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Rockwell Church!
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Welcome to our guestbook!

If you'd like to leave a comment for Nathan and Joti, this is the place. They've been known to occasionally stop by and post some comments too. Thanks for visiting the site, we hope you come back soon!

Sign Our Guestbook
Hi you guys--I just wanted to let you know that ever since Samantha gave me Inches From the Ground in college, I have put at least one of your songs on every mix tape I have ever made. I am so excited to see you in San Francisco next week. I`ll try to round up some BCCers to come to the show. See you.

  posted by Ashley on December 29 2000

We`d love to see you guys in Minneapolis!

  posted by McBain on December 22 2000

I just heard of you guys today... i went and downloaded all the avail. songs and i fell in love!!! im going to go buy the cd right now!!! Any chance your venturing to Oklahoma?? (please)

  posted by AMY on December 19 2000

wow. you don`t know how far you two have been. the first time i heard your music, your lyrics i was tucked away under amazonian skies, in the quietness of a floating house, with nothing to disturb me but the stirring of unseen animals in the forest. i cried. and where did you go from there? down the river, in a houseboat lit by the incredibly bright stars of the southern hemisphere. i slept contently. and past that? to the car of a beautiful brazilian boy, on a blissfully drunken night that i wish had never ended. but it did. and now, back home to the chilliness of the winter, surrounded by purple mountains majesty, and in the absence of the brazilian boy. oh, what a long strange trip it has been.

  posted by egua. on December 19 2000

Guys... Richmond misses you... please come and play here soon!!!

  posted by Craig on December 19 2000

I just wanted to tell you guys that your sound is freakin tight. It`s wicked original, great lyrics, and great voices to boot. I heard you on the Aware compilation about 4 or 5 years ago, and I`ve been looking for your music ever since. I finally got it and nothin but good stuff to say about it. You should play more on the east coast(Mass preferably)if you get a chance. I`m spreadin the word about you guys...

  posted by Jay on December 18 2000

Do you ever play in Chicago?

  posted by Sara Shaw on December 18 2000

i was wondering if you could possibly send me the tabs for the song ""intimate war""... my buddy and i were listening to that song the other day and it is has been voted the greatest song ever! you guys rock

  posted by kurt dieter on December 15 2000

i`m adding my name to the list of rc fans in canada who would love to see you guys come up here. ever since i`ve gotten to school, i`ve had a jones for some decent live rockwell church. congratulations on an excellent new cd, and i hope you`ll be playing in the philly area this summer when i get home.

  posted by justin p on December 12 2000

I was introduced to your music by another one of your avid fans,...seth! he told me you guys were amazing and i downloaded your songs.. 23 to be exact.. and now i am obsessed... why don`t you come and play in philly soon??? Peace... Adam

  posted by Adam on December 10 2000


  posted by Rich Grochmal on December 10 2000

Just wanted to say that I love your music and I can`t wait to see another show of yours in PA. Oh, and is there anyway i can get an MP3 or lyrics or anything to/of The Lindsay Song? It`s kind of special to me :O)

  posted by Lindsay on December 9 2000


  posted by Richard Grochmal on December 7 2000

I suppose there is little chance that you will be venturing up North, but i assure you there are many Canadians who adore your music and would love to see you do a concert here. How about the Toronto area? *smile* just a thought! Continue the excellent work! I truly enjoy your music.

  posted by Eli on December 1 2000

Just wanted to thank you for some great tunes and try to get some info. about a hard-to-find song I heard on a tape a friend showed me. ""The Lindsay Song""--- great tune; can you get me any info. about it or where to get a copy? Thanks!

  posted by Josh on December 1 2000

Please come to BOSTON again soon!!

  posted by kate on November 29 2000

I am very excited to go to the Joti Rockwell Winter Formal in a few weeks. I will be stoked to hear all my favorite holiday songs. I am a little nervous, but I think I will be able to find a date.

Any chance that Nathan will be joining in?

  posted by Flail on November 27 2000

Quick Question...are all the lyrics in the cd leaflet? And is there any site or way I could get some lyrics? Hopefully, could someone hook m eup with the lyrics to Better Days? Thanks! Peace, Seth

  posted by Seth Jablon on November 22 2000

i would just like to say... i love your music. i saw you in boston at club passim. great show. when are you guys coming to CT???

  posted by stephanie on November 21 2000

thank you for playing the cowboy song last night at the iota! made my roommate and me very, very happy. congrats on the new cd -- the new songs sound fabulous.

  posted by rachel on November 20 2000

saw you guys play bmc last nite and have to say i was expecting some typical college-angst duo and instead found two extremely talented musicians, beautiful songs and fucking hilarious stage banter. as a mawtyr i have to say with pleasant surprise: good job to bi-co school haverford and brother ivy who ignores us (princeton), for housing two guys with such enormous talent for 4 years. come back to the main line guys!! random aside - did anyone notice the fact that i was wearing a crown? i had full conversations with both of you guys...keep up the good tunes. peace-andrea

  posted by and on November 19 2000

hey joti, see you in pineview.congratulations on your fourth album

  posted by todd & michelle collins on November 19 2000

Amazing, truly amazing. I think I was blessed to have found your music, becasue it is so amazing. The first song I ever heard by you was Doves Outside My Door and I feel in love. There are some moments in the song where I almost cry its so beautiful. The lyrics in all your songs are so amazing, and throughtful. Its insane that you can even right this and when I listen I feel blessed. Why aren`t you the biggest right now? I dont get it! She Hung the Moon is another astonishing track - the words, the actul song, the whole thing is unreal and Im definatly blessed to know your music. Thank you so much for making this music and giving me the hope good music is still out there! And for making me want to be a better musician. Please come play in the NY soon - the city if possible, becasue Im dying to see you guys live. You are really amazing.

  posted by Danielle on November 19 2000

tonight my soul and heart was awakened by the passion of both of you like the prince`s kiss that awoken sleeping beauty - joti with your light humor and nathan with your alluring voice. before tonight as you played at BMC, my heart was diseased with hatred and anger, but as i lied on the steps and closed my eyes, i gathered all of the energy and love that both of you projected in the room, and i slowly stood up from my fall within my life and dusted off the dirt of betrayals and broken hearts that i have faced. and as i heard the melodious voice of nathan tonight, the icicles that surrouneded my cold heart melted away for a moment which i hope will not end. tonight all the pity drama that occurs in this lifetime became so insignificant to the true meanings of life. thank you

  posted by tracy on November 19 2000

Well, here is my story, and it is pretty amazing. I last Wednesday (11-15) and friend and I went to Best Buy. He was looking around for CD`s and I just came with. I had no intention of buying anything, but I saw your cd (Through the Fall) and had some urge to buy it. See me and five other friends have been in a band for about a year, and have played acoustic-folk rock. Everyone asks us who we sound like, and we can never tell them any band names because really no one we have listened sounds like us. That was untill I decided to buy your cd on that whim. I was amazed. You guys are very talented, and unbelievably original. I can hear so many dif. artists in your music, and that is the best part. Basically I just wanted let you guys know that you are doing something right, it sounds awesome. Actually my band is going in the studio tom. and starting production on our first cd. So when that is finished I would be more than happy to send you a free copy, to get your opinion or tips that you have. Thanks a lot, you guys are great.

  posted by Erik Steffens, 17, IL" on November 17 2000

Somehow, by the grace of God, I stumbled upon Rockwell Church. And honestly, I am floored! What the heck? Why aren`t you two the biggest band in the universe? Please come to NC, I can`t believe I haven`t heard of you until now, Your music is so contagious. You`ve got to come down and play! Honestly, it makes me want to be a better musician to listen to your stuff.

  posted by Notorious LIZ on November 14 2000

Just wanted to say that Superego has been on repeat in my cd player for the past 3 days.... I`m lovin` it! Especially Chandelier, I See Alice, I Know You Forget Me Everyday, Child in Me.... I can`t wait to see you guys at Bryn Mawr!

  posted by Samantha on November 7 2000

The show last night at Club Passim ROCKED! I only wish you could have played longer... I was psyched that you got one more in though...even if it wasn`t my request...don`t know if you remember but I was the one you told to watch herself cuz there were alot of folks that wanted my seat...hee hee :) I was just trying to show my support! Anyway, I`m glad you finally made it to Boston, and I am looking forward to more shows in the area! You guys could even play bigger places, I`m sure!!!! They all loved you!

  posted by Brooke on November 6 2000

RC guys,

haven`t seen ya since Trax sometime in 99! Got ""Inches"" and ""Through,"" - getting ""Super"" very soon. i can`t tell you how much i look forward to each new CD. come to the south, Chapel Hill or anywhere in NC. wishing you guys all the best!

  posted by Erich Grant on November 6 2000

I`m about to throw in the towel on yous guys. You have such a solid fan base out in California, but we feel like second class citizens. We listen to your music. We follow the band news. But do we get to see you perform live? NO! (Hold on, I`m getting a little emotional...Okay, I`m back.) RC is at the top of my World`s Best Bands list, just below 98 degrees and Five. Please, please give us West Coast locals a chance to clap along and shout out the Cowboy Song. You are soooo talented and good-looking. Keep up the good work!

  posted by T-Mass on November 3 2000

Hey boys. I played Through The Fall for one of my buddies here a little while ago and his response was, ""If everyone writing music these days had a copy of this album, they would all write better songs and I wouldn`t have to listen to so much crap when I turn on the radio."" That was such a unique complement, I thought I`d pass it on. I look forward to your next DC visit! Peace --- McCoy

  posted by Jon McCoy on November 3 2000

hey joti, haven`t seen you since that unfortunate confrontation in the coop back in `95 (sorry, it had to be done). hope you guys can get out to chicago soon.

  posted by Jon McCandlish on October 31 2000

when are you coming to the mid-west? you have some fans out here that would love to see you. i am in columbus, ohio but if you come to a city within a 4 hours drive i am there. come on, give the mid-westerners your love!!!! it is not our fault we were not born on the east coast...

  posted by rich fidler on October 31 2000

Hey guys! My name is Sarah Craft and neither of you know me (although Joti might recognize me from either Curt`s class that he visited a couple of years ago or from our unfortunate confrontation in Founders Common room...it had to be done) but I am always front and center at your concerts at the Point. I was not able to make it to your CD release concert earlier this month because I am studying abroad in Vienna, but I wanted to let you know that my friend sent me the CD and I think it rocks!! I also wanted to thank you for signing that card for me. I was so surprised to get it along with the CD. Keep pumping out those great songs `cuz I love them all!

  posted by Sarah Craft on October 25 2000

I am Junior at Bryn Mawr and have seen you perform several times in the area. I just wanted to say that i think that your lyrics and sounds are so BEAUTIFUL... (I cant even find the right word to describe it). I wish you the best of luck.

  posted by Alisa Alexander on October 25 2000

I am Junior at Bryn Mawr and have seen you perform several times in the area. I just wanted to say that i think your music is BEAUTIFUL..the lyrics and sounds are so BEAUTIFUL... (I cant even find the right word to describe it). I wish you the best of luck.

  posted by Alisa Alexander on October 25 2000

Can`t wait to see you guys at Iota in November. What a homecoming!

  posted by Larry on October 20 2000

You guys are the best. I just got the new disc and I was even more impressed the second time I listened to it.

To the other posters, I`d love to get some tapes of shows. I have a lot of other bands, so if you`re up for trading, drop me a line!

  posted by Stephen on October 19 2000

What`s up guys. I just wanted to let you know how much you guys rock. You have moved up into my top 5 all time favorite bands (in no particular order: The Samples, Freddy Jones Band, Jackopierce, Vertical Horizon, and, yes, Rockwell Church). Keep doing what you do well. Don`t change your style to please the mainstream (cough, cough, veritcalhorizon, cough, cough). Don`t piss each other off and break up either (cough, cough, jackopierce, cough, cough) Anyway, nice work guys. Later

  posted by Jordan on October 18 2000

Needless to say, you both are supremely talented individuals. Your lyrics inspire, your music creates, and they intertwine to produce incomprable beauty. I know your show in Boston at Passim is sold out, but if there is anyway for me to get tickets, from fans or you yourselves, I would be indebted for quite a while. Stay on the up, knowing that you have brought refuge to at least one, and no doubt many more.

  posted by Covex on October 18 2000

WOW! Superego ROCKS!!!!!! Job well done guys! I have been a fan for three years now, and cannot get enough of you guys! I`ve been wanting to see you for so long, but was never able. I`m so excited for your show at Club Passim on the 5th...I have tickets....I`ll finally get to see you! Anyway, I love the new album...keep on rocking!

  posted by Brooke on October 17 2000

It would be nice to have your lyrics posted somewhere. Thanks

  posted by Megan on October 17 2000

Wow,is all I have to say. My girlfriend made me a tape of Through The Fall, I ended up ordering all your Cd`s a week later. Its been a while since I heard music this good. You guys rock! I was wondering if anyone knows where I could find a site with RC Guitar Tabs. Please let me know if you`ve found one.

  posted by Pablo on October 14 2000

I just called club Passim in Boston to see your show on November 5th, and they told me the show was sold out! I`m so upset, my best friend and I have been waiting for a couple years now to see you and this has been the first chance. Are you guys coming back to Boston any time? Please do, all of my friends have learned about you through me and there are a lot of people here at Harvard that would love to see you guys in concert. Keep up the great work. Can`t wait to hear the new CD. --Alex

  posted by Alex Forrester on October 12 2000

Wow. I happened upon you guys on Napster about 10 minutes ago. I haven`t even finished downloading ""She Hung the Moon"", and I`ve already checked to see if you`ll be in my area anytime soon. Sadly, doesn`t appear to be likely for a while (NC, by the way). Hmm...back to the downloading...I`m looking forward to discovering more about you guys.

  posted by Lola on October 11 2000

You guys should definately come play down south. It`d be amazing if you came to Atlanta. I`m from up north and I`ve seen you play at Princeton, you should think of coming down to Emory.

  posted by Chris on October 10 2000

hi joti -- it is simran d. from haverford. funny thing, i was just watching ""access hollywood"" (guilty pleasure) and the show was playing the instrumental part of ""jack & jill"" during a piece on katie couric`s efforts to raise awareness about colon cancer. it took me a minute to place the song, but i was thrilled when i did! i hope you are doing well. best, simran

  posted by simran on October 9 2000

Dear Dreamy folkstar boys, I could listen to ""You`re so Cool"" all day long. How come Pare didn`t show in NYC? He sux.

  posted by sharren on October 9 2000

Hey! You guys were so good on fridays second show!! We traveled a long time to see you guys and then even missed the first show that we were suppose to go to(my friend and I talked to you about our journey!) Well, the new cd is phenomenal! Cant wait to see you again, whenever that will be! I would love to have you guys come to my school, Millersville University, or my friends school, University of Maryland. You two are one the best bands out there! I have gathered a large following here at Millersville just because you guys are so good that I share you with everyone! I hope this cd does wonders for your career, I would love to see you guys get big, even though I love the small, intimate shows, you deserve it! Good luck with everything!!

  posted by Ryan on October 8 2000

Ok I forgot to say this a minute ago but it has been FOREVER since you guys have had a show near me. Nashville or Chattanooga (hint, hint)Knoxville or Atlanta or something would be just awesome. I know I am just one fan but PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZEEE!!!!!!!! *cute smile*

  posted by leah on October 8 2000

Hey!!! You guys are awesome. The live performances kick.

  posted by leah on October 8 2000

Hey, I saw you guys live for the first time last night at The Point. It was an amazing, amazing show, and now that I`ve invested in a yellow shirt, I am completely ready to start ""guitar tuning"" duties :-). Until then, I hope to see you guys back in the area many times. Thanks for a wonderful show (have I mentioned your pictures don`t do you justice? And Joti, we don`t get to hear your voice alone much--it`s wonderful).

  posted by Jenny on October 7 2000

Hey, I saw you guys live for the first time last night at The Point. It was an amazing, amazing show, and now that I`ve invested in a yellow shirt, I am completely ready to start ""guitar training"" duties :-). Until then, I hope to see you guys back in the area many times. Thanks for a wonderful show (have I mentioned your pictures don`t do you justice? And Joti, we don`t get to hear your voice alone much--it`s wonderful).

  posted by Jenny on October 7 2000

I saw Nathan and Joti for the first time last night at the Point! I can`t find words to describe your performace...it was so good. Both of you are very very talented. I just wish my feet didnt` hurt so much from standing the whole night! See you at Bryn Mawr College!

  posted by Tiffany Chua on October 7 2000

Just wanted to let you know that tonights show @ The Point was kick ass. You guys really put a lot of hard work into what you do. Hope to see you guys soon. I know that the show was taped, and was just wondering if anyone is setting up a tree to get your music flowing to the fans.

  posted by Dennis Heyman on October 7 2000

Hey all: Come out to the Bitter End this Saturday. The new album is going to be awesome. Be among the first to check out the new songs before they make their WPST debut. Disclaimer: Iceman photos may not be reproduced without express written consent of the Iceman or at least my personal assistant, Mr. Pare

  posted by Iceman on October 3 2000

So, so glad you guys are finally getting up to Boston for a show! Club Passim is a great little place, and I`m really looking forward to hearing you play again. :)

  posted by Rebecca on October 3 2000

ROCKWELL CHURCH ROCKS! These guys are extremely talented, keep it up fellas and ill follow. Look me up if you ever need a drummer hehe.


  posted by Josh Hamrick on October 3 2000

Just wanted to let y`all know that you made a whole bunch of people really happy. We just found out that you were coming up to Boston on Nov.4. Yay!


  posted by Petra Beunderman on September 30 2000

So where do I get a wall-sized poster of that shot of The Iceman at Mardi Gras? Or at least a better shot of his necklace. Could have sworn I saw his mother wearing it at Pizzeria Uno. Just wanted to be sure. Thank you.

  posted by Sr. Senor on September 23 2000

Whazzup Jake?! Just FYI, I`m living in Philly (well, Chestnut Hill) now in my post-collegiate life. Definitely let me know when you`re gonna be around town and we`ll catch up and have a few Lager`s at Roaches. Take care bro. I can`t wait for the new album! Talk to ya soon...

  posted by BIG Jeff Haines on August 30 2000

I was looking at a list of what other albums were bought by people who buy the Pat McGee Band cd`s (whom I love...a band from Virginia) and your band was listed. So I thought I would check you out, and I have to say that I really think you guys are awesome. You should come to State College, PA sometime to play at Penn State and all my friends and I will definitely be there to go crazy.

  posted by Jessica Lavrinc on August 28 2000

Check out this website for the Rockwell Church & Howie Day CD Tree from 7.8.00 @ The Point. http://members.dencity.com/kls0823/index.html All the information etc. can be found on this link or by emailing theesfield@aol.com Sign-ups end 8.31.00 Keith Cetera

  posted by Keith Cetera on August 25 2000

we heard yours on garageband.com and your sounds so nice!! please come to japan some day to do your concert. we`re looking forward to see you!! thank you so much!!

  posted by Savage teA on August 25 2000

Hey Joti, I tried to see you in Bethesda last night but...I`m not 21. I was very upset that I couldnt see you. I hope that you did well last night and I cant wait for the new cd! Good Luck.

  posted by Ryan on August 24 2000

Rockwell Church is the best music for scoring with chicks ever.

  posted by Ajoy Reddi on August 24 2000

A big mahalo from Honolulu, Hawaii! (Mahalo means thank you.) I just received ""Inches from the Ground"" this weekend from a friend and have since been living in the imagery, the harmonies and the smooth soul of your voice. Wonderful music for mind and soul. For adding that to my days, I say ""Thank you.""

  posted by Ruth Shiroma on August 24 2000

hey, i just recently heard about you guys and now i`m in LOVE! RC is so great! i am just hoping and praying that you`ll have some concerts closer to my place---maybe pittsburgh or cleveland

  posted by leah on August 21 2000

i love you guys....come to connecticut college please...later

  posted by tuck on August 20 2000

The POINT in philly misses you and Howie.. come back soon.

  posted by Ry on August 5 2000

A bit of a delayed post - I taped the show at The Bitter End a few weeks ago. As far as I know, I was the only taper there. It came out incredible. If anyone is interested in running a tree for it, please let me know. If anyone wants to trade for RC tapes, e-mail me. For the techies, I ran a soundboard feed to MiniDisc...the sound guy was great and made the levels as forgiving as possible so there are no pops or overloads. It really came out great. Consequently, I can only produce analog copies as I can`t do MD>MD.

Please address any responses to my e-mail. I`ll be in C`Ville from 8/2 - 8/7, so I`ll resond after that date.

To Joti - I haven`t forgotten...I`ll send that copy as soon as I get back from virginia. Oh, and does that ""chandelier"" song have an official name yet?

  posted by Alan on August 2 2000

Nathan- I am going to have to hop onto Mike Kim`s bandwagon for awhile and ask when you guys are going to try Oregon/Washington. It would be easy to get up to Seattle to watch a few gigs, or we can put you up here in Portland, OR. I haven`t seen you live since school, so I wanted to know when you would be around. As for the SC tour dates, let me know. I wouldn`t mind coupling a trip home to the `rents and seeing you guys either.

  posted by Tim Richter on July 26 2000

Your last show at the point was incredible; in fact your last three shows there blew me a way. After you have completed the new album, I hope that you will come back. And oh yes...might I request ""the Lindsay Song"" - I don`t know if that`s actually what it is called, but I heard to you refer to it as that once. Thanks.

  posted by Megan on July 20 2000

Guys you were excellent at the Point. My reason for posting is to see if anyone recorded the show at the Point. I have two other RC shows that im willing to trade. Rock on guys and hope to see you again soon. Good luck on the new album.

  posted by dennis on July 14 2000

well, i heard you guys from Garageband.com and I have to say that I`m addicted to ""She Hung the Moon."" Downloaded the mp3 and have had it on repeat for the past couple days. Telling all my friends to listen to it. You now have a fan on the west coast. Any chance of coming to play here?

  posted by just me on July 14 2000

Can`t wait for the show at The Bitter End this Saturday. And I`m looking forward to the new album. Any chance you guys will be getting back to Wake Forest????

  posted by Nick on July 12 2000

I was at the point to see you guys and Howie play. and i was pretty much blown away. i totally love how good you guys are as an acoustic duo. definetly some of the best folkrock, i`ve heard in a while.

  posted by Anthony on July 12 2000

Come and join the first Rockwell Church club on Yahoo! http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/rockwellchurch is the address, so please come join in the chatter . Show your support for the guys as well as meet other fans around the country.... this is a great forum for a great band. Please kick the club off to a great start! Melissa

  posted by Melissa Shipman on July 11 2000

Great pop boys! Congratulation. In my country noone know about you and that`s no good. Bye

  posted by Vlado (new fan) on July 11 2000

I went to the show at the point to see Howie not even know who Rockwell Church was, but I was so incredible pleased by your show! Nathan you have the cutest facial expressions while you play that just give so much emotion to the music. Joti your guitar skills are amazing! You two guys are such and awesome band, count me in as your newest fan! Hope to see you again....like maybe at Gettysburg College next year :) (hint hint)

  posted by Stephanie on July 10 2000

You two were excellent Saturday night at the Bryn Mawr show. Thank-you so much to Joti for getting the manager to let us in, even though we didn`t have tickets. You guys are starting to sell out shows fast; good for you! I guess we just have to get our tickets earlier next time. We`re glad you didn`t do ""Free Bird"" :) Best of luck in the studio. Ever think of writing a song called ""Avellino`s""?

  posted by Brice & Heather on July 9 2000

Hey Guys! I just saw you last night at The Point in Bryn Mawr, you were awesome!! I am a new faw, only of a few weeks but trust me when I saw that you are already one of my favorites. I cant wait for the new cd, the songs you played off it were so good. I esp. loved the one that Nathan wrote for his brother. I would love to see you guys again, any plans of going to the Lancaster PA area?(esp. Millersville University??) Good Luck in the studio, make a great one! Take care.

  posted by Ryan on July 9 2000

I`m going to add another plea for an Atlanta, GA appearance! Eddie`s Attic or Smith`s Olde Bar would be great venues. I saw you at Eddie`s last summer and then at the Bitter End in NYC, but y`all played too few songs in NYC to satisfy me! You guys are great.

  posted by Kate Witten on July 5 2000

i love you guys. i wish you would come to Harrisonburg and play a show for James Madison University this fall.

  posted by Lauren on July 3 2000

I`ve loved the cd I bought from you guys last after after a gig you played @ Florida gulf Coast University. Just saw the stats on garageband.com! Good Luck.

  posted by Amy on July 1 2000

Hi guys. I have just recently been introduced to RC. I love these guys! I am hoping for a concert down here in South Carolina sometime... I am also looking forward to the new album. You guys are great!

  posted by Heather on June 30 2000

I have been a big RC fan for a while. Saw you guys play a few years ago, awesome. Wish I could be at the Howie/RC show. Howie is amazing. I am sure it will be awesome. When are you guys gonna come to New England? Ma? RI ?Anywhere closer than PA? A tour is definitly in call for!!

  posted by Beth on June 23 2000

great music, smelly farts

  posted by jay on June 23 2000

We are missing you here in Washington DC. I ran into J.Edie the other day and he said a new CD might be on the way?? I can`t wait. I was re-listening to ""Child in Me"" and ""Intimate War"" just today. Intimate War is one of the best songs out there and could be a top 100 song. Hope all is well.

  posted by Larry on June 22 2000

Hey guys. You´re the kings. When do you hit Spain? Maybe I can hook you up with a big fat soccer stadium or something so all your fans over here can see you. See ya`! Paoli

  posted by Paoli on June 12 2000

I absolutely love your music! Please come visit us in the South!I`m in South Carolina, but I`d definetly travel to Georgia or North Carolina if you could make it there!! :-)

  posted by Kristin on June 12 2000

Hey guys, Ive been an RC fan since the begining, when y`all preformed in the Edie home in Bethesda Md. My question: When are you guys coming back to Maryland to preform!? We love you here and everyone back at B-CC HS would love to hear you all live. We absolutely love you here. Please come soon! You all are aweseoma and i can`t wait until the new CD comes out. See you later everyone! Jeff

  posted by Jeff Schiffman on June 11 2000

Love from Singapore... I would like to participate in anyway for building God Kingdom in Cyberspace... do visit go.to/japanOB .. How u could have fun while go for a short mission in Japan... Simply living in Heaven when we live for Christ alone... Cheers !!!

  posted by Desmond Lee on June 4 2000

Congratulations on the new album! Can`t wait.

  posted by Ayelet on June 3 2000

Hey guys! When are ""I See Alice"", ""Baying With the Wolves"", and ""Child in Me"" gonna come out on CD? I hope reallllly soon!! Is there a set date yet?? Y`all are so incredibly awesome...come to Alabama!

  posted by Jodie on May 24 2000

I an listening to ""Through the Fall"" as i write this--this is my first exposure to your music. Fabulous harmonies and guitar--very tight. I work with the Philadelphia Folksong Society, and might be able to help secure gigs for you up here if you are interested. I see you already have a big Philly following, so my organization would be benefitted in a show as well... We have a big festival in August (largest in N. America) and there might still be spots... Please contact me if you are interested.

  posted by Molly on May 17 2000

Hi Joti and Nathan, I`m actually from Singapore and my, I have never realisd that such a great band as yours existed in this world! I mean your music totally rocks! No exageration really. I`m glad to tell u guys that i got many of my frens hooked on your songs...i got to hear ""Better Days"" by chance anyway and loved it...anyway I would love to hear more of Rockwell Church in Asia ya? It`s not heard of at all and I think u guys will make it big in Asia as well! Good luck!

  posted by Andy Choi on May 10 2000

Hey guys. When is the new album coming out? I really hope you get a chance to tour with it. You deserve it!! We have been covering your songs in bars reguarly, and people love it. We have turned many onto Rockwell Church, so keep up the good work. Hope to see you in the Philly area soon!!!

  posted by Brad on May 6 2000

Joti and Nathan,

I saw you at The Bitter End. It was great. Your music has shaped my college experience in the same way that the Indigo Girls shaped my sister`s college years. Keep performing and creating, Regina Tan

  posted by Regina Tan on May 5 2000

I thought i was confirmed on you email list. I received an email saying i was i thought. I wish i would have know you played at Haverford. I`m right down the street at Nova.

  posted by Dennis Heyman on May 2 2000

Hey guys...I`ve lost track of your email address after leaving WNRN. Send me a note so we can be in touch!

  posted by John Hill on April 29 2000

Look, I dont know if anyone will ever read this, but I find it awfully hard to believe that you guys havent made it to the top of the charts yet? It just doesnt make sense? My favorite song, you ask? ""She swears she`s still got Tiiiiiiiime"" Keep rocking my friends.....keep rocking.

  posted by BIGAL on April 26 2000

Hi! It`s your cousin down here in south Georgia. I stumbled across this page at work and told everyone about you. No one believes that we are related. Can`t wait to get your new CD. Actually, I need a copy of the old one(Mama`s hogging ours). Write back. Sandi

  posted by Sandi Rhodes Rucker on April 20 2000

I have not heard a band as good as Rockwell Church in a very long time. Your music and lyrics are absolutely beautiful! Not only have your songs helped me through some difficult times, but they`ve inspired me to write some songs of my own. Thank you so much for the music, and keep playing!! I hope you can make it to Atlanta soon.

  posted by Craig Hardgrove on April 13 2000

You really should call your parents!

  posted by Bruce on April 12 2000

Hey all - I`ve been looking for some Rockwell Church Tab - especially Tend to your Head, Jack and Jill, and Apollo. If anyone has tabbed these out or even has just got the chords, I`d really appreciate the help.

  posted by Kevin on April 11 2000

Hey Guys, y`all are going to be in NY a week after I will, so I can`t see you there!! You need some tour dates in the South really soon, I`m going through Rockwell Church withdrawl!

  posted by Katie Wetherbee on April 6 2000

Hey guys, thanks for cheering me up. And if you`re ever gonna play in the Netherlands (let`s say Amsterdam?) please give me a call.

  posted by Erwino Ouwerkerk on April 1 2000

What can I say... With bands like Jackopierce and Vertical Horizon shaping my idea of what good music is, Rockwell Church fits the bill of exactly what I`m looking for. Only... they blow those other two away!

  posted by Doug Millican on March 29 2000

Hey guys, You should really try to make a trip to Penn State. People here would love to hear your music. Chad

  posted by Chad Kelly on March 27 2000

Do you have any plans to come to Atlanta, GA? What would it cost me to get you to Atlanta, GA?


  posted by John on March 27 2000

You guys are absolutely awesome! Please come back to the Philly/Haverford area soon! I really want my friends who are still at the `Ford to see another show before they graduate. Any word on when that new CD should be coming out? By the way, Nathan -- I`m the one who put you on the spot about having met at the Haverford Dems party 4 years ago. I`ve been to *many* more shows since then and have added several names to the constantly growing list of people with enough good sense to know you guys rock!

  posted by Adrienne Horowitz on March 23 2000

you guys should call your parents once in a while! Keep up the great music!

  posted by Bruce on March 20 2000

You guys were great at The Bitter End in New York on February 26. The CDs are excellent, but you are even better live. How about booking some dates on the West Coast? There are fans that would love to see you out this direction. (By the way, I found ""Through the Fall"" at Borders Books & Music in Anchorage, Alaska.)

  posted by Wes Carson on March 20 2000

I absolutely LOVE your music, Rockwell Church! I live in Montgomery, Alabama, and y`all really need to come down here for a concert!!! PLEASE PLEASE! I can`t wait until I get the cd!

  posted by Jodie on March 19 2000

if possible, come to charleston SC or atlanta, GA.

i recently heard you guys and have been telling my friends in both cities about you.


  posted by jason on March 17 2000

Hey guys! I used to be able to come see you guys in Philly or on campus when I was at Villanova, but now I`m in law school at UVA, and you guys never play down here! There are tons of people here just waiting to be exposed to RC, so you should think about making a trip to Charlottesville!

  posted by Chuck Gartland on March 16 2000

I just heard about you guys and I think y`all are awesome...you really really need to come down to Alabama! A bunch of us ""rednecks"" are really looking forward to hearing you (don`t worry we`re not inbreds)(most of us, anyway) BUT anyway...come down south soon!! J.L.

  posted by J.L. on March 14 2000

Oops. I forgot to say what show it was. The show is from The Point on 07/16/99. Let me know if you want to trade.

  posted by dennis on March 12 2000

Hey fans, I just got a copy of one of Rockwell Church`s shows. If anyone wants to trade email me.

  posted by dennis(same person as below) on March 12 2000

ahhh. last week when you played at the point, i was very annoyed when i got there and found out that the 10 show was sold out. i rearranged my plans for spring break to come see you guys play and and was very upset when i couldn`t get in. so i went home and listened to your cd`s and wished i could hear the fuck you song. oh well, when you coming back to the **Villanova** area? love to see you guys back. bye :-(

  posted by Rockwell fan on March 7 2000

You guys rock! i been checking out yo mp3s from work.

  posted by mitch treger on March 7 2000

Guys- I first heard your music here at school and I am hooked. Think a stop at the University of Delaware is possible in the near future? I hope so! We`d love to have you! I can`t wait to catch a live show, and I`m sure my friends at home will all love the music- I plan to tell them all!

  posted by Kate on March 4 2000

hi guys-- just wanted to let you know that my friends here at school love your music, and we`ve agreed that you HAVE to play up here at U. of Delaware! Any chance you might make it up to our area??? i love your new songs by the way- ""i see alice"" is awesome. keep the new songs rollin` and i hope to see you soon, --maña

  posted by Maña Hill on March 4 2000

Great show at the point. Keep up the good work. Do you guys have day jobs? If so quit em` and go on tour my friends, You`ll make it. Good luck on the new album. Later

  posted by Brad Saville on March 3 2000

Hey guys! Over a year ago my friend saw you play at Lehigh and he kept telling me that I should buy your CD. I finally did in early February, saw you this past Sunday at Iota, and am hooked! You put on a really great show, and I hope to see you again soon! Thanks!

  posted by Carrie on March 2 2000

Hey guys, kickass show at the Point last time! Just wondering...where`s your Genie in a Bottle cover in mp3 format? I know you recorded that night...come on...give it up...

  posted by Brad Miller on February 29 2000

hey joti, if you are reading this, do you remember who we are? we are from hightstown, new jersey. we were at the bitter end in NYC last night, but we couldn`t get inside because we didn`t have ids. we just wanna let you know that we had a great time in NYC and watching you guys playing through the windonw!!! Thanks!!!

  posted by rockwell fan at the bitter end on February 27 2000

I`ve seen you guys at Wake Forest and at the Bitter End. You definitely put on a great show and I love your music. By any chance are you coming back to Wake????????? Thanks Nick

  posted by Nick Ferenc on February 27 2000

YOU GUYS RULE! Hey, we just saw you at The Point on friday (early show). We were glad to finally get a chance to see you guys after listening to your cd`s for so long. We can`t wait for the new one to come out. You guys should come up to Princeton sometime soon. We would definately be there. We`re looking forward to seeing you guys again. Keep up the good work.

  posted by Greson and Mike on February 27 2000

Caught you guys last night @ The Point (late show) you were AWESOME!! Granted, i only want because my gusterfan friends told me to, but i was *not* disappointed! Any band that can uphold a logical discussion of gary kasparov AND that damned Avellinos sign has got to be pretty cool. (And a Christina Agullera cover. does life get any better? =) ) Anyway, great job, keep it up, and I can`t wait to see you in Philly (in bryn mawr.. near haverford.... near bryn mawr) again!

  posted by Marissa on February 26 2000

Hey guys, nice site. I saw you for the 1st time last fall at the Point near Haverford College. Joti I know you went to Haverford, but you have to admit Villanova is much better. GO CATS!!!. I really like you guys, you were great. Joti you were great when you had to play by yourself when Nate had to change his guitar string. Yo Nate, let Joti sing more, he`s got a great voice and should be able to let it shine. I was wondering if you guys have any of your shows taped? If so, I`d like to get a hold or trade for one of them or even a few. For all you Guster fans out there, please visit http://students.engineering.villanova.edu/dheyma01 I will have a Rockwell Church section very soon. See you guys on Feb 25 at the Point near **VILLANOVA**. Keep up the good work guys. Talk to you soon.

  posted by Rockwell fan(deep down Guster fan, but we can keep that quiet fo on February 22 2000

Hi I think your music was great when you guys came here to Whitewater university in Wisconsin. I hope you guys come again here in Whitewater or Milwaukee. Anyone drop me a message! =)

  posted by Yun on February 22 2000

I`m with kendra...i`m all for a kentucky show whenever you guys are up to it.

  posted by justin mccarty on February 19 2000

Hey, you guys planning on putting any more web cuts up? I know there are plenty more unrecorded songs that we`d all love to have playing on our mp3 players while we wait for the real thing to come to town.

  posted by Nadav Tanners on February 11 2000

Hey Joti, Thanks for the pointers on your partners tuning. It has nearly tripled our RC cover selection. Keep having fun - Todd

  posted by Todd Martin on February 10 2000

Hey guys! you are awesome! Remember that guy that spilled beer on you shoe. and he said something about their CD. well my uncle is in that Band.

  posted by Aj on February 4 2000

I MUST HAVE MORE CHURCH!!!! Dammit it`s been so long since my last fix I`m starting to go crosseyed. Bring that jonx back home ya hear.

  posted by Flail on February 2 2000

Hey there cuz.....Once again I stopping by you site during class. Everything looks great, and we here in Salt Lake think you should come play again at the University of Utah. Take care.

  posted by Cousin Alex on February 1 2000

Hi guys...keep up the greatness that only you too can achieve. Later.

  posted by Tbone on January 31 2000

I`m a huge Rockwell Church fan, and I`m wondering if any of you out there have bottlegs, or MP3`s that aren`t on the site. Drop me a line if you do. Thanks. Keep it up Guys.

  posted by Andre Marques on January 30 2000

Hey, I`m a Chicago-based singer/songwriter and I`m playing a show with Joti Rockwell next week...Wednesday, February 2nd, 8PM at Uncommon Ground www.uncommonground.com Should be lots of fun! Stop by if you`re in town...

  posted by Jonathan Rundman on January 28 2000

hey guys. i`m your annoyingly persistent fan. i`ll be bringing a friend or two to your feb 25 (MY BIRTHDAY!!!) show in Bryn Mawr, so keep an eye out for us. Looking forward to it. And check your email!! I`ve sent 1 or 2 with more rambling... hey, if you`re up to it, play ""the state i`m in"" for me...as a birthday thing. that would be awesome. and to all the fans: wow. what a group, eh? any of you with bootlegs that don`t mind doing 2:1 or blanks-and-postage (latter preferred!), drop me a line. peace, justin

  posted by justin pope on January 27 2000

Saw you guys at Cafe Prague the othe night...I had just gotten out here from the east coast a few days earlier and when I found out that you guys were in town, well that was just like a piece of home out here in `frisco. Thanks for the tunes... any chance on Nathan continuing to play in the area (at least until Joti makes his way back west again)? Hope to see you guys around here again...Cafe Prague was a cool place.

  posted by Alan on January 24 2000

Rockwell Church in San Francisco tonight!!! I`ll be there throwing my briefs at Nate.

  posted by Sean G on January 21 2000

Hi Nathan, I remember you from Cape Town, South Africa. You played your songs at the Barleycorn Folk Club at Constantia Nek and I bought your CD which you agreed to sign if I bought you a beer. Your music is great but when are you coming back to Cape Town. Email me.

Best regards, Matthew

  posted by Matthew Roux on January 15 2000

You guys are the best. Your music takes me to places I have never been before. It has been the soundtrack to some of the most amazing times of my life, and will never be erased from my memory. Thank you so much, and please keep playing and writing, you`re too good. Anytime you want to put a show on at Davidson College, just e-mail me. We would love to have you.

  posted by Andre Marques on January 14 2000

Got to get you guys back at Andy`s in Chestertown, MD again soon!

  posted by Rocky on January 7 2000

just wanted to try and get you guys to spread your music on down to kentucky!!!

  posted by kendra scull on January 6 2000

wow. you don`t know how far you two have been. the first time i heard your music, your lyrics i was laying in squalor under detroit skies, in the chaos of a floating crack buzz, with nothing to disturb me but the stirring of unseen rats in the undergrowth. and where did you go from there? down the block, in a shopping cart lit by the pale glow of overpass traffic. i slept well because of all that thunderbird wine. and past that? to the car of a awful roughneck police officer, on a terribly drunken night that i wish had ended sooner. but it didn`t. and now, back in the chilliness of my holding cell, surrounded by purple bruises from a police beating, and in the absence of my beloved thunderbird wine. please help.

  posted by John Alias on January 5 2000

i have no idea where i heard of you guys, i think it might have been a reference to you on guster`s website, but i got your cd, and it was ""heavenly."" i played ""she hung the moon,"" for a girl and she cried, she fell in love with it. we would love to see you guys come to the midwest somewhere, indy, detroit, chicago, or even a little town called grand rapids wouldn`t hurt. keep up the good work guys, and good luck this year.

  posted by seth on January 4 2000

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