!!!

  posted by Isabel on December 4 2001

I second a recent post. You guys must come visit the great Pacific Northwest. Come up to Seattle!

  posted by Jen on November 28 2001

Hi there, I truly love your music and I`m from Singapore. Pretty much a small country but if you could make it to our shores, please do alright.. would love to see you guys perform live, it must be spectacular! Take care and all the best!

  posted by dynki on November 23 2001

Hey, your guys are great! I saw you perform at the University of West Florida in Pensacola, FL, back in 1998. I really enjoyed the show. You perform so well together, a wonderful combination of great acoustics and vocals! Any chance you guys can come down to Tampa/ University of South Florida?!?!?! :-)

  posted by Jamie on November 16 2001

You guys are awesome, come to Seattle!!!

  posted by yoni on November 15 2001

Hey guys! I just was introduced to your music yesturday by sister who lives in Los Angeles and I`ve fallen in love with it already!! I go to Wake Forest University and definitely think you should make your way to good ol` North Carolina for a show or two :) We`d love to have you!! -Liz

  posted by Liz on November 14 2001

PLEASE! Tour the South soon!!!!

  posted by DavidsonCollegeCuban on November 9 2001

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know how much your music kicks ass!! I`ve been listening to you for a couple of years, and have never seen you live. When you find the time, you should do a tour of the Midwest for sure, and make a stop in Cincinnati, OH for a show. I know a lot of people around here that would love to see you! Touring is one of the best ways to promote yourselves!


  posted by Darren on November 9 2001

ei! wats up guys! know wat? ur music rules! know wat? ur musics has been nd will alwalys be a great inspiration 2 my band here in the phillipines! big thnx 2 u! right now where tryin to play send it up coz it really a very good music! well,hope to hear more good musics from guys!

  posted by bernard on November 8 2001

I saw you guys last April in Virginia,with my brother. I live in Southern California. Are you gonna be playing out here any time soon?! I would love to see you again. thanks for the music, Marina

  posted by Marina on October 24 2001

Joti- You gave my friend and I your CD on our flight from Chicago to Boston, I`m the one who gave you all those great synonyms. Anyway, I love it, thanks so much. I look forward to an opportunity to see you guys play in Chicago. Good luck to you.

  posted by Laurie Gillman on October 23 2001

Nathan and Joti, spectacular show @ the Passim on Saturday night. I was awe`d to see you perform in person, finally!!! Garlic Devastation is a must for a future song!!!! and the girl who was selling your CD`s after the first show, (her voice sounded pretty hoarse), but she was really hott!!!! don`t let her go......

  posted by Lee on October 23 2001

Saw you guys for the billionth time at the Point earlier this month with your band. It was the best you`ve ever sounded. You guys keep moving up and outward. Kudos, my heros.

  posted by hot4UinHaverford on October 23 2001

Hey-it`s me for the second post in a row. But i was just curious if anyone had or knew where i could get the lyrics to Apollo, b/c i have to do a project on the god, so i thought to bring the song into my presentation would be a nice touch. But i don`t have the CD jacket from that album, so does anyone know? If you do, feel free to email me, i at least check that once a day. Thanks

Lauren ""Suppose i said you`re my saving grace..""

  posted by Lauren on October 22 2001

Hey- I just caught Nate and Joti at Passim on the 20th (the first sold out show of the evening, very impressive) But i just wanted to say that it was a good time, and thank you very much for playing Dream it made my night. And congrats on selling out both shows, i hope the 2nd one went well for all that were there. And i will keep waiting for garlic devastation to hit the sound waves ;) Lauren ""I wanna tade in these wings, mine don`t work like your`s do""

  posted by Lauren on October 21 2001

You guys are awesome -- but you have to play more shows! DC/Baltimore area especially...

  posted by Stephen Liu on October 19 2001

You guys are an inspiration! Every song speaks a new story which I can totally relate to, or else something I`ve always wanted to say. You guys are extremely talented and you`ve gotta come visit us down here in Atlanta! Keep up the great work -

  posted by Joel on October 15 2001

RC hurry up! you guys need to come to Texas(or back to TX) I heard you guys made it to southbysouthwest in Austin but I`m not sure. Your sound is such an imspiration to my life.You guys are in good company being part of my all-time influential bands/singersongwriters. Here`s the list Toad the Wet Sprocket,The Lemonheads,Jackopierce(now Cary Pierce),Matthew Sweet,David Garza,Vertical Horizon(man...RC fans,if you guys dig RC try Vertical Horizon`s There and Back Again....awesome),vintage REM,and Smoking Popes to name a few. Anyways you guys are one of the reasons I pick up my guitar everyday.

  posted by Felix S on October 15 2001

I ran across some of your music downloading Guster. I happened to download ""Holding Out"" and I haven`t been able to stop listening to you guys since. I love you lyrics, they keep me company. Thanks

  posted by Jessie on October 15 2001

I love y`all...you just need to play in the southeast sometime! I saw you a couple years ago in Chattanooga, but that is the closest you`ve come. I`m in Auburn, AL...we need some good music here too :) Thanks

  posted by Nicole Irvin on October 12 2001

Just wanted to say how great you guys are and that you have fans down in Texas. I would also like to promote a little. I play in a band called Sly Letter. We are an acoustic sextet with influences from Rockwell Church among others. Our CD is currently guarranteed at www.awarestore.com that means if you think it stinks then you can return it with no cost. Thanks for reading this!

Spreading the Rockwell gospel in Texas,


  posted by Chris Edwards on October 11 2001

I missed the SF show but HOPEFULLY there will be another soon- Love the lyrics-

  posted by None on October 11 2001

hey, saw you guys for the first time since 1997 (princeton) at Staccato in adams morgan...you guys are still awesome...and even though i requested isn`t she everything for the encore, Joti, you were right, you had something better :) keep up the great work...

  posted by Amy Todd on October 9 2001

Could someone email me and send me or tell me where to find tabs? (especially she hung the moon!), thanks a lot

  posted by Brendan on October 8 2001

Your music has been a saving grace in difficult times. Life would be much less interesting without you guys. Keep up the genius.

  posted by Alex on October 6 2001

Hey guys, I just wanted to write in to tell you how much I enjoy your music. I`m a big Pat Magee Band fan and I was at one of their concerts earlier this summer when they came to play in Atlanta and I met some guy who was like, ""If you like them, you should get the Rockwell Church album."" So I went and bought Through the Fall and I was hooked from then on. You guys should swing by Atlanta if you get a chance, I know so many people who would LOVE to hear you guys play here.

  posted by Joseph on October 6 2001

Hey- GREAT Point show tonight! You guys just get better & better every time! I also enjoyed Stephen Kellogg as well- Does anyone on here know if he has a web site I can check out? or does anyone know his email adress? I bought 2 of his cds & they`re both great. Thanx again for another great show- Can`t wait till next time! One last thing- I loved how you busted on P. Diddy!

  posted by Brian on October 6 2001

hey guys, ive been a fan for quite a while...i used to sit in the edie living room and listen to you two play (joeys my best friend) im really excited to see you in MA---keep it up guys!!

  posted by Megan on October 3 2001

I loved your show in SF! Please come back soon!!

  posted by Nipon Das on September 30 2001

You guys have some really awesome and powerful lyrics, you should release some of them!!

  posted by Randy on September 25 2001

you know, the front page of this site says ""come and see us at any of our upcoming shows..."" how can we do that if you never play any shows? show the fans some love. we`d love to see you live. really enjoy your music. would probably enjoy it more if i saw it being played in person. that`s all for now.

  posted by twan on September 21 2001

YES!!! I just got the best news ever! I am going to visit my brother in college in PA on October 6th! You guys are playing in PA than! Now I just have to convince the rents to let me go. Well, anyways, I really want a RC bootleg. If any of you wanna trade for any other band (I have lots, just not RC) email me. Rockwellchurchfan@stuartfriedel.com Also if you have any Pat McGee bootlegs gimme a shout too. Thanx, and peace.

  posted by Stuart Friedel on September 18 2001

Hey, does anyone here know if they sell the Warm Up the Gong EP at their shows? If so, email me!

  posted by Brian on September 14 2001

hey guys! i have an older brother, Reid, who absolutely loves you guys. he listens to you all the time, so i do to. you guys are incredibly talented and i too love your stuff. we live in austin and he came all the way up to boston just to see you guys live this summer. he met you, but i dont know if you remember him. we are both students at texas a&m university, and i would give anything to get you guys to come down here-my brother would go nuts! we actually have great venues here, so dont overlook us,please! you guys are awesome. take it easy.

  posted by Sarah on September 6 2001

Hey Guys, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your music and what you do. Whenever I`m down or even when I`m happy I pop in one of your cds and instantly the day gets better ... :) So, thanks for doing what you do and sharing your gifts and talents.

  posted by Diane on August 30 2001

I`ve been a fan now for over a year and just now found the need to convey what your talent means to me. Your music transcends industry, perceptions, classification...it is pure, true and envokes feeling. I appreciate both your talent for what it speaks and gives to everyone. I wish you continued success and discovery in your art.

  posted by Stymie on August 27 2001

We think you guys are great. Are you guys going to be coming to Indianapolis (or anywhere in Indiana)? We would love to see you in concert...you`ve got a nice following around here and we`re just waiting for the days you guys tour here. Well, hope you are doing great and we hope to see you in concert soon!

  posted by Byron and Kelly on August 19 2001

When are you guys coming back to LA? Fortunately you are a better guitar player than horse shoe thrower. The bad guys can`t be beat! Joe and I are ready when you are. Don`t forget to incorporate the ""la figa"" into your shows for vitality.

  posted by Jesse on August 15 2001

Just wanted to drop in and say hi! Not to sound like a broken record on the boards, but you guys are AWESOME and don`t be shy of the south! Peppermint Ice Cream Always, Leah

  posted by Leah on August 14 2001

Just a quick note to say that you guys both are extremely talented. I have all of your music and frequently get asked ""who is that, i really like them"" You should definitely try to get into the upstate NY/ Vermont area more so all these people i`ve been filling in can catch you live!!!!

  posted by Matt on August 9 2001

Hey Guys! Great show at the Point last month. We`re looking forward to 2 shows next time!!! I finally bought Superego(after listening to copies for so long) It was great meeting you guys! See you at the Point!

  posted by Kim on August 8 2001

Hey guys,

Thanks for a great show at Passim last week. The time warp was definitely strange. The last time I saw/heard the two of you perform together we were singing ""Candle on the Water"" in the Westbrook All-Purpose room. I would have requested it but thought the reference too obscure and the song too horrific. Nathan, congrats on the wedding and tell your parents I am sorry I did not get a chance to say hi. Joti, my dad wants to know if you are still playing baseball.

Send me an email next time you`re in town and I will buy you some Guinness.


  posted by Mike Lambert on August 7 2001

Hi--I just went to your show at the Bitter End in New York and I must say, you guys were fabulous! I especially loved your rendition of ""Genie in a Bottle"" (a bit better than Christina`s I`d say!). Too bad you couldn`t play longer...oh well...Ya think you`ll ever be coming out to Pittsburgh any time soon (I attend Carnegie Mellon U.)? I`d love to see you guys perform again--I`m a big fan! Anyway, great show, and just keep doing the great things you`re doing--you guys are really talented.

  posted by Joanna on August 5 2001

Hey guys! I`m the redhead you helped get into The Bitter End tonight. Thanks again for everything: the show, your music, your autographs-- your lack of vanity. You two are the best! It would be really great if you guys could come out to Pittsburgh and turn on a whole new crowd of people. Joanna and I (the post below me) go to Carnegie Mellon and I`m sure they would love to have you on campus. I`ll definitely check into that for you and let you know. Nathan, thank you for your lyrics. It`s a rare thing when someone can put down on paper what`s in your head. Can`t wait to see you guys again. Love always, Whitney

  posted by Whitney on August 5 2001

Hey guys. I saw you play a few years ago at Salem College and I was an instant fan. I`m glad to hear you have done so well. Any chance you`ll come to Knoxville, TN???? And I`d love to hear you on the radio here

  posted by Lea on August 4 2001

So Nathan, now that you are married does this mean that I have to sleep with Joti now when I ""hang out"" after the show?

  posted by Cynthia McCleveland on August 3 2001

Wondering if the show at Bitter End is a 21 over show

  posted by Andy on August 2 2001

Me again, forgot to ask if anyone has any Rockwell Church tabs, preferably She hung the moon, thanks in advance

  posted by Andy on August 2 2001

Please play `Love Song` by Tesla this Saturday night at Bitter End. Thank you. your friend, Billy M.

  posted by ButterFoot on July 31 2001

Nathan and Joti -- right now I am listening to ""Superego"" in my study as I work on a sermon based on Lk 12:34, ""for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."" So far I have ""Jesus said, `in the battle between the ego and the id...`""

Anyway, I enjoyed officiating at your wedding, Nathan; loved hearing your classical piece, Joti; and ask you to convey my best to the lovely Lindsay. Lorne

  posted by Fr Lorne Coyle on July 30 2001

Hey you two... I had a fabulous time at the Passim show on Saturday... I absolutely loved the version of ""I Know You FOrget Me Everyday""...my favorite! I was so happy you played it! Good times...Thanks!!! And congratulations Nathan!

  posted by Julie-Ann on July 30 2001

Hey Joti, I have been in Tanzania for quite a while now, but what a fun surprise to find you guys playing outside of the coop! Now I can replace my old dubbed cassettes with CDs! Too bad I checked in today, missed the show in Boston last night. Are you guys playing any shows this fall?

  posted by Carrie Oelberger on July 29 2001

Great show last night! I dragged my friends along, kicking and screaming... for some reason, they always think that my musical taste will suck, and then they`re always disappointed when it doesn`t. Can`t wait to see you in Wisconsin (give me some time, I`ll try to set up a show.) Oh, and how`d you like that comic book? (I say that like you`re ever going to read this... let alone respond... ah well.)

  posted by Marissa on July 28 2001

Nathan & Joti - You are amazing. Your music is so passionate & so moving. I saw you perform in Indianapolis several years ago & begged our Activities Director to get you to come to the University of Dubuque. You were unbelievable in Dubuque! After graduation, I moved to the burbs of Chicago & am so excited you`ll be here July 29th! I just purchased SuperEgo & love it. Hopefully you`ll play some of your new music at the show... Can`t wait to hear you live again :)

  posted by Jennifer Dunlay-Bell on July 23 2001

Hey you guys rock!! I saw you at the Stanford Coho and loved your performance. I swear if you come anywhere in Washington (state) I`ll bring you a band of fans. Come to Seattle, I swear you`ll be embraced, or for that matter, come back to Stanford too this year!! Keep up the awesome work :)

  posted by Misa on July 23 2001

I like the site, but I like the music better :) When are you guys coming to Georgia?

  posted by Angelo Lakra on July 21 2001

Can you please come to NYC. Thanks

  posted by sandy on July 16 2001

Saw you play at Princeton a few months ago...I love your music! You have to come to Cleveland this summer, or Columbus, or Pittsburgh, or Toledo, just somewhere in the Mid West. Keep playing and having fun!

  posted by Jeff on July 10 2001

Hi Jodi and Nathan. Just wanted to let you two know that i made sure that everyone at Bethesda Chevy Chase High School heard Superego. No surprise here: everyone loves it! I just graduated, and i totally plan on bringing a bunch of copies of your CDs with me down to Tulane in New Orleans where i will be going to school. You all rock, and everyone here in Bethesda, where it all began, loves the new CD. keep up the good work and i want to see you at Parkers again someday. You`re so coooool, Jeff Schiffman

  posted by Jeff Schiffman on June 22 2001

To get tickets for the Cambridge show, call Club Passim at (617)492-7679. Tickets are $10. You have to leave a message on their machine with your name, address, and I think your credit card number. They let you know exactly what to do on the message.

  posted by Kate on June 18 2001

Any more information on the July show at Passim in Cabridge Mass? I will be out there and definitely want to go. Any one with information on tickets?

  posted by ryan on June 2 2001

Hey guys. Just wanted to let you know that you are awesome! I listen to you in whatever mood i am in. Oh, you need to play in Baltimore this summer please. Keep playin, you`re so great.

  posted by Kristen on May 30 2001

Nathan -- Superego -- Awesome!!!! ""Steady Ready Strong"" and ""Talk So Heavy"" are my personal favorites. Love the edgier side of this CD. Got it just after I saw you on Mother`s Day, and have been playing it ever since. Can`t help but think that the island inspired some of the songs. How appropriate for Jean and Alan -- their summer oasis and music lovers at heart. Looking forward to seeing you perform live in Boston or Hartford (UConn) someday soon. your cuz....

  posted by Lee McPherson on May 30 2001

I would just like to add my enthousiasm for some other people`s requests for lyrics on your website. Right now, I`m at work with nothing to do and I have a song stuck on my head... Though there isn`t anything I`d rather have stuck on my head, it`s still annoying to only be able to come up with certain parts of a song. Also, please put up tour dates for this summer. It would be really nice if you could play a gig in Atlanta. There are plenty of us here who love your music, plus I bring some of my friends and make them new fans! Good luck where ever you`re playing. I`m sure it will be great!

  posted by Molly Glenn on May 29 2001

in response to everybody who has been asking for lyrics, if you all were to open up the CD booklets, there are lyrics for all of the songs. or is everyone just downloading for free while the RC boys are slaving rying to make music?

  posted by Hu Flung Pu on May 29 2001

number 11 on your second cd is awesome...whos that soul in the picture frame...i used it for an awesome slide show that i did for my school on a mural i had on my wall it was fuckin awesome... the mural is of a guy that is painted black so you can only see the outline of his body and there are colors all around the body...everybody wanted to know where i got the cd from...my mom works at the princeton art museum so that is how we found out about you guys...if you guys ever wanted to see the slides and you are in princeton write me an e-mail...the slides are so your taste and you would love them!...thanks..

  posted by emmy on May 26 2001

Hey guys. I don`t know if you`ll be reading this, but what the hell. I`m a big phan of you guys from Toronto, Canada. I heard you on a filler I got from a Pat McGee tape and now I have Through the Fall and a few more shows. I was wondering if you guys would ever come to Toronto, because I know a bunch of people who`d come and check that out. peace out guys and keep livin`


  posted by Shain Shapiro on May 24 2001

Just want to let everybody know we WILL be playing this summer - look for us in the usual places - San Francisco, DC, NYC, Philly, Chicago, Boston, and anywhere else you`ll have us. Dates posted soon. Lots of new stuff we`re looking forward to playing for you...love, N

  posted by Nathan on May 23 2001

Hey Guys

  posted by SA on May 22 2001

No tour dates this summer guys??? I had to miss your last show at The Point because I was in the ER all night long...so I was hoping to get the opportunity to make up for the missed show, this summer. Hopefully you will come around the DC/Baltimore area real soon. Love you guys!!

  posted by Ryan on May 22 2001

I`ve just recently stumbled onto Rockwell Church and have been amazed at how every song pleases the ear. I`ve heard that She Hung The Moon is one of the more popular and I`ve tabbed out it and Bad Vacation for any aspiring players.So if you`re out camping or something and there is no CD player you can still show your friends how good Rockwell Church is. Thanks for all the great sounds guys, i hope to see you in concert, it sounds like you put on a great show.

  posted by Aaron Sebens on May 22 2001

My boyfriend`s band was playing your cd during a break at a show, and everyone loved it. Your harmonies are incredible, and your writing abilities are amazing! Ya`ll should come to Louisiana and play some shows. Not only is the food great, but your fan base could be expanded exponentially. Ya`ll are some truly talented musicians, and ""musicians"" are not easy to find in today`s music scene.

  posted by MaryLeah on May 21 2001

come on tour in... MICHIGAN!

  posted by Ashley on May 15 2001


  posted by DAVIS MOISE on May 5 2001

Hey, I saw y`all in DC at my friend`s graduation party a couple of years back. You guys did a great job. I have been a huge fan ever since. I liked the Bruce Springsteen cover you all did. Thanks!

  posted by Meg on May 2 2001

hi! I`ve been introduced to you by a new friend. I met him while working at a ski resort in Colorado. He is an absolute fan of yours and I guess i`m one too by association! My question to you, is whan are you coming to South Africa, where I live? We`d feel priviledged by you visiting us!!!

  posted by Richelle Sher on May 2 2001

I saw y`all last night at Stanford! You were great! I`m ordering the cd right now. Come back some time soon. And come play in Charlotte, NC (my home town) some time this summer!! I`ve been a fan ever since I heard you on AWARE.

  posted by Sarah on April 27 2001

I saw you guys for the first time at Passim when you opened for Howie Day and since then I am totally addicted! Keep up the fabulous work! Looking forward to seeing you again sometime soon!

  posted by Swirlygirl on April 23 2001

You guys are amazing, I am going to the Santa Cruz show (my friend Lynz is opening for you guys) and can`t wait to see you. Wanted to let you knwo you have fans out here in Cali!

  posted by Lucinda Romain on April 23 2001

Hey I just say you guys at Ripon College, and you were great! I was wondering where I could find some lyrics... help if you can! You may be my new favorites! Hope to see you guys back at Ripon soon.

  posted by Jessica on April 22 2001

I saw you two at The Point a couple of weeks ago... and I just have to say DAMN, Joti, when you bust out with ""One Mo`gin"" that was just... amazing! Your sex appeal went up 10,000 points within the first five seconds of that song. The D`Angelo version just hasn`t cut it since then... sigh.

  posted by new fan on April 21 2001

That was not acceptable in the slightest. I don`t know who that incorrigable punk was at the Charter club show playing his ""drums"" but I assure you he is not welcome at an institution with a tradition such as that. Despite his turtleneck and cheap sailor`s outfit, this man was clearly not of the caliber appropriate for this club, his furrowed eyebrows and sloping forehead gave him a way for what he truly is - a neanderthal, or possibly Irish.

I beg of you, for all that is good, to prevent such a tragedy from ever taking place again.

Respectfully, EWT, III esq.

  posted by Winthrop Thorpe, III" on April 20 2001

I just heard your song, ""She Hung the Moon"". It is excellence in songwriting and performance. I am a Singer/Songwriter and I could only dream of writing a song like this one. Bravo!

  posted by Tim on April 20 2001

Daca este cineva din romania poate sa-mi trimita un e-mail laestdoru.usanet

  posted by florescudoru on April 17 2001

Sunt un baiat singur din romania am 21 de ani ,1,97,90Kg ochi caprui ,brunet ,si nu as mai vrea sa fiu .MA PUTETI AJUTA?

  posted by doru on April 17 2001

whatsup guys...im a college student at Boston College and heard your song ""she hung the moon"" for the first time and just want you to know that youve got a couple new fans and to keep kicking ass...best of luck fellas.

  posted by Brent Mathews on April 15 2001

This is to Shelly, Guess what, I`m in the process of trying to organize a show here at the Coast Guard Academy. Let me know if`d like to work with me on that.

  posted by Pabs on April 15 2001

DAMN! thats all i have to say... you guys are so DAMN good its unreal. that DAMN cowboy hat song needs to go on a cd that song is DAMN good. DAMN!

  posted by J-Dubbs on April 15 2001

I keep religously checking the site to see if there will ever be any shows in the south. I am just a sick little kid in the hospital and all I need to get better is just one show in a 400 mile radius. That is all I am asking for. Want you grant a sick kids request. Lol, not really, but please play some in the south sometime soon

  posted by Cooper Gouge on April 11 2001

What about playing for the folks at Conn. College and US Coast Guard Academy......

  posted by Shelly on April 11 2001

I`m looking forward to the next NYC show.

  posted by Petdog on April 10 2001

ron bebe jonx.

gimme back some of them jonx.

  posted by anon on April 10 2001

I was wondering if anyone out there had taped the show at The Point on April 7th. If so, would you please email me back at toad_0@hotmail.com. Also, the music sounds great guys, keep it up.

  posted by Derek on April 10 2001

Hey guys,just wanted to say keep up the good work--I saw you about 4 years ago at Princeton and I`ve been hooked ever since...Right now, I`m in sydney so i`m missing all the DC area shows, but come to play at Georgetown!!! Hope to come to a show when i get back.

  posted by Amy on April 9 2001

Good gig in New York last week. Joti taking a turn ticklin the ivories gave the new songs an interesting texture and i`m glad to see the two of you continuing to explore different sounds and layerings. If I could make a personal plea, though, bring back the banjo to your live shows sometime. Others might find it cheezy but I`ve heard the two of you make it work. Who else can mix classic rock, pastoral pop and folk`y yearnings? (And sarcastically reverent renditions of Aguilera?) Keep on rockin` and have fun on the road -

  posted by ^^J on April 9 2001

you guys rocked my world at the point. i miss you already. come back!!! thanks for a great night.

  posted by :) on April 8 2001

Let me just say that you guys put Britney Spears to shame tonight at the Point. I thought your sound with a full band was incredible. Joti, I was dissapointed that you played the shaggy lick for you solo in Bad Vacation. The solo you usually play is awesome, maybe next time. Great job!!

  posted by Dennis on April 8 2001

Great show at the Point last night!! The full band blew me away--esp. on Chandelier, You`re so cool, and she hung.. Gotta love Oops and the fuck you song----ispired us to go home and jam until morning. Thanks guys, hope to catch you in Princeton

  posted by Brian on April 8 2001

OH I forgot---CURIOUS really rocked last night!!!!

  posted by Brian on April 8 2001

Hey guys, thanx again for putting on such a great show last night at The Point- You actually made Ooops I Did It Again sound good! I wuz a little dissapointed you didn`t play Better Days or Jack & Jill. Oh well, great cover of Genie in a Bottle. That was HILLARIOUS when the fire alarm went off while you guys were playing!(In case anyone`s wondering, The Point is right across the street from the Bryn Mawr Fire Station- Last night during the 7:00 show while they were playing the alarm went off & 3 fire trucks went out). And of course I loved the joke you made about the McDonald`s down the road- You`re right though- what`s up with black & yellow? Where`s the traditional red? LOL. Great show, you guys sound awesome with a full band- Come back soon! And thanx for signing my cd.

  posted by Brian on April 8 2001

Guys: What a show last night! I had a blast and I hope you guys are back ASAP! Ever thought of playing at the University of Delaware? Let me know!

  posted by Kate on April 8 2001

great show last night at the pointe! it was so nice to see you play again. you sounded awesome with your friends joining in and rocking with you, it put a wonderful sound to ""she hung the moon."" i`m sure i`ll see you again next time your in bryn mawr!

  posted by kristi on April 8 2001

Great show last night at The Point in Bryn Mawr! Thanks to a friend of mine who invited me to the show, you have a new fan!! I have never seen a band for the first time, and actually loved every song. I look forward to hearing more from you in the future! Best of luck, and I hope you make it back to Philly soon. Hopefully next time you will not be accompanied by the Bryn Mawr Fire Department!

  posted by Kat on April 8 2001

Hey guys, I gotta agree with Sara G. Head out here to the Midwest. Your music is beautiful and we need more of it here.

  posted by Christy on April 6 2001

Your email about the show at the Point said you are playing with a full band. I`m excited to hear what that sounds like live. See ya saturday.

  posted by Dennis on April 5 2001


  posted by Judzy on April 1 2001

wonderful show in Ohio. yay for first concerts! now what`s this I hear about a show in La? is that Los Angeles or Louisiana? because if it is in louisiana I will be overjoyed. anywho, just wanted to say nice meeting you guys finally and keep singing father says I do!

  posted by Karin Hardin on March 30 2001


Greetings from Ireland, Judzy here and i just want to tell you that when i heard ""she hung the moon"" i fell inlove with the song! IN LOVE WITH IT!!!! i think it is truely fantastic, and im gonna nip down to Cool disks and demand the album! Thanx again!

all the best

Judd xxx

  posted by Judzy on March 30 2001

Hey! Come to the Midwest. There`s a great venue in Ames, IA, at Iowa State University called the Maintenence Shop. If you like college stops, you could also hit The Mill in University of Iowa. Take in the Minneapolis show too....please.

  posted by Sara G on March 29 2001

Joti- Hope everything is going well for you guys on the road. I`m hoping to catch your show in NYC on the 6th! I actually had a favor to ask - Could you possibly post or send me the tab/chords to Geneva and If I Wanted? Great songs both - especially the picked patterns. Best,

  posted by Kevin on March 23 2001

Hey, I just learned about Rockwell Church from my friend Lynz at UC Santa Cruz. You guys are awesome, and I can only hope that some day I will be near one of your concerts, or you could come on down to Arizona!?! Keep up the great music. I love it!

  posted by Sean Mahoney on March 20 2001

Please come back to NC! Please come back to NC!

  posted by Liz on March 19 2001

There is a rumor about another RC ""private performance"" at a very intimate spot in La. this May. Hopefully more details will emerge soon. DD- I guess 2, your number is most certainly 1. No zamboni for your dedos. Not now, not ever.

  posted by Ice Man Survives on March 19 2001

Hey, I totally love your music, I came to this site looking for some lyrics so I could quote them correctly, but I couldn`t find the songs I wanted. Any way you guys could post some of the lyrics on the site? Thanks =)

  posted by Karin McAnaney on March 17 2001

i`ve been a fan for years and just want to say that you are quite an inspiration. unfortunately, when you played my hometown greensboro,nc back in january, i was somewhere out in the cold hiking the appalachian trail. i hear you put on an incredible live show. one of these days.....

also- does anyone have an live RC? let me know.


  posted by grizzly adam on March 14 2001

Hi everyone...I thought it was weird that we haven`t written anything in a while. We so appreciate all the messages you post here - definitely keeps us going! Especially the one from the UK about my momma`s cusses. Anyway, we`re trying to grind out a few new songs and hopefully will have them for you at the east coast shows in April...lots of dates in April so come say hi, wherever you are. See you soon.

  posted by Nathan on March 14 2001

By the way, what is all of this talk about genies? Someone told me to check this page out. There is a rumor going around that still-fan-though-disappointment Ice Man was once hit in the head with a bottle that had a genie in it. Apparently he asked for a backpack but was just thrown into the back of a van. Any truth to this? Any way of contacting his mother?

  posted by dosdedos on March 13 2001

You guys are huge in Weston, Fl. It`s unbelievable how many followes there are here. Come down and hit us up with some toons.

Big Jim

  posted by Big Jimmy on March 13 2001

Hey guys nice Toons! Thar is a place for youse guys here in New Zealand! Bumped in to you on Napster...Very impressive! I wish you all the best! Yo mo fo Bro Ki ora

  posted by Cabalist on March 10 2001


  posted by KRISTI on March 9 2001

U guyz should come to Florida. There`s this city there called Weston, I`ve heard u are huge there.

  posted by Amalakabobo Smith on March 6 2001

I`m posting a note for the same reason everyone else is...you guys are amazing. I saw you at Passim with that nut, Rich. He did a bootleg of that show and it`s great, especially the whole story of Jennifer Lopez being with Nate, sorry though, she has a big ass, we can all argue that it`s a nice one, but it is big. Anyway(s) you two are doing incredible things, you`re extremely talented and i absolutly love your music. I`ll be sure to catch ya next time you`re in town, we`ll check it out together, right Rich? So that`s my good word. Take care.

  posted by Lauren on March 3 2001

I was just hoping that someboyd out there would be able to send me a live RC set. I would really appreciate if anyone could do this. If you think you might be able to helpe me out please contact me through e-mail. Thanks alot.

  posted by Dan Winters on March 3 2001

What do you get when you join the guest book? You better send me some e-maail messages of yo` mama cusses.

  posted by Symone Williamson on March 1 2001

Nate, Just figured I`d let you know you guys have outdone yourself once again. The album rules. Its in my CD nonstop and inspires me daily. Joti, I look forward to meeting you someday, Fl. maybe for the event? Nate, I think my girlfriend Kari is in love with you. Just kidding. Thanks a bunch guys for creating something that touches me and everyone I let listen.

  posted by Jeff Wheeler on February 28 2001


  posted by Rich Grochmal on February 26 2001


  posted by Rich Grochmal on February 26 2001

rockwell church... who would have ever thought that i`d listen to such music?? I had a friend burn me a cd, and i told him to put whatever songs on it because i really didnt care. Little did i know he`d put such mellow songs like ""Isnt she everything"" and ""she hung the moon"" Those 2 songs were in the cd along with music from hard rock groups. I was shocked at first and was like ""what the heck is this?!?!"" I would skip over those 2 songs day after day. Until one day i was forced to listen to them because some of the songs on the cd would skip. Boy am i EVER SO GLAD those songs were skipping. To the guys who make up the duo Rockwell Church, I commend you. I LOVE your music, your words, your songwriting. I find it very soothing and VERY relaxing. I turn to your songs when i feel down and the i find sollace in the words you speak and the music you play. I work in a coffee shop and the music i play is the songs you guys write. Customers often ask ""who`s this?"" and gladly reply ""Rockwell Church."" Turns out they tell me ""i have got to get this cd."" So now you know many people out there are buying your stuff. My coffee shop is in the center of this huge tourist spot in San Diego (the spot is called Seaport Village) so now i know people from all over the U.S. listens to you guys.. OMG i didnt realize how much i was rambling...anyway...i just wanna say thanks for the music you guys come up with... Thank you for everything. >> with much respect.... James

  posted by James on February 24 2001

I`m not going to beg you guys to play at my hometown or anything... I just have one little request: WILL YOU MARRY ME? (that`s both of you.) I look forward to your response... Thanks. PS- Your music is great, too!

  posted by jamie on February 22 2001

Hey! I just wanted to say that i really like your music, i heard your cd while out east, but you need to sell your cds out west in oregon. more specifically salem oregon. please tell me if you so i can go buy your cds! thanks so much

  posted by Haydn Graham on February 21 2001

Chandelier is among the songs you can vote for at http://www.thisismodern.com in the Dirty 30. Just go to the site, click on ""voting booth"" in the main menu, and follow the instructions. There you`ll be able to vote for ""Chandelier"" and 29 other songs!

  posted by Tony Gisondi on February 19 2001





  posted by Matt on February 17 2001

i`m a new fan...and i`m stuck in south carolina. any chance of you guys bringing the tour to the southland???

  posted by Mac on February 17 2001

I saw you guys at club passim on thurs. night. You were totally amazing. I have been in love with the song ""she hung the moon"" since i first heard it a while ago, and it is even more unbelievable live. You guys are awesome. Come to Boston more often!!

  posted by Sarah on February 17 2001

saw you at the Motley on 2/16 and I must say I was suitably impressed... you guys have a ton of talent and I hope you make it huge because you totally deserve it. keep playing and making your fans (old and new) happy!

  posted by Erin on February 17 2001

The concert last night at Club Passim rocked (of course I now have ""Genie in a Bottle"" stuck in my head . . .). Definately a good way to get to the end of the week.

  posted by Petra on February 16 2001

The concert last night was really good. I`m really happy i went. I had awesome seats right in the middle.......bad vacation had to be the best!

  posted by Unknown on February 16 2001

Hey, i was wondering if someone could recall the setlist at Passim the other night and was willing to write it on the message board, they don`t have to be in order. Thanks

  posted by NONE on February 16 2001

Joti....Jesse and Joe were here tonight, and they told me of a cd you sent to Dad with some live recordings. Sounds good to me, I guess I`ll have to steal it next time I`m in Anchorage! Take care cousin, and keep the music comin`.

  posted by Alex Carson on February 12 2001

Hurry! Go to http://www.thisismodern.com to cast your vote for Rockwell Church`s song ""Chandelier"" and others in the Dirty 30. Just click on ""Voting Booth"" and follow the instructionsDon`t forget to check out the rest of the site. Join the mailing list for updates and free stuff.

  posted by Tony Gisondi on February 11 2001

Coming to the Feb. 16 show in Claremont? I`m organizing it. Email me for more info.

  posted by Jo on February 10 2001


  posted by kev on February 10 2001

hey u guys are awesome is there any way of letting us at JMU know when you are coming anywhere near Harrisonburg VA? Theres a small bar caled MainStreetBar and Grill where lots of bands play. You should come!

  posted by homie on February 7 2001

Just a short note to tell everyone that a review of `Superego` was just published on www.indiemonkey.com. Check it out.

  posted by Limeygit on February 6 2001

Hey guys. I caught your show at The Bitter End last night. As always, a GREAT performance. The new album is the best yet, I can`t stop listening to it. Hope to see you back in NYC soon. PS - I can`t believe I am saying this but I really liked your rendition of ""Genie in a Bottle.""

  posted by Anne on February 4 2001

Hey guys, I`m glad you`re coming to NC, but I wish you`d come to Chapel Hill! I love your music and hope tos ee you at Cat`s Cradle (or another under-21 allowed venue) in Chapel Hill soon.

  posted by Rachel on February 4 2001

ive been a fan of diapatch, one fell swoop (whatever) for some time now and i came across you guys on the internet and im downloading your stuff like crazy, ill be buying tomorrow. any chance of you coming to kansas?

  posted by peggy on January 31 2001

Finally you`re coming to Chicago!!! See you at Schuba`s!

  posted by Jeff - on January 31 2001

Your music is incredible. Can`t wait to see you guys on the west coast (Februrary!!). It is good to see that in the sad state of popular music today there are still true musicians at work. Keep it up and real.

  posted by Ryan on January 26 2001

Nathan, Get your ass to the Fine Line in Minneapolis brother.

  posted by ron on January 26 2001

Hurry! Go to http://www.thisismodern.com to cast your vote for Rockwell Church and others in the Dirty 30. Just click on the Dirty 30 and go to the bottom of the chart. Click on the link that brings you to the voting booth and follow the instructions. Don`t forget to check out the rest of the site. Join the mailing list for updates and free stuff.

  posted by Tony Gisondi on January 25 2001

Kudos..to a great new albulm! I`ve been listening since your debut and have enjoyed the path your songwriting has taken. The move towards a guitar driven/sonic sound is a refreshing progression. Superego is one of those rare albulms that keeps giving after the initial bond.... the best kind! Thanks for the good music- Frank Craige

  posted by Frank Craige on January 24 2001

I was actually wallowing in self-pity (over an ex-boyfriend, of course), talking to my older brother over the internet one night last summer, when I heard you guys for the first time. He told me to download ""State I`m In."" I listened carefully, and wept. This song touched me in a way that no other has or, I believe, ever will. Thank you, Rockwell Church, for lifting me out of my pathetic stupor and providing a new and beautiful outlet for the world. :)

  posted by Jag on January 21 2001

Great show in Greensboro...better brush up on that cellphone gag though! Great covers of the Boss and Christina Aguilara...keep on playing....

  posted by Sonvolt on January 20 2001

Hi guys--Just found this site and read some people`s comments to you, and am happy that other people love your music as much as I do. I was dragged to a show at the point in October by one a Joti`s HC friends--and was totally blown away. I downloaded everything I could after that, and hope to get your CD`s soon. Come on back soon, eh? One thought that I seemed to share w/ my buddies as we left that night: Joti should definitely sing more--Nathan`s great, but Joti that voice is too good for just back up all the time. hope to see you soon, keep up the good work.

  posted by Brian Gallagher on January 20 2001

I can`t believe I am just hearing about your incredible talent only within the past month--Arizona NEEDS you guys! Best of luck and keep making some kickin` music.

  posted by Sarah on January 20 2001

Finally a SoCal show! Woo-hoo!!!

  posted by Ando on January 19 2001

I wanted to say that I just discovered Rockwell Church a few weeks ago, and I love the band so much already. They are totally amazing, and it`s so refreshing to hear simple acoustic guitar with incredible lyrics...they totally know how to carry a song, and now all my friends and I are obsessed! Not since I saw Dave Matthews perform way back in the early 90`s have I heard acoustic music that`s this incredible. Note to the band: PLEASE come to Arizona, all my friends and I would love to see you live! Keep it up, you`re an inspiration.

  posted by Katie on January 18 2001

and to think...my friend karin and i always talk about how you guys never come anywhere close to where we live...then today i find out...not only are you coming to the southeast...you`re practically going to be in my backyard. how happy am i??

  posted by brooke on January 14 2001

and to think...my friend karin and i always talk about how you guys never come anywhere close to where we live...then today i find out...not only are you coming to the southeast...you`re practically going to be in my backyard. how happy am i??

  posted by brooke on January 14 2001

Hey! I just wanted to say that I love Rockwell Church`s music, but I was wondering where I could find the lyrics to their songs! Any help? Thanks!

  posted by Krissy on January 10 2001

Hi Nathan!How are you? I love your new C.D. No, I don`t forget you every day but I like that song anyway.Hope to hear from you soon! Love your bro, Mark

  posted by Mark Hubbard on January 8 2001

Got to get you guys back at Andy`s in Chestertown, MD again soon!

  posted by Rocky on January 7 2001

You guys rock! When are you coming to Atlanta...you have a big following down here!

  posted by Steven on January 5 2001

I just saw you guys in SF and you played an awesome set. Both of you were extrodinarily gracious when I came up after the show to bug your for autographs for my girlfriend. I was just recently introduced to your music and I really enjoy it and am looking forward to getting aquainted with your new CD. I look forward to seeing you again soon.

  posted by Brian on January 5 2001

i have no idea where i heard of you guys, i think it might have been a reference to you on guster`s website, but i got your cd, and it was ""heavenly."" i played ""she hung the moon,"" for a girl and she cried, she fell in love with it. we would love to see you guys come to the midwest somewhere, indy, detroit, chicago, or even a little town called grand rapids wouldn`t hurt. keep up the good work guys, and good luck this year.

  posted by seth on January 4 2001

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