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Rockwell Church!
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Welcome to our guestbook!

If you'd like to leave a comment for Nathan and Joti, this is the place. They've been known to occasionally stop by and post some comments too. Thanks for visiting the site, we hope you come back soon!

Sign Our Guestbook
Hey guys! I saw you live for the first time Dec 3rd at The Point in PA and let me say it was such a kickass show! I also must apologize to Nathan for almost spilling beer on his feet...I was pretty nervous/excited about meeting him and I`m sure the drinking didn`t help :-) And Joti I had talked to you a little too about the band I work with who covers a few of your songs. You said you wanted to hear it (and you sounded sincere!) so we`ll lay them down and send you a CD. Keep up the great work guys!

  posted by Brad Miller on December 21 1999

Hey guys, God Blesing you,i lake much yor CD´s. I don´t speack english, sory, I´m Brazilian. Deus abençoe todos vocês pelo trabalho que estão fazendo,quando virem ao Brasil, minha casa está a sua disposição. Um grande abraço do amigo Moisés, by.

  posted by Moisés Vieira on December 18 1999

I am absolutely mad about your first CD, Inches From the Ground--in both senses of the word. It is stellar--never heard a sound that appealed to my senses more. The lyrics are intriguing and for me--especially ""The State I`m In""--entrancing. I find myself starving for your music, ie. the other sense of maddening. In an effort to expose an acquaintance to your music, I--trustingly and naively--lent my CD to him. I haven`t seen him or the CD since. I bought your second CD in an effort to fill the void, and it`s good. I NEED INCHES FROM THE GROUND, THOUGH. I came to your site to check out the prices, and I`ll get it sometime (Christmastime. Funds are low)...but I just wanted to tell you how talented you both are while I`m here.

Any chance you`ll ever get down to the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area? We could use some new music here.

Get back in touch if you want...


  posted by Bethany on December 17 1999

hey guys, i wanted to put in a request for a ny area concert. i haven`t gotten the chance to see you in concert, but based on all the comments about how amazing it is and the fact that i love your music, i know that it would make my year. thanks! keep playing cause my roommate and i both are lovin it!

  posted by brittney on December 14 1999

Hey guys...yall are great and i have all your cd`s plus a couple of bootlegs, but anyway, yall need to come down south sometime (Alabama in particular) some friends and really wanna see yall in concert!!

  posted by Biscuet Smyh on December 7 1999

seeing you last night @the POINT made me realize that it`s been way too long since i have seen you live. it was a beautiful show and i enjoyed saying ""FUCK YOU"" during this wonderful christmas time. i`ve lived in CO. for the past 2 years, so it was great to come back and realize what i`ve been missing. I LOVE the stage banter! keep talking... you guys are funny as shit! sorry for the lack of intelligent writing and the overexposure of cusses. hope to see you again soon.

  posted by amy on December 5 1999

I recently heard your music through a friend of mine and I just wanted to say that i think that Rockwell Church has the best male voices that i have heard in a while. I think that the music is great. Keep up the awesome music!

  posted by Shannon Chase on November 28 1999

Rockwell Church, I just wanted to say that you are both so talented. Each time I hear the song ""Geneva"" tears come to my eyes because it reminds me of someone who`s very special to me. I only wish that I could write music as well as you both do. I hope that you continue to perform and create cd`s for a long time. I hope to see one of your concerts soon.

  posted by Shannon Chase on November 28 1999

Dear RockwellChurch, Hi there. I`m a student from Malaysia. I downloaded Bad Vacation from ChangeMusic.com, through a link from MP3now.com. I want to say that I like the acoustic track very much. Keep up the good work and the good music. I`m not sure if RockwellChurch will release any CDs in Malaysia. Anyhow, I want to say thank you for the pleasant Bad Vacation. Take care.

  posted by Chee Hong on November 22 1999

Hey guys..just wanted to tell you that a friend of mine introduced me to you through Aware. I`ve been hooked ever since. As a guitar player, i`m blown away by the way your guitars speak, add your mellow voices and...well, just kind of makes you melt into your surroundings and just...feel. and the lyrics are mesmerizing...so many times i want to tell someone something only to find out you`ve already said it more eloquently that i ever could have. I second the vote for a Kentucky show (I go to UK..even Centre, as mentioned below would be just fine) Sorry I missed you guys at RiverBend in Chattanooga (i live there) but alas, i was unaware. Thanks again you two...for letting us into the wellspring of music that bubbles up from your souls.

  posted by Justin McCarty on November 21 1999

Just wanted to say that I saw you guys at that outdoor show you did in Jersey in September. I was that guy standing agence the fence cheering like crazy. Keep it up.

  posted by senorhorse on November 19 1999

I would like to add another vote for a gig in Boston. Of course I will drive New York, but it would be great to be able to see a show in my own backyard.

  posted by graham on November 17 1999

I`ve been a faithful fan since my junior year in college...that makes it, woah, three years (junior year seems like yesterday to me...I`m starting to feel old!)

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I love the guys, and would be so excited if they came to play here in Boston :)

  posted by Brooke on November 15 1999

Hey guys. I`d just like to say that you guys are really great and your music and guitar solos are great. Because of you guys i`m now trying to play the guitar. Oh, Ryan Armstrong is my brother. He got me turned on to you guy`s and i thougt you should Know. Thanks

  posted by Elijahbone on November 15 1999

just a note to say that i am a huge fan and thanks for putting the chords on the web- i have been playing my favorite song of all time ""intimate war"" at open mic coffee houses and everyone wants to hear more rockwell church stuff, so could you put more chords out there for us?

  posted by whitney mirts on November 11 1999

hey guys -- just a quick question. any chance of you guys playing a show over the Thanksgiving weekend somewhere around Bryn Mayr/Philly area? im making the trip up there from wilmington and would love to see you. i know im not the only one thats gonna be around over those few days that would truly enjoy seeing you guys play. take care

  posted by Terry Mann on November 8 1999

I recently discovered you guys through mp3.com, and I must say your music is great. Keep doing what you`re doing, there`s not enough good bands out there anymore! Mike

  posted by Mike Portscheller on November 7 1999

Whoever has not been listening to ""Better Days"" on www.mp3.com is blowing it.

  posted by seanG on November 3 1999

I Know you guys are very busy in Grad school, but it would realy be nice if there were more shows. E-circles is great. COuld you put Cowboy song on ECircles. Thanks for the Great music and the great lyrics most of which make great love poems(that I have used quite often.) just kidding.


  posted by Dan K. on October 29 1999

I`ll be the third person to request for you guys to come to Utah! Or at least Charlottesville, where we haven`t seen you guys for too long. Don`t pull a Vertical Horizon and go electric. Keep up your unique sound and music -- it`s awesome!

  posted by Zeke on October 22 1999

Hey, I am a nobody, but I felt I needed to sign, and just say how much I love them! They are both GORGEOUS! And then need to come to BOSTON!!! You guys are AWESOME!

  posted by LOUISA on October 20 1999

hey...i disocvered your music in the most random of ways, but i have to say that i`m truly glad i did. your voices are the perfect harmonozing backdrop for an autumn drive:) thanks so much.

  posted by angela doster on October 18 1999

Come on out to Kentucky boys, Centre College would love to have ya!!!!

  posted by Tres Watson on October 17 1999

What`s up fellas. You guys are kickin`, but would be better if you came up to PSU sometime, it would be a great time! Just a thought you know

  posted by Gipper on October 15 1999

I think you guys are the biggest, toughest and strongest band there is.

  posted by Milt Davis on October 13 1999

What`s up guys! I still haven`t seen you play ""Those Eyes""! I can`t wait for you to get to Charlottesville or Richmond or Fredericksburg maybe! Mary Washington College is always ready to have you!I`m still amazed by everything that you guys do. Hopefully seeing you soon!


  posted by Tim Jones on October 10 1999

when are you guys coming to san francisco.? discovered your music at changemusic.com.

  posted by markus on October 8 1999

hey guys, you two are incredible & i am trying to recruit some fans up here at the Tilton School in New Hampshire. you guys NEED to come to new england... hope to see you guys sometime soon.. peace hunt

  posted by Hunt on October 6 1999

I second the request for a Utah appearance. Been out here 3 months and really miss you guys. Hope all`s well.

  posted by Nate Challen on October 6 1999

Hey guys, You came to Salem last January...although it was an awkward show, to say the least, you guys were great. Please, do ponder coming to visit again! If you don`t come to Salem, at least stop by Wake! Thanks for such an incrdeble show and great luck!

  posted by amanda on October 4 1999

Just wanted to say hi from everyone at Alvernia....hey, Jenn wants to know what`s in your pocket. And we all love the first song on the gray cd... Hope to see you around real soon! Good Luck!

  posted by Alvernia on October 1 1999

Hola from Seville, Spain. Cant find the darn single quote on this wacky keyboard. Seeya next time yer in NYC.

rock on.

  posted by Pud on September 30 1999

I got turned on to RC a couple of years ago by my good friend who was my roommate for my freshman year in school. I have had the privelege of not only listening to you guy play but I have also had the privlege of listen to Luke, my roommate cover most if not all of your song. I know you have met him before in NYC. I just thought that you should know that he is one of the best Guitar players I ever heard. Hey Kim West

  posted by Ryan Armstrong on September 29 1999


i don`t know if you remember me, but i worked with you for two summers teaching little kids forehands and backhands at kenwood country club. i just wanted to say that i think you guys are fantastic, and i`m thrilled that you`re doing so well. i hope to catch you guys on tour real soon. best of luck.


  posted by liz on September 28 1999

Hey guys! I caught your show at the College of Saint Benedict in the middle of Minnesota last year I believe. It was really fun, hope you can fit a midwest jaunt into your schedule one of these years! We`d be happy to have you :)

  posted by Tom Lanz on September 28 1999

New website looks fannnntastic! Woo Hoooo! I still think you guys should play more country songs...

just a thought

  posted by Flail on September 27 1999

When are you guys going to make it out here to the great NW? Between myself and Mike Kim, I am sure qwe could put a handful of people into a club... Beer is pretty tasty too.

  posted by Tim Richter on September 27 1999

Just wanted to drop at note from the a SPF at Maryville College saying that we love your new site, and we hope all is well!! We can`t wait to see you in Tennessee (hopefully near Knoxville) sometime soon!! Good Luck in everything! We love you guys!

  posted by Katie Wetherbee on September 27 1999

hey guys, just wanted to tell you guys that you are the best! i hope you`re back in PA/NY area again soon so i can see you guys again. come back to lehigh! even though jenn wagner is gone, i`m still here!! love you guys and can`t wait to see you again... jill standing

  posted by Jill Standing on September 27 1999

When are you guys going to play at WAKE???? I haven`t missed one in my 3 years so far. hope to see you soon. you guys are awesome. later

  posted by Nick Ferenc on September 27 1999

after becoming aware of you guys a few years ago, i had the pleasure of seeing you guys in concert this past summer in atlanta. i`m all and will always be totally impressed by your talents. i`m also thrilled i had friends at both haverford and princeton to turn me onto you guys (AWARE helped too)! i wish you all the best, and if you ever need any help in Athens, Ga., just let me know!

thanks ... jay

  posted by Jay Lowe on September 27 1999

You guys are amazing. totally. and i think it`s wicked weird because my friends from high school that i haven`t talked to in forever are signed in on this guest book, weird but good. so hi brittney!

  posted by Kim West on September 27 1999

I`d have to agree with Jill. Come back to Lehigh so we can enjoy another kickass show please. Ry

  posted by Ry Wood on September 27 1999

how`s it going fellas? just thought i`d say hi from wilmington, nc. hope all is well with you. any chance of you making another appearance at uncw anytime in the future? hopefully you can swing it. im hoping to get up to pa and visit keith c. sometime soon, he`s said he`s recorded you guys at the point a few times recently and they came out great. hopefully i`ll get a chance to see you while im up there. take care terry m.

  posted by terry mann on September 26 1999

Thanks so much for all your comments. I hope you guys like the new website that we put up today, which happens to include that picture of us and Darth Maul that was asked for. Thanks to those who contributed photos for the new site. Keep us posted on what you think of the new stuff. Best wishes!

  posted by Joti Rockwell on September 25 1999

i love you guys

  posted by Brittney Borgstedt on September 20 1999

Whatsa happenin in RC Land?

I hope everything is going great. I haven`t seen you guys jam since Trax in Charlottesville...withdrawl...setting...in (ack!) We`re all here in NC waiting on you, so please roll back down south when you can. We`ll fry some chicken for ya. woo-ha.

  posted by Erich Grant on September 12 1999

Hey guys, I have yet to see you live but would love for you come to Penn State. You would be loved here, and there are so many places to play too. Definitely think about making the trip because that would be very cool. Also, if you have any bootlegs of any of your shows, I would love to get my hands on one or two. Anyways, good luck.

  posted by Chad on September 10 1999

Nate-Dogg, When you hit the big time, don`t let your ass get big like the guy from Matchbox 20. Hope this isn`t too ""indecorous.""

  posted by the grimmer on August 30 1999

What`s going on, wanted to know when you`re planning on releasing a new CD. Also wanted to know when you`re planning on playing up in New England....KEEP IN TOUCH

  posted by Derek Bugley on August 10 1999


Whatever happened to the pic of you guys in epic combat with Darth Maul? You had said that you were gonna slap it up on the site. Copyright difficulties? Lay a smack down on Mr. Lucas. Once again, I must add, that you guys rock. But everybody has said that. :P

  posted by Thom on August 9 1999

You guys are incredible players! I hope you make it out west soon (Utah). If anyone has some live bootlegs to suppress my appetite, send me an email. Thanks.

  posted by Gogi on August 6 1999

So what I want to know is: when are you going to release a new CD with ""the Cowboy Song"" & that ""Alice Through the Looking-Glass"" song on it?

  posted by just wondering on August 2 1999

hey... i think rockwell church is ""da bomb""... they are definetly the best band... their songs rock...

  posted by Andrew Darcey on July 29 1999

my friend nate challen recommended your cd, through the fall, which is awesome and i`m just here in baltimore hoping you make it out here soon! great sounds

  posted by steve liu on July 26 1999

I was wondering if anyone has any RC bootleggs to trade, I have a lot of DMB, PHISH, etc, but no Rockwell Church. I`m desperate to hear what they sound like live.....

  posted by Derek Bugley on July 23 1999

Great new picture on the front page! Is that from the opening date at Yanni`s ""Storming the Castle Walls"" concert and Pay-Per-View simulcast? And... when are we, the general public, going to be able to order the limited edition RC ""guyabera"" shirt as modeled by Mr. Rockwell in the aforementioned picture? And, is Ricky Martin involved in this somehow?

Inquiring fans want to know

  posted by Flailey on July 20 1999

You guys are awesome, I saw you at Eckerd Colleeg in St petersburg, FL. Just hoping you`ll be in the MA area sometime this summer!!!

  posted by Melissa on July 18 1999

I`ve only been exposed to a small sampling of your music, but i want you to know that i`ve enjoyed it thoroughly. Please come to New Hampshire sometime, and maybe i can see what i can do about getting you booked at Susquehanna University in Central PA sometime next year. Keep churning out the tunes, best of luck to you!

  posted by Keri Racicot on June 30 1999

I`m sorry, but I must request that you inform your fans of the proper usage of Ron Bebe(TM) the popular nomenclature for Ronald Pearson Bebe(R). There is only one true Ron Bebe, accept no substitutes.

  posted by Ron Bebe(TM) on June 29 1999

I was recently introduced to guys by a friend, Steve Carlin, and saw you guys at The Bitter End in NY. You two are awesome and Im hooked. Keep up the good work and keep coming back to our area.

  posted by Cory MacEachen on June 28 1999

Who is the original ""Ron Baby?"" I thought I knew, but now I am unsure after reading your guest list entries.

  posted by Laura again on June 25 1999

Hey guys- I`m a friend of the Stevens (Chris in particular) and learned about your CD through him. You have a number of songs that speak right to the heart. One of them specifically means a great deal to me. It`s strange that you can produce songs about my world, but I sure do appreciate it and love the music. Keep up the great work and be sure to let me know when you stop through New Orleans.

  posted by Laura on June 25 1999

Saw you at the Bitter End tonight on Bleecker Street. My sister had seen you last week in Atlanta, at Eddie`s Attic and had recommended you. You two are very ""stage efficient,"" comfortable in front of an audience and with your instruments and voices. I`ll be looking forward to watching you advance in the future and hopefully, as you mature, so will your lyrics a bit. Good luck!

  posted by Eileen on June 24 1999

Thanks for a great show at Eddie`s Atic. It was a lot of fun to get the chance to talk with you both. Thanks. I hope you will be back in Atlanta soon. I agree with Erich in appreciation of the accustc sound. :)

  posted by Lindsay Irvin on June 23 1999

Hear Rockwell Church for the 1st time at Eddie`s Attic in Atlanta, June 18. Outstanding performance. Loved the music. Nathan Hubbard has more facial expressions than Susan Werner!

  posted by Ned Gilchrist on June 22 1999

Aloha from WI. My friend, Amy H. from Mount Mary(she is still sorry about the moldy bread), introduced me to your music. I guess that means that I have to go out and buy some new CD`s. Sorry I missed you in September. Hope you come back soon. Grrrrrrr

  posted by Vanessa DiGiacomo on June 21 1999

Hi, guys! I was given all three of your CD`s as a gift about a year ago, and I`ve been persistent ever since making sure that all of my friends have the opportunity to listen to your music. My radio show at Kenyon College was helpful for that. I`m so glad that you have kept the acoustic sound you began with, and I hope to catch a show sometime in the near future. Keep up the wonderful music!

  posted by Erich K. Kurschat on June 19 1999

You guys were great at Riverbend in Chattanooga, just wish you could have played longer! I love the latest album, especially She Hung The Moon...keep up the good work and play more in the south!

  posted by Nicole on June 19 1999

I just saw you guys at Riverbend in Chattanooga, and you were awesome!! Keep it up!

  posted by meg on June 16 1999

Hey guys- My girlfriend & I saw you at Caffe Lena last week. I`d been impressed with your music prior to seeing you perform but recordings really don`t do you justice. If it makes you feel better after the disappointing turnout, we immediately bought both of your full-length CDs. (My girlfriend, a Bryn Mawr alum, already had your EP.) I fear that after we receive your CDs, you`ll take over the position of my favorite group. We`d both love for you to come up here again; with adequate advance notice, we will round up as large a posse as possible to come out & support your performance. We have already touted you on our web site & included a link to your site (if you`re interested, email us & we`ll give you the URL). Thanks again for the opportunity to see you live &, Nathan, for not going to law school & breaking up the band!

  posted by Sean Strait on June 12 1999

Hey guys, I thought you might like to hear that your songs are being covered in the Philly area. The band, ""Tin Grizzly"" loves your songs and they do a great cover of Geneva. Check out their website hometown.aol.com/tngrzly/tngrzly.html They even list you as an influence! later!

  posted by Bill Hughes on June 12 1999

Joti & Nathan, Hey guys, you two make some great music & should come up to the Boston area because you have a number of fans up there. I hope to see you guys in concert sometime in the future... keep up the good work & take it easy

  posted by Hunt Pile on June 7 1999

hi nathan!...great page...i didnt see any tucso concert dates on there but maybe later...and if so be sure to send me an email beforehand. congratulations on all of your success with rockwell church and good luck in the future! It was great to see you at reunions....keep making music. and if you ever need a choreographer you can call me:) --Leigh

  posted by leigh wierichs on June 1 1999

From all my SRC girls in Chevy Chase Maryland, We just want to thank you guys for giving us good memories when we hear your songs. Keep up the great music.

  posted by Laura Schroeder on May 27 1999

sorry we missed you boys! we shoulda scheduled Feather`s lobotomy for AFTER your visit...nafan, don`t be chicken and just ring the doorbell next time, cool? when duncan`s gone we`re always up late anyway, and besides we might need those guitar-liftin` arms to help with the kegs. come see me in cali next year; my school will love you and i might EVEN leave the door unlocked...

  posted by Sare Bear on May 26 1999

I love listening to your music because I can relate and it is very insperational. Please come to Maryland (preferably Bethesda-Chevy Chase)!!!

  posted by Cecilia Barren on May 25 1999

Thanks for your music, I like to listen when I`m in an introspective mood. I was actually thinking about quitting my job at the art studio and going to law school until I heard your song ""back in line"" Right on guys! Keep up the inspiration.

  posted by Dave Alison on May 15 1999

Hi, we are two students from Ripon College. You may remember our tiny little campus nestled in the hind end of nowhere, WI. =) You also may remember me (Paul) asking you guys to play Sanford & Sons, which you seemed to enjoy quite a lot.We are happy to hear that you guys got yourselves a record deal and we hope that one certain high-profile drummer loses his rhythm. hehe....We REALLY love your music and constantly listen to Warm up the Gong and Inches from the Ground. Hope you guys make it to Ripon again before we graduate. Best wishes, Cya !!!!

  posted by Paul Jasser & Kate Kraynek on May 12 1999

Hey Joti, I am a Bryn Mawr Student, I met Ben Finane few months ago and we were talking about RockwellChurch and listening to your CD, and he said he knew you. I just thought that was interesting. Keep up the good work. Love, Rosie

  posted by Rosebud on May 7 1999

Nate and Joti- Before I heard your music one fateful night in Atlanta I was a superficial yuppie thinking that I had it made with my new BMW. You made me see the light from the back of Eddie`s attic with your great songs and inspiring stories. Since then, I have sold the beamer, bought a van that I usually park at Westmoreland Park where I shoot hoops with the human scud missile and dream about owning a Ron Baby hat. I`m still waiting for you guys to make it back here for the Red Knobs reunion party-I`d be happy to cart around your stuff in the back of my van. Keep it real- -murph

  posted by Leather Taco on May 7 1999

You know...I saw you guys last semester at Conn College and I listen to your CDs constantly. I want to be a small poisonous frog so I just sent that out...you guys rock!!!

  posted by Scott McCue on May 4 1999

Hey guys. Well, summerfest is coming up in Milwaukee. If you`ve never heard of it, it is where music of all kinds play all day and night on 6 different stages for 11 days. I was just wondering if your manager may be interested. If so, you should try and play there because I know a ton of people who would love to come see the show. Summerfest has people coming with huge names and people I`ve never heard of, playing country to rap to soul to classic rock to metal. It`s a great time and a great opportunity. It`s like nothing you`ll ever see anywhere else, that`s for sure.

  posted by Katrina on April 27 1999

saw you guys today at uncw, terrific show as usual. it was cool hanging out afterward. i just thought i`d say hey and wish you guys nothing but the best! thanks for the cd`s, marne was very thankful. next time you see keith c. in philly tell him terry was asking for him. maybe some day we can all get together and play some music. until then, take care and enjoy the ride. see ya, terry m.

  posted by terry mann on April 22 1999

Rockwell Church fans you will be thrilled pink to hear that RC`s own Joti ""Lightning Fingers"" Rockwell is this years favorite in the Merle Fest flatpickin` show down. With hot tootin` versions of ""Shucking the Corn"" and ""The Night I Murdered Mary Sue"" as well as a swell clogging routine Joti`s sure to take the blue ribbon and get the first prize--my very own Lula, a trophy sow! Don`t miss Joti`s performance at Merle Fest `99 it`ll be a dandy!!!

  posted by Pres. of Flatpicker`s Talent Search on April 21 1999

i found you two through christian hicks, a pal of yours from princeton and have been in love with your music for a long time. thank you so much for the song ""back in line"" i too am an ivy league educated freak who lives as an artist and makes my living as a professional psychic. every time i hear that song, i feel justified and rightous in my life choices. thanks for your beautiful and heartfelt sounds. i love everything you do. Do you think you will ever get out to the pacific northwest? or newport folk festival? (one of my favorite venues) good luck with all you do. thanks again for your gift. --damali

  posted by damali ayo on April 19 1999

I just received one of your CD`s from a good friend of mine here in Seattle. Totally digging it. Hope to see/hear you you up in the NW soon.

  posted by Christopher Buckland on April 19 1999

I was wondering if Rockwell Church still wants the proofs from that photo shoot you all had with my animals. Although Maryland allows them, here in Alabama they are illegal.

  posted by Phineas Alias on April 14 1999

Hey guys, Please accept my advance apology for this inane and completely pointless message. I think you should change your name to Pickled Ginger. My two cents, -Oogles

  posted by OoglieMooglie on April 13 1999

Joti and Nathan, I saw you guys play at the Bluebird Cafe in Nasvhille in February, and I loved it! I already had your cd because my sister and I know Wally and George (George gave us the cd)at Akasha. I really wish you guys would come down to AL sometime, I really want to see another show!

  posted by Karin Hardin on April 10 1999

Joti & Nathan, I`ve been a long time fan, introduced by aware, but never got the chance to make it to any one of your shows until last friday at ""The Point,"" and man, do I regret not coming sooner. You guys are amazing! Had I known what a great show I was in for, I would have gotten tickets to the second show as well! Keep up the good work and please return to ""the Point"" as quickly as possible!

  posted by Scott on April 8 1999

Hello - I can`t help but tell you the particulars of how I came across your music and how much my wife and I have really enjoyed your ""After The Fall"" collection. We were in St. Thomas (US Virgin Islands) for the week of Thanksgiving last year with my mother, 4 sisters, 2 brothers-in-laws and a collection of 6 nieces and nephews. Being a 41 year old childless but happily married man I was dutifully shuttling folks from one recreation area to another (the ongoing trails of financially successful people and our endless pursuit of new and meaningful, stimulating entertainment). Alas, I found myself alone between destinations, in my really cool rental car, and heard on the local St. Thomas radio station the better part of a song, that I was struck by as being just terrific, that the DJ thankfully announced at the end as being ""Curious"" by Rockwell Church. I was truly moved to the point where I pursued finding your album upon my return to Atlanta and I finally ended up ordering ""Through The Fall"" over the internet. It has been a really wonderful surprise. We think that it is a terrific collection of lovely uplifting songs and we`re pleased that we have found it. Thanks for your good work (we`ve ordered your other music to check it out) and we hope that you have lots of other beautiful songs to share with us as time moves along. Best Wishes - Tripp & Kathy

  posted by Tripp & Kathy on April 6 1999

Your stunning rendition of The Greatest American Hero has left me emotionally super-charged. Since that magical evening in Washington, DC when I witnessed your touching performance, I cry at the sight of a unitard and last week nearly collapsed from ecstacy when I caught a glimpse of a Masters of the Universe action figure commercial. In my highly excitable state, anything even vaguely ""superhero-esque"" transports me instantly back to the Iota and that mystical moment in time that was a celebration of all the heros within us. Thank you, thank you, thank you. God bless.<br>-smorgasboy

  posted by smorgasboy on April 6 1999

I can`t believe you guys put hobo dog on an album and didn`t tell me. Hope to we get to see you guys in Philadelphia soon...let us know.

  posted by Kip on April 6 1999

Hey Joti and Nathan, I just came back from your early show at The Point tonight and I am impressed. Your cds have a way of spreading like wildfire on the Swat campus so I`ve been a fan of your recorded stuff for awhile. But tonight you`ve proved to me that great acts can still play in intimate settings. When you guys get the multi-million dollar record deals rolling in (you will...soon), please promise that it`s not going to be all lights, fog machines, and vinyl...that you`ll still make that effort to get close to your fans. Thanks for the harmonies...

oh and PS, Why doesn`t Joti sing lead vocals on a few more songs?

  posted by Jon Stancato on April 3 1999

I am listening to the Through The Fall CD as I type this short message. I am amazed at the wonderful structure of your music. The harmony of voices is quite soothing to the soul, too. Please drop in to Utah to play some of your beautiful music in the great outdoors.


  posted by Shawn on April 2 1999

4/22 Wilmington, NC E. Carolina U. Are the guys going to be in Wilmington or in Greenville (where ECU is located)?

  posted by Krista Scott on March 31 1999

hey guys, i`m a brand new fan with my discovery of ""Fall"" today. we only have two stations with an appreciation for music down here (KPFT Pacifica and Rice`s KTRU) so it took awhile. i`m gonna shut the blinds and lock the door for a few days while i sponge in your sound. but i have a question. what does one do with a degree in politics? Jay

  posted by Jay Sullivan on March 26 1999

Hey boys, looking forward to seeing you at Iota this Thursday. Zobes and I (and other Fords, I`m sure) will be there. Hope that we can take a few rides on the unstoppable cannonball with you there, and toast P.A. in absentia. --G P.S. Lurch/Grimm wants to know if you will be hangin` around D.C. this weekend, since he`s in town...

  posted by Geeeee-off on March 23 1999

hey fellas. hope everything in K town is alright. The snow is running thin so I`ll hopefully I`ll be tending to the livestock again soon. Ronbebejonx lives.

  posted by J on March 21 1999

I can`t wait until April 2nd for your 2 show performance at The Point. Jot, we have to go out afterwards since I`ll be 21 by then. I`ll buy you the drinks this time! Later fellas (Down with grad school, up with Rockwell Church.). --Big Jeff Haines

  posted by BJH on March 19 1999

wat up?! my sister, a soph. at princeton, came home over Xmas vacation with your cd, and i only got a tape. but your came to Northampton and i got my three cds.:) you should really come back!!! i love you guys and so does Caitlin Q. HEy Stefania, i know you be up in dis piece!! see ya soon!!! lata

  posted by Francesca on March 16 1999

Nate and Jodi, I have fallen in love with your music, ever since you played at UW-Lacrosse. I can`t wait for you guys to come out with some more music. Keep playing you are great.

  posted by Beth Plambeck on March 15 1999

I was turned on to you guys by my daughter who was attending school with one of your sisters(?). Yes, I am older than most of your fans yet I think your music is fantastic! Hope you tour close to Vermont one of these days...

  posted by Heidi Walker on March 11 1999

When are you coming back to Wisconsin? I`ve been waiting. Please book a concert in Wisconsin soon.

  posted by Cristine on March 10 1999

ron bebe jonx

gimme back some of them jonx

  posted by anonymous on March 10 1999

Natrone, I still think that you should grow your hair down to your but and wear makeup. Please bring back glam rock. Also, I do have the Kim family backyard reserved for you to play at. See you out West someday.

""down and up.""

  posted by mikey kim on March 1 1999

Hello, I don`t know how well you know the two of these guys or their music but, what you are seeing & hearing is quite possible the truest form of music today. A well crafted song seems to be a thing of the past, the content of a song has become fillers in songs...not the song. Music is great but, it`s always been about songs & will always be about songs...& that`s what Rockwell Church does better than anyone else on a regular basis. Songs that envoke emotion, feeling, & honesty are I`m afraid...something of the past. Well, fear not...Rockwell Church is here, I for one feel they have restored the music, back to when it was about the music....not the show, lifestyle, & image. They have a great way of looking into the heart of the matter & pulling it out for all us to see & hear ( yes, I said see). The words that are used, order that they`re said, & how they are said all add up to be a perfect picture that can be seen by everyone, including the blind. Maybe it`s me...but, there is something special happening in music right now & that`s Rockwell Church.

Take care guys, Heath

  posted by Heath on February 27 1999

Theses faults of yours, they`re all passions of mine - my favorite line ever. You guys are so great.I have all 3 CD`s please come back to D.C. soon! I`m a friend of Joey`s and she got us all hooked.

  posted by Christine on February 25 1999

My friend made me listen to Pat McGee (which, by the way, all the songs sound the same) and by fate the filler on the tapes was Rockwell Church and I simply was in awe of how amazing the sound is. I am a new fan, here to stay. If anyone has some tapes of them, please let me know. peace.

  posted by Heath Schoengold on February 23 1999

What`s up Fellas. somebody was just showing me how to use the web and we ended up here. Makes me think about the old days. Sounds like you gus are doing real well. Sorry I missed you when you were up here in Mass. I mine as well take this time to plug the band I`m in. Check out Beacon.Agency.Com Keep in touch boys. Yoda`s got my number. Latron.

  posted by Ron Bebe on February 23 1999

Hi. I have seen you many times here in Wisconsin and have all 3 cds. I first saw you over year ago when I was on the NACA showcase selection committee. I was pleased that everyone liked you as much as I did and you came to NACA-Oshkosh. Well, I am now at UW-Milwaukee and am working real hard to get you back in town here at UWM and at my former college UW-Waukesha. I am so impressed by your talent and have gotten so many of my friends hooked on your sounds. I think it`s great too now that you are all over the radio. Maybe you can come play at Summerfest...that would be a blast. Later..

  posted by Katrina on February 23 1999

Hey, does anyone have any Bootlegs to trade? I have one from 4/9/98 at doc watsons. I git it as a filler on another show and it got me hooked. Im not sure if its complete, but its very good.

PEace out

  posted by Alan William Cohen on February 19 1999

Because of TODD MARTIN, I have not stopped listening to you guys. I have become such a huge fan, now even my roommates are getting into you guys and they don`t even speak English. You have to make it to Atlanta, Nanto Himawan and I must see you live!! JP

  posted by Jon Peter on February 19 1999

Keep it up! You guys are doing great! I can`t wait to see some tour dates in the Philadelphia area. Take Care, Todd

  posted by Todd Martin on February 17 1999

i just happened to walk through the campus center while you guys were performing. i don`t think i`ve ever been shocked to the point that i just stood and stared with a thoughtful look on my face. congrats! you guys are awesome :)

  posted by bonnie on February 17 1999

WOW! I stopped in on your concert by accident, there`s fate for you. I became quite a fan in that hour.

  posted by Rosie on February 16 1999

Hey, have you guys heard about the Rhino room? It`s on M St in G`town where Winston`s used to be (between 33rd and 34th I think) basically the heart of G`town more or less. They are getting rave reviews on the street and online as a great new venue for acoustic acts and I really think you guys owe it to yourselves and your DC area homeys to get a gig there blow the doors off that sucka! That`s all i know for now except that we got to play some ball, dog. `Cause you don`t want a piece a dis. I put the hurt on yo ass. Watch out!

  posted by the DD1 on February 15 1999

So, someone once asked me, ""this Cannonball...does it ever stop?"" I just couldn`t help myself. We all know that it never does.

Hey, sorry we missed you at the Bitter End...when are you going to be back in town? We`ll get that wild Pare to come down and mix some margaritas at our place, eh?


  posted by cb on February 13 1999

You guys are incredible. When are you going to come home and play a show in the DC area. Bethesda misses it`s hometown heroes.

  posted by Charlie Henderson on February 13 1999

Dear Joti and Nathan, I`m so pleased to see that Rockwell Church will be coming to play at Bryn Mawr College on February 16. My boyfriend and I have seen the last two of your shows together at The Point, and I know that your 2/16 show will be the perfect experience to round out what looks to be a superb Valentine`s Day weekend. Jared and I look forward to seeing the two of your perform, and we know that once word gets out that RC is coming to Bryn Mawr, getting a seat will be difficult. In anticipation of camping out in front of whatever venue you`re scheduled are going to play, could you sing ""I`m On Fire"" and maybe even bring out the banjo for ""Foxy Lady""? Thanks!

  posted by Bree Humphries on February 11 1999

Oh baby please don`t go... Oh baby please don`t go... Oh baby please don`t go down to New Orleans you know I love you so baby please don`t go

  posted by Howling Wolf on February 11 1999

hey joti and nathan. you guys are the bomb. please please please come out west soon. i tell all my friends about you and they love you. i cabt wait to see you again. you rock.l

  posted by t mass on February 11 1999

hello from tucson, arizona. university of arizona loves you guys and would love to see you around these parts some time soon. you guys are awesome.



  posted by Luke Johnson on February 10 1999

Hey y`all! I`m very much looking forward to your next visit to Wake Forest Univ. We`re missing ya -- come back really soon.

  posted by Lenny Tran on February 4 1999

hi joti and nathan! i missed you guys at the post, but hopefully i will be seeing you soon! thanks for all the great memories that go along with the summer of 98` - its a brand new year...hope things are going well! and to rob - i miss you. see you guys in the near future!

  posted by kristi on February 1 1999

Hi Joti! I`m checking out your website for the first time and it looks really good!! I`m hoping to make it to the Bitter End to see you guys play soon. I can`t wait to hear your new songs!

  posted by Emily Cross on January 26 1999

We really, really love you

  posted by The World on January 25 1999

Hi guys! I just bought your cd ""through the fall."" it`s amazing! my roommate and i have listened to it nonstop since i bought it! we live in the chicago area...so come here ASAP..we would love to see you live! your music is wonderful! take care,........Karah

  posted by Karah Barnes on January 18 1999

I missed the show when you played at Conn College, but since then I`ve heard one of your discs. It`s great. Hobo Dog and Bad Vacation are definite high points.

  posted by Barry on January 12 1999

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