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Rockwell Church!
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Welcome to our guestbook!

If you'd like to leave a comment for Nathan and Joti, this is the place. They've been known to occasionally stop by and post some comments too. Thanks for visiting the site, we hope you come back soon!

Sign Our Guestbook
Greetings! I`m originally from Boston though I attend Bryn Mawr College, and I just wanted to applaud your recent concert at the Point! It was a wonderful performance, and my friends and I are so excited that y`all will be able to visit more often if the Point does become your kind of home base. I`m still spreading the word `bout y`all among my friends, so keep writing and singing. Looking forward to seeing you soon in Bryn Mawr. One question...where do you tend to come in or around Boston? I`d love to be able to tell my friends where and when to go. Thanks!

  posted by Robin on December 26 1998

I just want to say I am so glad to see Rochwell Church getting the recognition they deserve!!!. I am having trouble finding the new cd....but I won`t give up..haven`t heard them on my radio station yet,,but I`m working on that!

  posted by Debra Schwebel on December 22 1998

What`s up fellas, I was in some major trouble this weekend when I got back from school. I didn`t have a Christmas present for my girlfriend. Luckily, I found you`re album at Sam Goody, and she absolutely loved it. Thanks for saving my butt, Kit

p.s. When are you coming back to Princeton?

  posted by Kit Delgado on December 22 1998

I really love the music! it`s unusual to find such great talent that hasn`t already been discovered by the masses. makes those of us smart enough to recognize it feel like we`re in on a secret. I love the new ep--`she hung the moon` is an amazing song!! hopefully y`all will come to play wake forest again sometime soon...I so enjoyed your concert in october. I do have a question though, where can I find a recording of `the cowboy song`?? after you performed it, I found myself humming it for days and cracking up at really inopportune times...anyways, if you get the chance somebody (anybody) let me know where to find the song. and keep singin` boys! we`re most definitely listening...thanks!

  posted by mary lynn nesbitt on December 21 1998

Have you ever gotten through an entire week in the anticipation of one event? Have you ever spent an hour an a half driving to this event? Now, here`s the catcher. Have you ever gone to the ticket window at the Bitter End on the night of this highly anticipated show, asked when Rockwell Church was going to start playing, and then listen to the person respond ""they were here last night?"" Boy did I feel stupid to have ditched my term paper, incidentely due tomorrow, to come watch RC. Sorry I missed you. You know how much I try to get to see you whenever you`re in the area. Anyway, have a happy holiday.

  posted by Ryan Coletti on December 17 1998

The first and only time that I was able to see you live was in Hartford, CT in 1995. I bought your CD at the bar, and wrote to you a year later to see if you had another. I was happy to receive an e-mail that you were performing in NYC yesterday, but was unable to attend the show. I look forward to having a chance to see you live again. I am also pleased to have a chance to buy your CDs from this site; mine are about worn out from excessive playing! Also, great web site.

  posted by Michael Paul Zoppo on December 17 1998

Hi guys! I saw your show here in my dorm at Villanova and was totally blown away! Thanks so much for coming, and for bringing your albums along, they are amazing too. On top of that, you guys are from near home (Silver Spring, MD) which was a real surprise. Keep up the great work, and come back here soon, everybody loved you guys!!

  posted by Franco Vasaio on December 15 1998

Public Notice: To clear up some of the recent confusion- The Ice Man WAS thrown into the back of a van a few months ago for some reprogramming of sorts. The Ice Man WAS NOT beaten by bottles, although the idea was suggested. Finally, the Ice Man IS NOT repentent. Thank you.

  posted by A report from Boston on December 10 1998

Greetings from Hillsborough, NJ. Joti and Nathan, you guys are sweet. Keep writing phat jams and playing them with your instruments, and singing too.

  posted by Is it Shady? Or Sugar Daddy? on December 10 1998

Hey guys. I`ve been trying to email you for the last 3 weeks, but it keeps coming back ""User Unknown."" I`ll just paste the messages I`ve sent here, and hopefully it will get to you eventually. Here they are:

I tried to send this a while back and it didn`t go through. I`m giving it another shot. I saw your friend Tiffany Suiters this week at the Phiadelphia Music Conference. She says howdy. Hope all is well with you guys. Talk to ya soon.

Hey guys, I`ve been putting in requests at WRLT pretty regularly, and I`m doing an ""in studio"" on Tuesday, so I`ll talk you guys up to the d.j.s. I enjoyed the ep. Let me know what you think of Mr. Wirehead. Hope all is well on the road. Mark Aaron James

  posted by Mark Aaron James on December 9 1998

I just wanted to drop you guys a line and let you know that I`m still available for the upcoming Vegas stint. My sequined, feather-festooned headdress is in the shop getting an a-932B modification to the rear exo-cranial exhaust port, but the work should be completed by early April. I`m still toning the ol` glutius maximus in anticipation of that racey, choreographed send-up of ""Radar Love"" you guys have planned for the big Vegas-style finale! I`m so excited! Call me and let me know when the white tigers have cleared customs--I`ll need to get started on their vocal training right away. Hasta pasta and keep rockin` the free world! -Josh

  posted by Josh Ormond on December 7 1998

Rockwell Church I heard your album ""Through the Fall"" on the radio the other day and I think you guys are really good. I will definitely be buying your cd`s. Have already gotten a few friends hooked onto your music. Long live good music.

  posted by Alberto on December 6 1998

Joti and Nathan, My name is Hunter and I have quickly become a big fan of ya`ll. I am from Montgomery, AL. One of my friends recently gave me a cd and told me to take it with me to college and listen to it. I put in my disc changer in my car that day and for 3 months that is where it stayed. I listened to it constantly and learned almost all of the words to the songs, yet I still had not idea who the group was or even what the name of the songs were. When I arrived back at home I took him the cd and told him how much I enjoyed it. He then told me what I had been wanting to know for so long, that the name of the group is Rockwell Church and the name of the cd is Inches From the Ground. He told me that ya`ll had just released a new cd and I immediately went out and bought it. I can`t find the album Inches From the Ground so I`ll be ordering it from ya`ll soon. I will continue to promote your music because there are many other people out there like me that have been looking for this kind of music for a long time. If you ever get a chance, please try to stop by and play somewhere in AL or somewhere nearby. I will continue to check your updated touring info. Keep up the good work and keep your hopes up. You will be big before you know it.

  posted by Hunter Cook on December 5 1998

nate-- hey, just writing to tell y`all how much im enjoying your newest CD. im from bethesda, where it all started! keep up the good work, say hi to Joanna!

  posted by Jeff on December 2 1998

Hey Joti and Nathan,

It`s the Son-Man - One of your #1 fans in Wisconsin!! Just wanted to let you guys know that you were terriffic way back in your tour at UW-Whitewater...Hope you guys had lots of really good Beer and Cheese and found plenty of cheese factory places along your jaunt through the Badger State!! Congrats on your national release! I am sure you guys will go far with your music...It`s simply the best!! I`ll be sure to help promote your stuff to all my friends, I have quite a few of them ""hooked"" already. Hopefully if you are around the Badger State, I`ll get a chance to catch you guys on tour again! I really appreciate your music like it is no tomorrow....all your CD`s just sit in my stereo system...I don`t think they ever get removed....Well, again, BIG TIME Congrats on your release and best wishes as you finish your tour! -Son-Man

  posted by Sonny De Guzman on November 27 1998

I saw Rockwell Church in September and I am still waiting for them to get back to Wisconsin. So if you two are out there in cyberspace anywhere listening, please come back to Stevens Point, WI.

  posted by Cristine on November 24 1998

Hey out there. Just posting to bemoan my disappointment at missing RC in NYC later in December. Since moving to Michigan I`ve only gotten to see them once (in Ripon, WI). But an upcoming trip to the Big Apple will miss them by two days. Oh well, keep rockin` and Abby and I`ll keep trying to get you out here to Ann Arbor!

  posted by Pete on November 24 1998

saw you at the Bitter End (you guys were on before my band.) You were really excellent. It was 4 days ago and I can`t get your cowboy song outta my head. You know, ""Love you and the horse you rode in on...."" that one!! Hope you guys play NYC again soon.

  posted by stefanie on November 22 1998

Yo Nate,
I just love your music. I play it almost every night as I fall asleep. I especially like the Cowboy song. It`s smooth and my girlfriend always asks me to put it on. I wish ya`ll could do a West Coast tour. Many of my friends who have heard the CD would really like to see you. You are the best! San Diemas High School football rules!!

  posted by T-Mass on November 22 1998

I love your music. I listen to Through The Fall constantly. Please, Please, Please come to Denver!! I`m dying to see you live, and I`m recruting all my friends as fans. Keep making records!

  posted by Kate on November 22 1998

One time I went to a job interview. But I think I was too confident. In the middle of the interview, I told the guy who was interviewing me that he was fired. I didn`t get the job, but that wasn`t the part that upset me most. A few weeks later, I found out that the guy was still working there. Hey man, I fired you.

  posted by Joanna on November 17 1998

I just went to see you guys at Winthrop University about a week ago and it was awesome. I have been listening to your music almost exclusively for three years and I have never heard anything better.I would love to get you to come to Clemson sometime. You have a lot of fans here.Good luck with everything and thanks for providing such inspirational music.

  posted by Kimberly Gleitsmann on November 16 1998

All I can say is that I was blown away at your November 13 performance at Maryville College! Thanks for coming down. I know you now have pulled many more people into your music--including me. Thanks Rockwell Church for a great performance and for getting me hooked to your music!

  posted by Joshua Wheatley on November 16 1998

Yes. I agree with Greta. Rockwell Church`s visit to FGCU did spice up our boring lives in the swamp. I enjoyed meeting Nathan personally. As I told you that night, I love your voice and the music you two make together. Thanks for coming, sweetie. Keep in touch. Your fan, Angela

  posted by Angela Meadows on November 14 1998

AWESSOME web site!! I just wanted to thank you Nathan and Joti for coming to Bluefield College. You all did an AWESOME job!! Keep up the AWESOME work!!

  posted by Jennifer Slayton on November 13 1998

You guys are awesome. I am so glad I was able to hear you last night at Bluefield College. Both of you possess an immense amount of talent. May God bless you in the future. By His Grace

  posted by Brandy Campbell on November 13 1998

Hello Hello! You boys sure know how to spice up the not-so-spicey lives of the students around my school. Florida Gulf Coast University really appreciated your presence lastweek. You both are *very* talented individuals that I trust will in fact, make it out there. I had fun chillin` too, even though the ""Fanatics"" scene wasn`t up to par. I hope you`ll always remember me as the crazy blonde dancer with tattoos who proves that fun can be had without alcohol. Peace, love, and happiness to you and of course the best of luck too. Come on back, we`d love to have you! Take care!

  posted by Greta the Great on November 12 1998

hey guys- i`m very impressed with the additions to the website. congrats on the record contract! hope to see you out in seattle sometime, but for now i guess i`ll settle for bryn mawr. see you soon!


  posted by Lisa Wu on November 9 1998

You guys were a really great suprise to normally boring cultural events!

  posted by Melissa Pittarese on November 8 1998

It was great to finally see you guys last night after listening to you for almost three years! I am really enjoying ""Warm Up the Gong."" Take care and I am going to see about getting you guys to come to Duke!

  posted by Ben Davis on November 8 1998

So anyway, then the Vine Man said, "" . . . because Hey! Free Dummy."" Three words: Come. To. Boston. I`m carefully planning a good Stump Joti request for the Thanksgiving jam session with Duncan. I`m thinking somewhere along the lines of Christmas carols. Love you lots. Jo

  posted by Joanna on November 7 1998

Hey guys! Second that last notion about coming to Boston or even better Worcester! But even still driving two hours have been worth it (New London/North Adams) Couple songs I was wondering about (re:Stump Jodi) MacGuyver, Greatest American Hero, GI Joe, ThunderCats and Speedracer. Just curious. ;) Keep it up guys, I`m seeing your CD all over (Amazon.com...Tower Records in Boston...)

  posted by Steve-Dave-Irene on November 7 1998

Thanks for coming to Florida Gulf Coast University. We sure had a awesome time at FANATICS afterwards. Come again :)

  posted by Sarah on November 6 1998

Thank you for coming and playing at Eckerd College. We absolutely loved you guys!

  posted by Julie and Amanda on November 5 1998

Hey!!! Well, i really loved your show...it was one of the best one`s that i have seen, at this campus and in my young life...I wished that you would have played the Pooh Bear theme song, when you played the game, Stump Joti...but that is OK!!! :P Thanks and please, come back real soon!!!

  posted by Michelle (pooh) on November 4 1998

Hey guys! I just wanted to tell you guys that you are great!! You are great entertainers and excellant musicans. I hope you are able to come back to UWF soon, but until then enjoy the rest of Florida!!! :o)

  posted by Jennifer on November 4 1998

I truely enjoyed your performance this week at UWF (U Will Fail). You two are very talented and I am going to be looking for your future albums. Jodi, can you play the theme song for Charlie`s Angels? I`ve never heard it before. TTFN!

  posted by Jennifer Drake on November 4 1998

Thank you very much for playing at our campus on the 4th of Nov. I enjoyed it very much!! Please come back again!!! Theresia

  posted by Theresia Buchholz on November 4 1998

Thank you so much for coming to Eckerd College. I truly loved listening to you play. I hope you enjoyed florida even though it`s raining. Come back soon, hope to see you in Massachusetts too!!

  posted by Melissa Cerat on November 4 1998

We loved the show tonite. We wish we could go to the one in St. Pete`s, but classes get in the way. That is the first time Audrey (the little girl) has sat still for that long. We anxiously await your next show here. Please come back soon.

  posted by UWF Girls on November 3 1998

I just want to say how much I enjoy Rockwell church, I was just turned on to them this month by a new friend in NC, I`m in Fla the word is spreading!!!I just soory they won`t be coming to my town this year, maybe next?

  posted by Debra Schwebel on November 1 1998

You are awesome! You have to come to Boston and play. You are huge on the South Shore!

  posted by StuRag on October 31 1998

hey kids. thanks for coming to wfu the other night. it had been a while since i`d seen you guys play. keep on rockin`. i can`t wait to go to geneva. peace out.

  posted by brian buck on October 28 1998

Hey guys,thanx for the show in Belmont.You guys rocked.Come by here sometime next year and hopefully WABY 770AM will be somewhere on the FM dial. Keep rockin`!

  posted by Dave on October 27 1998

hi guys... i`m the blonde girl who was sitting at the front desk when you came to play at Connecticut College. Remember that I played your cd over and over again? Well, I`m still playing it, for my own benefit this time :) Look forward to seeing you again!

Keep going, Abby*

  posted by abby carlen on October 26 1998

Just read an interesting comment by the Ice Man. A bit off? Ice Man, the last time I heard that was from your mother after you were born. What you need is a wakeup call. Next time, instead of drooling yourself to sleep, join Joti, Charles, me and the rest of the gang for our 5 AM expresso shots and leaf pile jumping. The cannonball never stops....but clown-like remarks can.

  posted by The Silent Missionary on October 26 1998

Hey guys...I saw you when you played to the small, but appreciative crowd at Connecticut College. You guys really rocked the house. Needless to say, I really enjoyed the show...keep Rocking and stop by Conn again!

  posted by Scott McCue on October 21 1998

Everything falling into plan nicely. Soon the revolution will be a reality. Good bye for now

Maintain Radio Silence

Your faithful cadre, Hector Valenzuela Rodriguez III

  posted by Hector on October 18 1998

I was introduced to you by my roommate who has a friend that goes to Princeton. You rock! Please, come to Boston to play...I`m dying to see you in concert!!!

  posted by Brooke Baker on October 18 1998

I recently attended your preformance at the Climax, Colorado Volunteer Ampitheaterr. Boy I can sure tell you boys there`s some good music out here in Colorado but I ain`t never seen the likes of you rascals. I believe we have a friend in commoon. My half-brother believes he went to school with Agnes Rockwell of that Pineview Rebel bunch. If you don`t know, Chris, Agnes is the third cousin with the glass eye in your paternal granddaddies wedding photo. Your Dad has a fresh copy of the photo if you don`t remember it. I hope to see you once agin at te hog bake this next summer at your pappy`s still. Bring Moreadatrockellmusicoutahereintocolorado,

Your Freind, Jason

  posted by Jason Kelly on October 16 1998

so what`s up with this rumor that y`all are going to give up music to join the pro ping pong circuit?

safe travels to easton, can`t wait to see ya...

  posted by bcb on October 15 1998

Remember me. Your band is awesome but when I saw you the drummer was a little off, such talented musicians shouldn`t settle for anything but the best. Oh well, just my opinion. Keep on rockin`!

  posted by Ice Man on October 14 1998

Please stop and play in Michigan sometime in the near future--we are all missing out

  posted by Ryan Williamson on October 13 1998

HI...I saw you two perform at the University of Minnesota on Friday. I was really impressed!! You sound great. Thanks for coming to the U of M campus and sharing your music with us.

  posted by Steph Oberreit on October 11 1998

Hey, I heard of you guys a while ago from Aware 3, but since I live in South Florida, I have not seen your CD anywhere. Now I`m at school in St. Louis and I saw ""Through the Fall"" and it`s just a great CD. I was wonderin` about any Rep programs, b/c I`m a rep for Guster and Train and I was wonderin` if you guys do any. Thanks

  posted by Chris Case on October 10 1998

I just saw you perform at the U of MN and you were great! I had to buy your cd! Keep up the wonderful work!

  posted by Martha Biernat on October 9 1998

Just saw you guys last night at UD, cool show and keep up the good work!!!

  posted by James McLaughlin on October 8 1998

Hey, Nafan and Joti! Bri and I just heard ""Warm Up..."" in Mojee`s cool new room at Walnut Hill. The 2nd-to-last cut still makes me cry. See ya on the boat at Christmas. Give my best to Pins!

  posted by El! on October 7 1998

Joti and Nathan, Since I started grad school at Vanderbilt, I haven`t been able to find out if/when you`ll be in the area. I don`t have the good folks at Wake Forest SU to bring you around. Please keep Music City in mind!!!! Hope to see you soon, congratulations on your new deal.

  posted by Elaine Merrill on October 5 1998

Hey Guys! Congrats on the deal! it sounds like you guys are on the move up and that`s great. I keep checking your site to see how you guys are doing. If you`re going to be out anywhere near phoenix anytime soon.. let me know! I`d love for you to come play at ASU sometime too.. I know a lot of people who want to see you here. Keep up the great work!! Talk to you guys again soon. :)

  posted by Kate McCloskey on October 4 1998

Thanks again for coming and kicking off our ""Coffehouse Series"" here at UW-Stout! You guys were great!

  posted by Nick Petersen on September 29 1998

Hey Joti & Jason! Thanks again for coming to UW-Stout. You guys were great at naca in Oshkosh last spring and you awesome tonight! Keep up the great work and good luck on the rest of your Tour! How about a little Leave it To Beaver? What about Welcome Back Kotter? Take care.

  posted by Carl Hert on September 29 1998

Joti, Heard the EP and it sounds great! All the songs on it are awesome but I especially love Hobo Dog, keep up the good work!! I hope to be able to see you at a gig sometime! Love ya!, Kirsti

  posted by Kirsti Carson on September 29 1998

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to thank you both for providing some truly inspirational music. I`ve been listening to you since you first appeared on the Aware album and simply can`t get enough. I must say, however, that I`ve never seen you live and I am extremely anxious!!! I just moved from Michigan to N.C. for grad school and hopefully am in a closer location to your gigs. If you can, come to a Raleigh/Durham location or contact me to see if I can assist in setting something up at my school. Hope you all are travelling safely and have a great fall tour.

  posted by Chip on September 29 1998

I just heard you perform at Carroll College where I am a student, and I love your music! I hope our activities board will invite you back next year.

  posted by Macarey (Mac) on September 29 1998

Hey guys...Well, Nathan and producer(?), you were great at Mt.Mary. I missed seeing Joti though. Well, if you are hoping to make it big, I`m sure you`re on the verge. You`ve got great talent and great passion for you music. My friend Jolene and I will be looking for you in Milwaukee again soon. Thanks.

  posted by Katrina on September 27 1998

Hi guys, just saw you at the Sept. 26th show at Mt. Mary. My friend Katrina invited me, and I`m so glad I went. Nathan, you`re wonderful. I can`t wait to see you again and to see Joti. I`ll be watching out for you guys. Keep up the great songs!

  posted by Jolene on September 26 1998

Nathan- Hope things are going well for you. I saw you At St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa. I know the crowd was small but thanks playing for us. You and Doug really rocked. Joti- I`m sorry you couldn`t make it out to Ambrose. It would have been nice to meet you. I`m sure you rock. I told my brother about you. He goes to Marquette U. in Milwaukee. He said he couldn`t wait to here you guys. Well, Nathen, its about time for me to go practice. I`ll see you guys around.

  posted by Jeremy Koch on September 26 1998

Hi Guys! Just wanted to say thanks for coming to St. Ambrose. I`m sorry there wasn`t a better crowd but for the people that were there, thank you so much. I loved hearing your music. I have already talked to some of my friends at Ripon and Marquette. They plan on being there! Also, thanks for ""Click Your Heels"" I have never heard anyone sing a decent song about ""Dorothy"". Thank you! I look forward to attending future concerts!

  posted by Dorothy Anello on September 26 1998

Hey!!! You`re awesome! I love ya `cuz, hope to see ya again really soon. Love, Kirsti

  posted by Kirsti on September 25 1998

Is `Warm up the Gong` another Heavy Monkey Porduction? If not, I`ll be witholding the Dawa. Also, when are you going to play for the spreading fans in New England Colleges???

  posted by Monkey Boy on September 24 1998

Hi guys. Well, I have written here once before and just wanted to write again a few things. First, for those of you who haven`t heard these guys...they are AWESOME! I saw Rockwell Church at the NACA-WI in Oshkosh back in March and was so impressed! Congratulations Joti and Nathan, on your EP. I am just about to go and purchase it on here. Also, unfortunately my college did not get you, but I am looking forward to seeing you in Milwaukee at Mt. Mary or Marquette. I am currently trying to find some money in our budget at UW-Milwaukee(where I am) to get you there soon. Anyway, thanks for your inspiration guys...after quiting music for over 4 years, I have gone back to singing and playing the piano because of you. Thanks.

  posted by Katrina on September 23 1998

Hey guys! Just wanted to tell you again how great the show at Denison University (September 14) was. I know Joti right now you are thinking, "" Why does that name sound familiar?"" Well, I was the girl who asked for the hug. You guys were so great. Everyone continues to talk about your performance. Hopefully, I will get a chance to see you again. Love, Kimberly

  posted by Kimberly Jones on September 22 1998

Hi! I`m a longtime fan back from my Haverford years, and I`m bummed not to see any Philadelphia dates listed. I know I speak for the entire city when I say that we`d love to hear you guys! Hope to see you soon :)

  posted by Phil Perilstein on September 20 1998

Well I saw u 2 for the 1st time last night and I thought u guys were great. I`m that chinese girl that asked for ur autograph at University of Whitewater. Keep up the great work and hope to hear of u guys again. Good luck on ur great music and for the furture as well.

  posted by Caroline Yun Yun on September 17 1998

i`m coming to see you guys at winhrop on nivember 7th. great web site. I love the new stuff. see you then!

  posted by Kim Gleitsmann on September 16 1998

Joti and Nathan, Thanks for adding Denison University to your busy tour schedule. I was very impressed with your performance and played your CD when I got home that very night. I will definitely get your other two CDs soon. Keep up the good music making!

  posted by Phil Waite on September 15 1998

I saw you perform at Bryn Mawr College way back sometime last year, and I was absolultely blown away by your talent and the sense of ease with which you performed. Keep it up guys, and please please please please come back to Bryn Mawr! You have a loyal following here. And now I have to go order one of your CD`s since I wasn`t able to get one, being the broke college student that I am, the last time you were here. Good luck, guys, and I hope your touring goes well!

  posted by Beth Gendron on September 13 1998

I have no idea what you guys sound like. I am looking forward to seeing you two. You are coming to Buena Vista University in October. After seeing your home page, it looks like your music will be pretty interesting. Looking forward to it.

  posted by B-Boy on September 11 1998

my sister went to princeton and introduced me to the music. very good stuff. once i was riding a lift at vail and heard rockwell church (tend to your head) on a loudspeaker at a slope party. okay, bye.

  posted by Dan on September 10 1998

I saw both of you play on Samford`s campus in Birmingham, Alabama last spring and fell in love with your music. I`ve been waiting impatiently for ya`ll to come back ANYWHERE within a few states of Alabama. Needless to say, I am distraught to find that South Carolina is the closest I`m going to get (which, in case you`ve forgotten your geography, is not very close). Why don`t ya`ll plan on some Southern time in the spring, okay? Congratulations on the record deal!!

  posted by Rachel on September 10 1998

Good luck on the road... Just got the EP today... it rocks (bebe style)

Don`t forget the little people.....

  posted by Sour Mash on September 9 1998

Joti and Nathan: Northeastern Ohio has a strange void in its concert schedule this year. You!!! Please come around here (Cleveland, Akron, anywhere!) I really would love to see you in concert before I leave the States in January. Thank you... Love, Dana

  posted by Dana on September 9 1998

Hey all,

congrats on the record deal and EP! One of these days I`ll actually get to see you from the audience. |:-)

To everybody: don`t forget to ask what ""Warm up the Gong"" means...it ain`t necessarily what you think.


  posted by charlie on September 8 1998

i`m looking forward to hearing the new lp. come to southern ohio, please!

  posted by drew walker dawson on September 8 1998

Hey! I saw you guys at Wheeling Jesuit last night and you were awesome! Hope you continue to visit your Wheeling fans.

  posted by Katie on September 5 1998

i haven`t seen you guys in a long time and i was wondering if you would be around state college,pa at penn state. let me know!!! you guys are great, congrads on the record deal!!

  posted by Kate on September 5 1998

I love y`all!! Your music is so awesome!! That`s why I`m sad to see that there aren`t any up-coming shows in North Carolina. Y`all used to come to Wake and Salem all the time. Please try to make it here sometime while school is in session (ie. not over Christmas break). In the meantime, keep makin` music! :)

  posted by Leslie Overstreet on September 2 1998

Hey guys,

Just checked the page and I am happy to hear about the record deal. If anyone deserves to get their music out, its you guys. I`m rolling to C`ville on Thursday to check you out! Take care.

  posted by Erich Grant on September 1 1998

Im from NJ, moved to Boston and wondering if there will be any shows up here. I truly enjoy your music. Thank you for your time and energy.

  posted by Billy W. on August 31 1998

Joti, Check my note at the rc@rc e-address. I sent to you there before I saw this spot. Best regards to all.


  posted by Jack Mauro on August 28 1998

Nate & Jody. I just saw you guys at the Bitter End (NYC)about two weeks ago for the second time this summer. As always, you guys were amazing and I was so excited to hear about your new record deal. So, do you think that I will be able to find your re-recorded version of Through the Fall in Sam Goody anytime soon?

  posted by Ryan Coletti on August 27 1998

I`ve loved your music every since you played at Young Harris College (in the middle of nowhere) and then I missed you when you were in Atlanta... well I was looking up your show dates and you are playing at Maryville College (where I now attend) in Nov, I`m totally psyched!!!! I`m glad that I bought the CD`s because by now the tapes would have been worn out. I especially love Doves outside my door"" ""Geneva"" and ""Jack and Jill"",and even though Hobo dog isn`t on your CD, I really liked that. Great music, and I`m excited about seeing ya`ll again!

  posted by Katie Wetherbee on August 19 1998

Hey, guys. I`ve been slapping myself for missing a couple of your shows when you were here, and i`m hoping to make up for it soon. I`ve recruited approximately a million new fans (give or take a few), and we`re thinking of forming a posse. You guys truly make me miss singing. Keep up the amazing work, and Joti keep in touch and say hi to Beth! p.s.- `Ford RULES! :)

  posted by Michele Munoz on August 15 1998


  posted by ALI on August 2 1998

What`s up guys? I`m sorry to see that I missed you in Atlanta a week ago- I had no idea you were going to be down here. It sounds like you`re doing well and I look forward to seeing you down here some other time- -Murph

  posted by John Murphy on July 21 1998

I`ve been firin` off requests for ""Better Days"" to request@dc101.com - Can anyone in DC tell me if it`s working? It`s hard to tell from NYC! Thanks.

  posted by Sharren on July 16 1998

Ok guys... The Spice Girls stuff is pretty good...

  posted by Nick ""Original Prankster"" Baily" on July 15 1998

Hi Joti and Nathan, Joti, Thanks for the e-mail. I`m looking forward to seeing you guys in Atlanta(Eddie`s Attic) tonight 7/11. Steve and I will be there. And if we can find a babysitter, Sheri will be there also. Anyway, keep up the good work! See you soon. Take care, Todd

  posted by TODD BARKER on July 11 1998

My girlfriend and I saw you guys at Andy`s on 7/3 and it was unreal. I`ve seen a couple shows before (at Villanova) but you guys were absolutely peaked at Andy`s. It was intense. Good show. Congratulations on the news. I just wanted to let you guys know that I really enjoy your music and it ranks among the best music I`ve heard. My girlfriend truly enjoys it as well (she`s a new RC recruit). Keep up the good work and we`ll see you soon (and hopefully at Villanova again).

  posted by Rob on July 8 1998

I love the music and I love the site. Me and my wife caught our first RC show on July 3, 1998 at Andy`s and we where blown away. We`re listening to our new CDs right now. Thanks guys.

  posted by Nathan Challen on July 4 1998

Hello fans, `fords, and of course, Joti and Nathan! I`m ending my guestbook vow of silence because I feel a great need to report the first known sighting (hearing?) of Rockwell Church on DC radio. I nearly ran off the road last night, around midnight, when in the midst of flipping stations, I came upon ""Better Days,"" in its entirety, on that bastion of commercial goodness, DC 101!!! I hit the eject button several times, thinking I had accidentally popped in a tape, but indeed, the boys have hit the airwaves! Of course, I refused to leave the car until I actually heard the DJ say their name, and I was thrilled to hear him promote their upcoming 4th of July show at Uncle Jed`s Roadhouse in Bethesda, MD (gratuitous plug is free of charge). At any rate, I`m wondering if anyone else happened to be tuned in, and I want to ask any and all fans in the DC area to please CALL DC 101`s request line: the number is 202/ 432-1101. Tell them that you hear they played Rockwell Church`s song ""Better Days"" on Tuesday night, and you`re glad to hear that they`re supporting such a great local act, and you`d love to hear them on the air again! Who knows if it will do any good, but it certainly can`t hurt. As always, boys, I love you, and I know this is a sign of good things to come. I just wish Party Ass were here to share in the moment...

  posted by Beth on June 30 1998

Hey Joti and Nathan!! I just found out about ya now. I wish i knew about you guy sooner. You RULE!!!!! Can u play some shows on Long Island??? I also wanted to know if anyone out there can hook me up with some RWC bootlegs, i have much to trade for them.. Later

  posted by Blake Horowitz on June 24 1998

Email me if you want to trade tapes from rockwell church. These tapes ARE NOT for sale and should NOT be sold. Only for trading, Keith.

  posted by Keith Cetera on June 20 1998

Hey Guys! Just got your postcard about the Iota. Will try to be there. Glad to hear that things are going great for you two... have several people interested in you from college and will be ""introducing"" you guys at Arizona State... (and if you guys ever make it out that way, please let me know!) Keep up the excellent work!! :)

To anyone who hasen`t seen them... GO DO IT!!

  posted by Kate McCloskey on June 10 1998

Great web site! I`ll see you guys when you`re in NYC on 25 June. :) Keep up the hard work and I`m confident that everything will work out real well for you.

  posted by Nick Rosenberg on June 9 1998

Im desperate for bootlegs, please mail me if you have any. Thanks.

  posted by Bryan Gross on May 24 1998

Hey - my brother is a freshman @ Haverford and came home this summer with your cd Through the Fall. It`s really good. My only complaint is that it`s gonna end up back at college next fall. You should try to see what you can do about getting yourself a bigger audience and making your albums available in regular stores.

  posted by Emily on May 20 1998

hey guys, i`ve seen you several times and have several a quality shows (bootlegs). if anyone wants to set up a trade email me. so many new songs, such a great band, and the nicest two people you`ll ever meet, keith.

  posted by Keith Cetera on May 19 1998

I LOVE FROGS!!! My screen saver on my computer is even frogs. (I found a way to do that on AFTERDARK) But I have loved frogs most of my life & I am 13. My hobbies are studying frogs & that is why I found this web site. W/B to me if you get any more cool stuff about frogs. or you can write to me at home 702 Fifth street, PO box 399, Riverside, PA 17868. FAREWELL FROG LOVERS!!!

  posted by lisa counterman aka doobie on May 13 1998

Hey guys, i was just at your show on may 9th at the jewish mother in charlotsville, i was with tim and matt, the guys that asked you guys to play like 3 or 4 songs, but anyway, they made me a fan, and after seeing you guys live, i am definately hooked, and we`ll all be back the next time you play there!!!!

  posted by Verena on May 12 1998

Hey guys, what`s up? I just found out about you guys from my brother at boarding school, and I just ordered the cd. Keep up the good work and come play in ct. soon.


  posted by Will on May 5 1998

to my awesome cousin and my awesome cousin`s awesome friend... your web site rules...come see us in charlotte soon...love you...miss you.NAAAAYVER will you be cooler than me, nate. hee hee.


  posted by heather on May 4 1998

What`s up cuz I am sitting in an english class right now. The web site is looking good. Take care......Alex

  posted by Alex Carson on May 1 1998

hey guys! i caught you at XandO in New Haven, CT...great show!! i was very impressed. Hopefully you`ll be around this summer. i also hear you might be getting bids from major labels..congrats! maybe you can make an appearance at Penn State next semester. let me know if i can help out at all. i`llbe home soon so you can get me at lawmen97@aol.com. good luck on the road!

  posted by Kate on May 1 1998

Hey guys! It was a pleasure running sound for you last Sunday in Fayetteville. Hope to get to work with you again. The CD is great!

  posted by Todd Sutton on April 28 1998

Hey Nathan and Jodi! Glad I finally found your web site.If my memory serves me right, didn`t you two debut at the Westland Talent Show when we were younger? I feel honored to have watched your music grow popular over the years. I am doing my best to pass my CD`s around the Lehigh campus, and have played songs from Inches From the Ground on our local station when I was DJ. Keep up the good work, and you better make it to Lehigh soon! -Katie (Andy sends his best to you both as well...)

  posted by Katie Smith on April 26 1998

Nathan and Joti, Just wanted to tell you what a great show you did at Wake Forest. We love having you guys come and play for us! Thank goodness the weather was nice and there was a good turnout; I think you definitely won some new fans. We`re getting together a t-shirt order now! It was lots of fun hanging out at Freddie B`s that night. In case you don`t remember, I`m the one that kicked your butt in trivia! Hope to see you in Nashville next year at Vanderbilt! Elaine

  posted by Elaine Merrill on April 21 1998

How`s it going guys... I just learned of your music through a listserver for Jackopierce. Anyways I found your Website and checked out your Music and I Love it. I am a soon to be recording engineer and am always looking for different types of music. I live in Augusta, GA you know home of the MASTERS golf tournament. And I would really like for you guys to come on down and do a show or even as close as Athens, GA... I go there alot. And I am sure no no positive that there are many people aound here that would benifit from your music. If you want any help in getting a place lined up to play in these areas e-mail me and let me know I could give you the names and numbers of some of the best places for your style music as well as the local radio station to get you music on so everyone can catch and listen of your wonderful music. Talk to you guys later. Brandon.

  posted by Brandon on April 21 1998

Hey Guys... Just wanted to let you know that you guys rocked the GRAND OPERA HOUSE at UW-Oshkosh at the NACA Wisconsin Regional....You were even just as awesome to chat with at the Akasha marketplace booth...You guys really have a lot of fun and energy and compassion for your music...Hey....it was even cool to have all of Wisconsin clap and cheer along with the awesome performance you gave in the brief 20 minute showcase... I know that from that showcase I immediately became a fan along with all the other members of our programming board at the Univ. of Wisconsin-Whitewater...We`re gonna do our best to get you guys to have some fun and play some awesome music for us....I must say that you guys were great both on an off the stage at the conference. I never really had a passion for acoustic folk-rock music until I joined the programming board...I realized what a greater fan I was of it when you guys performed...Something about your music has a spirit, spark, energy, compassion and warthm that caught me by surprise when you showcased at NACA...thanks billions for the awesome music and lyrics! -A newly found fan from Wisconsin! Keep showcasing at Wisconsin NACA...we loved you there!

  posted by Sonny ""Son-Man"" De Guzman" on March 31 1998

Hey Guys! I also saw you 2 at UW-Oshkosh in the Grand Opera House and I am so impressed. By some miracle our campus got 2 of your cds and I took one home with me to listen to. Well, the other is going in our music library because I am keeping my copy! It Tuesday and I have listened to it every night since I got it. I cannot believe you aren`t famous yet. I am not sure how it goes with radio stations, but if it is at all possible, I would like to take my copy of your cd to some local radio stations and see if you can get some play. I made some friends of mine listen to all of the cds we got at NACA and most people thought you and 1 other group should be getting more attention than you get right now. Let me know what you think. I stopped by your both at Akasha and talked to Joti after you performed and he said you guys got some airtime in D.C. So I`d like to give it a shot. Best of luck in the future of music and in college. Hope you enjoyed the Budgetel. That`s where our campus was too and I saw you and Scott Ainsle and your agent checking out! Later.

  posted by Katrina Kollmeyer on March 31 1998

Greetings and good luck on the road this month... It`s good to see you guys keeping busy.

To the world... You really got to see these guys. It`s rare to find a band that`s so sincere, and with such a developed and distinctive sound.

And for those who`ve just gotten into RC... make sure so check out the debut ""Inches From The Ground""... it`s real introspective, and has really cool arrangements.

Peace from oldskool homiez and fellow Road Warriors

  posted by The Sour Mash Project on March 27 1998

Hey Nathan and Joti, how`s it going? I bet you were probably a little surprised that I followed through on my bar talk and booked a show. We can`t wait to see you April 6, though! For those who may be interested, Monday, April 6, Rockwell Church will be playing an outdoor concert at 5PM on the Magnolia Court (South campus) of Wake Forest University. Rain location (which is what will most likely happen since we`re 0-2 with the damn weather so far) will be in the Shorty`s coffeehouse at 8PM (same date).

As far as bootlegs go, I have a ""A-"" quality show from April 20, 1996 here at Wake Forest University. I have actually recorded this on CD, so e-mail me if anyone out there is interested in trading something. Of course, since most trading is audio tape I`ll probably need a little cash to cover the extra expense. $50 oughta do it. :)

See you soon guys, Todd

  posted by Todd De Jong on March 25 1998

Hey guys,

Good to see yer tearing up the web. Keep up the good work, and we look forward to seeing you in the NYC area.

To everyone else: see this band! It`s an imperative!


  posted by ChasB on March 25 1998

Intrested in bootlegs

  posted by Kevin Johnson on March 24 1998

Welcome to our guestbook! This is a place on the site where you can post comments, ask questions, meet other fans, trade bootlegs, etc. Nathan and I will try to stop by and occasionally post some comments ourselves. Enjoy!

  posted by Joti Rockwell on March 23 1998

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